7 Apps for Studying and Time Management [ANDROID]

The first app we are going to talk about iscalled Memorigi and it’s a really easy to use time management app where you can login all of your tasks for the day, week and month.

You can use a color code to track your tasksby theme or by subject so you can understand what your workload will be for the next fewdays.

I really like this app’s simple layout andthe fact that you can chose between different views, namely between a daily view or a three-daysview.

It also lets you set an alarm to remind youthat your tasks and events are coming up.

Other similar apps to consider are googlecalendar and evernote.

Duolingo is an app that lets you learn languagesthrough an array of mini games and exercises that you can complete daily, increasing yourfluency and mastery step by step.

Each language comes with dozens of differentthemed levels that teach you different aspects of vocabulary and grammar so you can buildup your knowledge on that language.

Each level recycles what you’ve learnedin past levels to make sure that you still remember that you have learned before.

You can also use the training icon to geta personalized lesson with your weakest words, so you can really tackle whatever you arehaving a difficult time with, before moving on with the learning process.

I also enjoy the fact that the levels areshort and you aren’t required to speak or listen, so it’s the perfect way to spendsome idle time during commuting to school.

Another app that I always talk about is Forest, and for me it’s the best way to use the Pomodoro Technique whilst having a true visualexperience of your productivity levels.

The concept is quite simple: for each blockof time you spend studying, you plant a virtual tree.

While that tree grows, you cannot use otherapp in your phone, less you get distracted.

When the timer reaches zero, you will haveplanted a tree in your forest.

The more trees you have, the more productiveyou were during that day.

Habits is an habit tracker app that lets youfollow up on those small daily tasks that we sometimes forget, like drinking enoughwater, taking medication or taking a walk outside.

It’s very simple to use – all you haveto do is insert which tasks you want to track and just press the small cross to mark itfor that day.

As time goes by, you will build a graphicthat tells you how many times you’ve forgotten certain tasks and where you should improve.

I usually do this by hand in my bullet journalbut I think that tracking your habits with an app should please everyone who prefersto manage their time with their phone and doesn’t like to carry a notebook around.

Still on the time management theme, I thinkthat everyone should try at least once in their life to really understand how they arespending their time.

A time wheel lets you do this – you basicallyinput how you have been spending your time during the day, with transportation, sleeping, eating, studying and taking classes and you will be baffled by how little time you canactually spend at your own will.

This app lets you do exactly this, you justinsert the amount of time you have been doing something and it will build a time wheel foryou, so you can reflect where you have been wasting your time and re-organize your schedule.

I think this is a great challenge to keepup with during a week and just reflect on how you are actually living your life.

Basically, it sets a tracking time and whenyou unlock your phone, the app will ask you what you have been doing for the past fifteenminutes so you can build your time wheel gradually during the day without even noticing it.

A great app to save paper, ink and time isquizlet.

It basically replaces all of your physicalflash cards and lets you keep entire sets of questions and answers in your phone underyour personal account.

You can then export these to your computerand share them with your friends.

I think this is an amazing app for anyonewho relies on definition based classes and tests and is something great to use on idletimes or when you need to study but only have your phone around.

It has tons of different ways to test yourknowledge on a subject and it can even read your cards out loud as if you were being questionedby your professor.

Finally, and this is one of my favorites, there is a widget timetable app so you can place your school timetable in your homescreenand never skip a class again.

I usually never know where I am going to haveclass and sometimes it’s not really useful to take out your planner and look at yourschedule so having it right on your homescreen is really useful.

You can insert all data related to your classin this widget, like the name of the class, the location, participants and total duration.

You can always assign a color to a certainclass.

Afterwards, you just tap the screen to assignyour class to a certain timeblock and there you have it.

All the information for these apps and thelinks will be in the down bar so you can download them right away.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this video.


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