10 Best iOS & Android Games of 2020 [FIGHTING]

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Here we go again! Up first, we have Shadow Fight 3 by NekkiStudios.

The online fighter is fairly big with a 1.

2 gigabyte download that takes youinto a world where the shadows empower the strong.

You get to combine 3 different fightingstyles and use a variety of weapons to fight in 3D Environments coupled with realisticphysics and lifelike animations.

You can use special abilities and acquire upgrades tosuccessfully fight BESIDES the shadows, or AGAINST them.

Next up is the decently sized 67 MB ‘aim and shoot’ game appropriately called ‘Bowmasters’by Miniclip Games.

Bowmasters lets you test your aiming skills along with a TONS of charactersand TONS of weapons to switch things up when you feel like it.

The ragdoll-like characteranimations only add to the mayhem in a game with multiple game modes that range from fightingfruits, birds and players online.

The next game is King Arthur by Warner Brothers, based on the Jerry Bruckheimer film about the same guy.

Its not exactly a fighting game, but its heavily combat-oriented.

The combat has quite the cinematic touch with timed attacksthat lead to more impactful blows.

You even get to wield the legendary Excalibur! Youwon’t find this 212 MB game on any store but we’ve got a link for you in the descriptionbelow.

Up next on the list is ‘Transformers: Forgedto Fight’ by Kabam Studios.

For a 212 MB online fighter, you get to play the ENTIREroster of transformers ranging from the Autobots to Decepticons and EVEN Maximals and Predacons.

For those who DON’T know what I just said you get to fight as a bunch of really coollooking robots that have their own special abilities and fighting style, in a large 360⁰destructible arena! Up next is a game part of another popularfighting game franchise called Mortal Kombat.

Developed by Netherrealm Studios and publishedby Warner Brothers, you might already know about how serious this game is when it comesto fighting mechanics.

This 1.

1 Gig game also includes over 130 characters from the entireseries including the more recent titles like MK Eleven.

Fight your ways through towersand battle factions online and perform gruesome fatalities!Our next game is the bloody and gruesome 'I Gladiator' by the Next Dimension studios.

This 1.

2 GB game recently became free-to-play as well and places you in the shoes.


well, sandals more accurately, of a Roman gladiator that was born to wreak havoc.

The comic-booklike cartoonish aesthetic fits appropriately as you hack and slash your way through multiplearenas, using a variety of weapons, armors and traps.

Moving on, we have ‘EA Sports UFC’, published and developed by Electronic Arts.

This 1 Gigabytegame lets you craft your own UFC legacy with over 70 different characters to play with.

From well-known veterans like Connor MacGregor to the Martial Artist legend: Bruce lee, thisgame has it all.

This game can be played offline as well where you can climb the ranks andunlock new opponents to fight out in the Octagon.

The next inSANE fighting game we have foryou is part of one of THE MOST popular fighting game franchises out there…’Tekken’ developedby Bandai Namco.

Unfortunately, the game isn’t available on the play store but fear not!The intensely action-packed fighting game with a roster easily recognized by fans, canbe safely downloaded using the link in the description below.

The If you’ve ever enjoyedthe art of fencing as a combat sport, FIE Swordplay is the game for you.

You know thisgame isn’t messing with the rules and technical aspects of Fencing when it is OFFICIALLY SUPPORTEDby the International Fencing Federation, FIE for short.

The game can be entertaining andinformational if you’re looking to learn about the sport while you go ‘EN GUARDE’either against AI or other players online! And finally, here we have a 1.

6 Gigabyte gamethat isn’t just a part of just a recently popular fighting game franchise, oh no…it’salso based on one of two MOST popular comic book universes out there, that’s right!Its DC’s ‘Injustice 2’, developed by Neterrealm Studios and published by WarnerBrothers.

This game lets you play through the Injustice 2 storyline and also has eventsand PvP to keep things spicy.

So thats all for today guys! To watch 15 bestfree fps games, click the video on the left and to watch 'coolest Android iOS games ofall time' click the one on the right! Hope you enjoyed this video.



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