10 IMPRESSIVE Best Free Android Apps 2020 – MUST HAVE APPS !

[Music] just like every month we are back with another set of best free Android apps there are more than three million applications on the Google Play Store in fact hundreds of apps are coming out every day which makes it really hard for any user to keep a track

now we had extreme droid always tries to bring the latest and greatest apps that will improve your Android experience and this list of best Android apps is no exception excited so let's get started kicking off the list with Bing wallpapers which is a daily wallpaper app where you

can download fresh wallpapers in high resolution quality you can download wallpapers in quad HD full HD and HD quality the app also offers you daily new wallpaper in diverse themes which can be manually controlled or can be set as default if you set Bing daily wallpaper as default

option then you will automatically get new wallpapers on your screen you will never run out of choices as the app provides you tons of wallpapers from third-party resources due to which we have included this app on our list of best free Android apps orange and teal is the

next app on our list of best free Android apps the app is proper photo editor which gives your images a professional look by adding quality filters it's interactive and easy to understand UI makes it more appealing you can simply edit your image by choosing the image and drag

it towards the right and with a blink of an eye your photo will be edited the app also offers basic editing options which include adjusting contrast saturation and sharpness of your image this professional photo editor app is free and you can avail all the features without paying anything

next off we have mint launcher by xiaomi which might be a familiar name for you if you are a Xiaomi fan this launcher is one of the best customisation launcher which you can use to give refreshing look to your device minta launcher allows you to use custom third-party

apps and has a smooth UI that makes it one of the best free Android app which you can avail from the Play Store now if you are the kind of guy who wants to access every new first then beta maniac is here for you the app offers you

to get early access to the apps which have not yet introduced to the journal audience in return beta maniac will ask you for the feedback and based on your feedback and recommendation changes might be made we are stuck on our smartphones for most of our vacant time which

affect our eye sight brightness manager is one of the best free Android apps which can manage the brightness of your device according to your environment the app will detect the brightness of your location and will adjust the brightness of your device that will sync with your environment the

app can be useful for those who are habitual reader and love to read the Kindle version of their favorite books now with the help of a brightness manager you can spend long reading time on your screen with ease next up we have pixel flow which will work wonders

for you and can help make cool introductory videos on your social media the app has tons of introductory theme videos which lets you create video with attractive after effect and animations apart from this you will also get access to motion graphic principle and templates that will allow you

to edit and render videos this app will be perfect if you want to showcase your talent and become a social-media influencer the app can be useful for tic toc and IG TV where users are generally engaged in short video making cover live wallpaper helps you to customize your

live wallpaper and create as per your liking this best Android app will immediately add a parallax effect to your favorite image the app is new on the Play Store and it is available in the free version and all the premium features without any in-app purchases next up we

have volume style which is a nifty little application through which you can change the style of your volume slider and the best part is that you don't need to root for that just enable some permissions and you're good to go with this app you can choose between different

OSS of various planned like Xiaomi 1 plus Samsung etc you also have many customization options for the volume pan like you can change the color size and more if the user want to further customize the panel and in-app purchase will allow them to customize a few other elements

like the color of the panel and unlock Auto expansion feature mint is a financial tracker and manager app which can manage all your financial activities with efficiency meant to help you to manage all your bill track the bill keep you updated with due dates so that you never

miss any payment this plus Android app can prove as an effective organizer in your budget making and can help you to save money in your budget by creating VTE and monthly financial reports the app will also help you to improve your credit score by frequently updating you about

the due dates tied shortcut can further ease your task by creating tile shortcut on your device with the help of a tile shortcut you can add a shortcut to app website URL and any other important document tiles can be customized and you can change the shape size color

and other features of the tide shortcut you are creating the app is highly recommended for guys who want to complete their task in a quick time next up we have swift waltz which is a handy app that can modify and edit the wallpaper available on your device according

to your liking you can easily adjust and change the basic feature of the wallpaper by changing the color contrast etc the app also offers color palettes which will help you to customize the home screen the app comes with a very interactive and smooth UI which makes it easier

to handle and understand the mechanism of the app Silla hub is one of the most awesome and I would say the best alternative of any paid video streaming application the app has fresh UI and look which lets you navigate through all the video series and dramas all the

content available on this platform are in high-quality resolution there are multiple languages subtitle available on Sena hub that includes French Spanish German Arabic etc you can also stream your favorite reality shows TV shows directly on the live TV of cine hub all these perks are available without any

charges which makes it the best Android application on this list so guys that's it for this video I hope you guys enjoyed it which of the above app you liked the most do you know of any other application that we should have added to this list to let

us know your thoughts in the comments down below and for more feature videos like this – consider subscribing and hit the bell icon so that you never miss any future videos from extreme droid so this is Samir signing off and I'll see you guys in my next one

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