Говорю ТОЛЬКО на АНГЛИЙСКОМ | Маяковская

uh hi everyone my name is anna and today for some reason i decided to record a video   entirely in english and when i was thinking about what the topic should be i was like i don't know   whatever let's just talk about how i'm doing so here i am making a video

in english talking about   how i'm doing i'm not egg-centric at all but um the reason why i wanted to film a video in english   firstly because i don't really have enough practice these days and i miss speaking english   and second of all because a lot of people in the comment section

uh were telling me how awful my   english was and is and how disgusting my russian accent is which i completely don't get i mean   um yes i'm russian yes i'm gonna have an accent because this is my identity and i'm not afraid   and i'm not ashamed of being russian so

shouldn't be you i mean this is your identity why should you   get rid of your russian accent i don't know i like it i love it i mean it's me i'm russian i don't   want to be american i don't want to be english i don't want to be any other nationality

and i don't   want to have any other roots rather than russian so if you can't listen to my russian accent   you either bear with me and bear with the way i speak in english or you just close the video   that's it that's very easy um so let's go back to the

topic of the video first of all i'm really   sorry i don't have any makeup and i'm really sorry i didn't do my hair you know um recently i   tried dealing with the fact that i'm not perfect and sometimes you know i do not look good   sometimes not good enough for

something but anyway i'm just trying to you know accept myself the way   i am without any makeup without any hair being done so yeah so initially i wanted to talk about   how i'm doing the last couple of months were pretty tough for me emotionally and   i mean just in general not

only emotionally um i had to stay currently guaranteed for two months   because at first of all i contacted with the person who had calvade 19   and i had to stay home for two weeks and after that they found carved 19 in my   analysis do you do you say do you say analysis

yeah i guess i guess you say analysis   so um that month was really tough for me emotionally i got stressed at work because   i was sitting at home i was working all day long and i was doing too much i was trying   to do as much as as much work

as i could and it didn't go well i ended up being burned out and   emotionally wasted i had to take antidepressants or how do you say them like tranquilizers and i'm   still taking them but uh yeah one day i'll have to stop taking them but you know right now they're   helping

me to cope with all of the emotions and with all stuff that's going on in my life uh   so yeah what else i don't know i made a lot of money just by working and i started the you know   focusing more on my efficiency and productivity i i tried gtd which

is the system of time management   system or you would say like task management system uh getting things done and actually it   was also stressing me out but it turns out it's a very good system and it helped me a lot so i   know it's not ideal i know it's not

perfect but you know i'm not perfect and i'm trying my best   to deal with the things that i'm dealing right now and after that uh what else can i say i mean   i don't know uh my friends and i we are going to bali soon like in two weeks if i

managed to get my   passport and if i managed to get my visa so uh i hope everything goes well and i think that's   enough for this video i could have talked more but right now i gotta go i get to work but i hope   you enjoy this video and i

hope that my russian accent my disgusting russian pronunciation um   didn't upset you or if it upseted you it didn't upset you enough to spoil your day so anyway i   wish you very good luck and i hope everything goes well and i hope your life is going very good

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