24 Hours Using ONLY Android Pay

So Google reached out, They said that they wanted to sponsor a few episodes here on Unbox Therapy.

They wanted the world to know more about Android Pay.

There's some of them out there in this lens right here.

They're still using cash lookin' for change What do they think it is, 1914? Using nothing but NFC, this device, and even in-app purchases, I went to New York City.

Connected my credit card to this phone right here, and I did 24 hours on Android Pay.

Told me, Madison Square Garden.

– What's going on man? You made it! – How's it going? So, I'm out here in New York, as you can tell, With my pal Judner from Ur Average Consumer.

The 24 hour Android Pay challenge.

Do you know anything about this? – Well, I know there's a few places we can go.

OK, alright.

A tour guide, if you will.

– I gotcha.

I got'chu.

Surprisingly simple to set up and use.

A lot of people out there not using it yet.

– Show you how to do it.

And listen, we're going to be the guinea pigs.

If we can eat today, if we can travel today.

You might have to host me at your place, I don't know really.



– That works.

I think the main thing here is figuring out how we're going to spend all this money.

– Yeah.

You got quite a bit.

Sponsored by Google.

[HYSTERICAL PROMOTION] We're taking a secret trip.

That's happening later.

I don't know if you know about this yet.

We can use, we can use Lyft to get out there.

– That works.

– First, I want to get some Doritos.

– I gotta show this guy around.

– I don't do spicy, man.

WUT?! – No Do you guys take Android Pay? Yes.

Yes! Up here? Yes! – Alright, there we go.

Success! Doritos! – I want mine.

This is the best one, people.

How did we pay for it Judner? – Put the phone right on the terminal.

You saw it.

– You're wasting it.

Nothing wrong with Doritos, but I come all the way to New York.

I expect to have a nice meal.

– I got you, man.

– Check this out.

Finally, my entire life, This is what I've been waiting for.

Two different kinds of bacon! You're coming here to be healthy? -You're coming to the WRONG place for that.

🎆 – I take care of you in New York, you know.

I got you.

You know me too well, man! The fanciest McDonalds bite of all time, right now.

I'm in New York, so you've got to do a little shopping too.

I head that GameStop accepts Android Pay though.

– Say no more.

Say no more.

We're at GameStop now.

They're going to take our Android Pay, so why not do some gaming? I need the latest NBA.

– I'm surprised he's not going for NHL.

Hey, what's going on? NBA, that one right there? PS4? Oh, he's just filming a YouTube video.

Want to get nuts? let's get nuts 😲 Thanks man.

You know where to go? – Yeah, this way.

Welcome to New York.

Ha ha, thank you.

That's what I'm saying.

I like a shoe that can breathe.

– I hear that.

It's getting hot all the time.

A collab channel: Sneaker Talk.

– Sneaker Therapy.

Yeah, we can have LeBron on.

That's a magnet, but it's strong so you can't really tell it's a magnet.

If someone's wearing this right now, you're not going like “Oh, that guy looks like he's wearing 30 year old shoes.

” – Exactly.


I remember back in the day where, like, the Air concept seemed so mystical.

And you pop the air bubble, What happens if you pop the air bubble? Bully some kid, steal his shoes, pop the air bubble.

– Is that really what happened? OK.

FRESH KICKS!! Judner goes for some Jordans.

Jack goes for some Air Macks.

You want to know what was left over for me? Socks! Maybe I'll do better next time.

We've been all over the city.

It's now time for the moment you've all been waiting for.

We're going to head to the fringes of New York city.

It's kind of like the Pyramids in Egypt.

The Grand Canyon.

Niagra Falls.

It's time for us to use this Android Pay for some major transportation.

We're going to use it for Lyft.

Fully supported.

Coming up shortly.

We made it.

– Yo, yo, yo! Look at this place! – Well, its good, guys.

It's like an art gallery in here.

– Wut? For tech heads.

Star of the show.

I told you this was his special place.

Take a look.

– This is how you know this is real.

– That's how you know we're really here.

– All I've eaten in the last three years.

Just that.

That's a true professional.

– So, what's good? Why are you guys here? 24 hours using nothing but Android Pay to survive a day in New York City.

No wallet, no cash.


Just Android Pay? Strictly digital.

We had food, transportation.

– Kicks.

What we learned is that you can survive in New York on nothing but Android Pay.

As long as you're happy to eat Doritos.

Alright, that sounds pretty good.

What do you guys say we get out of here and grab some food? I think that's a great idea.

And I can cover it using nothing but Android Pay.


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