10 Women Style The Same Sundress


this is either going to turn out super amazing or like my previous relationship in the trash here's the lovely bag let's see what's inside it's a white summer dress oh it's pretty long oh my god what and it is not my style whatsoever i don't think i own

any white dresses this should be interesting wow [Music] i'm getting very mid-summer vibes from this it feels like a lot of fabric i wouldn't wear this well i'm really excited to work with such a blank slate of a dress and i feel like i can really do a

lot of things with this i love a sundress it's ugly it's a really soft material it feels almost like a tissue it's really cute not really my style but i'm going to make it my style i love wearing maxi's during the summer i'm actually really excited to style

this [Music] okay this is kind of my vibe right now i feel like i belong in the movie mid-summer but it's not as bad as i thought it was gonna be it just hides all of my shape this is doing me no favors my plan of attack right

now is to bring up and in the waist part i took this bottom part of a sweatshirt i cropped and it's like kind of doing a thing it's definitely still not a vibe i put this extra fabric that i have i think it adds something really pretty and

i like the lavender and the white together i kind of want to draw all over it i'm going to unleash some aries impulsivity on this dress and draw all over it like i want to and if that's terrible i have this decent backup plan as you can tell

i like color and i like things that stand out so this is very much not my go-to but i'm excited to see what i can do with this i feel like my aesthetic is like alien clown let's get this cottage court dress a little more clown the first

thing i want to do is very colorful version there's like one i got my sassy glasses on got my earrings a friend of mine actually made them and i've got my studded belt my docks i actually really like this very different for me wow mabel's evolving outfit too

might wear this to like a show go get food the more i have this on the more comfortable i feel in it well my initial thought is i might have to go full summer glamorous beach vibes and i just realized my stepmom has this massive summer hat which

i think actually would go really well with this these may be really cool with it i never usually wear massive heels like this but i think it's time here's the belt it's just a little scarf belt so i feel like it could look good around there i don't

know i kind of look like i live on a little house in the prairie all right i love these shoes they look good with this this elevates the outfit overall i actually really like how the dress like you know it turns really smooth it's just such a blank

canvas that it's kind of overwhelmingly boring here's my idea i want to dye this dress to really give it a little bit more life i'm going to take one of these rubber bands wrap it around this is either going to turn out super amazing and wonderful or it's

going to end up like my previous relationship in the trash this is the back the dress has been washed several times dried and steamed and ready to be styled for tomorrow this is a lot more fabric than i'm used to wearing at one time i'm kind of skimpy

i like to feel saucy i want to feel glamorous and trendy and like you know i want to feel cool it looks like little house on the prairie we are serving boho glam these earrings and this necklace i just feel like it looks more expensive and then this

is so cute i look like a celebrity who's trying to hide after pregnant except i'm not pregnant so don't spread rumors now i'm serving pharrell williams realness with this hat i just i can't take my high ponytail down and i wanted to wear the hat so this was

the only way to compromise it was better in my mind this is way too simple no belting it definitely did help but i'm bored no this is still not it i'm gonna be real i don't like any of the outfits that i've made and i did my best

with the styling but none of them look how i want them to look i'm actually going to have to get crafty and diy this dress a little bit i'm going to try and stitch the front of this onto the bodice it's kind of going for like a parisian

vibe a little bit when it's done it's going to be real cute so i have a few different options to work with right now i could do a blazer with this i also have this shirt to layer underneath and there's this one as well with a really cool

70s collar i feel like that could be a nice detail but one that i'm really excited about is actually this white shirt to pair with it to do sort of like a monochrome look i hope that nobody ever sees me in public looking like this because this is

awful the whites are two different colors it's so see-through and i feel lumpy i feel gross we're off to a good start i'm gonna take the biggest shoes that i own and try to make it work i need some sort of shape okay this is slightly better i

feel like this is the height that you have to be in order to wear this dress i definitely think that i could do better with this dress like this is an option but i'm gonna try something else just to be sure should i do this thing or should

i do like a straw bag i think i'm gonna grab both excuse me while like trying to fit through my doorway trying on the dress for the first time and i already love it like this is my jam first try on i added on the straw hat and

some layer necklaces and then just kept a pretty easy peasy and parted up with some sandals i realized i made a big mistake i should have probably steamed this dress and all the wrinkles that it came with and i didn't and now i can't pull it off because

i'm too scared my makeup's gonna rub off on this white dress we're just gonna make this work it's a day later i basically put on a poofy sleeve blouse underneath the dress popped in some pearl earrings and i'm kind of feeling it like this is the outfit that

i can imagine living my best life in a wes anderson movie i really like this dress i really love the material i'm digging the length i think my approach to styling this dress is adding pops of color to it this is what the dress looks on me like

just by itself it's very sheer at the bottom i'm getting like lyrical dance piece concert vibes from this yes i've been watching a lot of dance moms so let me pair it with my red levi's shirt this is what it looks like with this on it's not my

favorite i don't know why i feel like james dean in rebel without a cause right now i kind of want to do something that will accentuate my figure so we're going to go back to the drawing boards i own these two belts i think i'm going to try

it with this brown one okay i feel like i'm getting closer if this dress is just a tad big on me i might alter it so i have never altered anything in my life and you know what my grandma did teach me how to alter things but my

brain said why do you need to learn this we're in the 21st century you don't need to learn how to alter clothes guess what 13 year old carolina you do i think i'm just gonna be basic and pair it with a jean jacket because i literally own nothing

that could go with this this first jean jacket is actually my mom's it's vintage i actually kind of like this the moment i opened it and i saw it i automatically thought of just like resort wear going to the beach here is the dress since i have to

style it i want it to be fitted what i'm thinking is i want my accessories to have black in them because i want this part of the hat just be cohesive with the rest of my outfits those are the two black bags i was thinking of those are

the flats that i want to wear i have a piece of fabric here that i could use as a belt i have this black belt and then i have that belt that's really catching my eye because it matches with my hat i just think it just goes with

the hat it still keeps the black but also brings out a little bit of the beige from the hat and i have it already my flats on which are so cute they have little flowers on them and keep it tropical very resort wear this is the first bag

i was thinking of i liked it because it went with the flowers on my shoes but i don't know if i'm 100 on board with this i do have another one so i'm going to see how that looks with this and i was thinking for jewelry i always

say go for gold that's one of my favorite it just adds such a beautiful touch to a look so let me try that out first and foremost this isn't bad i honestly really love from my waistline down i guarantee you i already got makeup on it somewhere to

be honest i would wear this as it is and i would just put on a pair of doc martens that is going to be my backup i feel like i could try to put a leather jacket over this oh i could also try to like tie something over

the shoulders i don't know if i'm that preppy though after much sweating and trying on new things i'm gonna try to push myself my goal is to do something a little bit more edgy i found this like little high neck crop top that i'm gonna put on underneath

it and then i found this belt that i have and then i'm gonna cut this longer part to this tier right here and maybe i'll be able to wear some like fish nuts underneath it oh it's a mini not bad for my final look i really leaned into

a summertime vibe type theme i added big heels a big hat big earrings and then a smaller cheetah print belt i'm ready to uh go have some fun in the sun i decided to pair it with this long-sleeve polyester shirt black belt extra large platforms from the 70s

i also decided to wear this [Music] picnic ready i decided to pair it with my mom's vintage hard rock cafe jacket as well as my mom's vintage bcbg shoes i also like to pair it with this red little purse i really like just a pop of colors i

styled the dress with a highlighter yellow cardigan and a red pyramid studded belt these really fun colorful earrings and then i had to go with sassy glasses of course the rainbow pumpkin bag vinyl touch are the docks for my look i did some line drawings of faces all

over the dress tore off the hem and tied it to cinch my waist in i added some tortoise shell earrings and some steve madden heels i got on sale i also added this big envelope purse and voila i'm going with this cottage core look as soon as i

put in this uppy sleeve i was like this is dreamy i am done i did a lot of work to this dress i basically cut off the bottom half of the dress i also made different layers so it still has that little peasant chic clip that it had

before and on top i put this piece of lingerie i added the black waist belt but my favorite part i took off the back so there is no back to this dress and of course i have a red lip i have some pearls i think it's a very

sassy classy look so i'm really happy with it i am living this indigo dyed dress it is so gorgeous i've paired it with clear jellies moon earrings and even braided my hair into a crown like the moon goddess that i am for my look i decided to add

this wide brim hat some gold and white earrings for some elegance added a belt to accentuate the waist added this bamboo art bag for the look of a resort bear and some floral black sandals to finish off the look i think it was a good idea for me

to cut it shorter i then put on a mesh turtleneck crop top underneath i put on a belt with some chains on it and then i did some really over the top black eye look i put on a black mask with some fishnets and some chunky shoes and

my my budget bag i am really proud of this [Music] [Applause] [Music] look [Music] [Applause] [Music] you

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