8 Aplikasi Android Unik Dan keren Juni 2020 🔥🔥(#9) BEST ANDROID APPS June 2020

assalamualaikum, ok friend back again with me rizal from the gadget learning channel First Learn New to Play Gadgets Welcome to June And for those of you who have birthdays this month, I wish you a happy birthday and come back again like this dichannel routine Easy and Easy There are 8 unique and interesting application recommendations for each month and this month was very special because I'm not alone There's going to be Irfanz Tech too Therefore, please like the video first ok no need to make small talk again Simply enter in the first application the first application I recommend is “Floor Plan Creator” In this application, I think it's really futuristic This application is able to make a simulation of a room or house Which you can design as you wish You can add furniture as well There are so many furniture that you can use And you design as you wish You can even replace the paint Add stairs Even to calculate your room too So it's really useful for those of you who want to design first Your house or just your room Before practicing or making your own room But wait It seems to be normal and not interesting But it will be more interesting if you see it in 3D Wow Do you have this application on cellphone? Wow, that's really cool And this is also very suitable for those of you who are civil engineering kids Which can help to make assignments and others too And of course you can download the “Floor plan creator” for free on PlayStore Next to the second application that I recommend, i.


“Monster Park” This Monster Park application, which is an AR-based application Which is detailed and very HD First time open this application You guys will be asked to scan Flat and fairly large area first After that you can play the dinosaur And Boom !! It will be as if the dinosaurs will come out of the past You can see some real dinosaurs from your cellphone What is unique is that you can give action to the Jurasic Park There are also options for where to go Night or day and there is also such a portal So as if to connect with the dinosaur era You can take a photo or video too There are many choices available for dinosaurs But you have to spend Rp.

45, 000 (3 $) And also you can hit Set the direction of the dinosaur nets And there are many other choices this can just Have fun and very entertaining for you guys Post on Instagram, with the right photo angle Also going to create realistic photos And of course the “Monster Park” application can be downloaded for free at Playstore Next On the 3rd application that I recommend is “Stick Nodes” For you who want to learn animation But don't want to learn complicated and very complicated I have a cool recommendation, which can make an easy stick animation And so cool the initial time to open this application there will be a stickman Which you can immediately adjust your movements You can even add a new stickman With shapes according to your wishes The interface of this application according to me is simple and easy to understand there are several tab menus that have their respective functions As in this normal mode where here you can add a new stickman or other characters which already provided directly from the application can add sound effects too and also add text too Then there is a Paning mode that can adjust the position of the stickman himself So if you adjust the position of the Stickman, in this Paning Mode yes and there is also a camera mode where the camera viewpoint can be adjusted as you wish On the stick alone you just adjust the movement according to the joint point In each frame If you want to see the preview, you can also preview it you can set stickman battles, or just make a parody And of course you can download the Stick Nodes application for free at PlayStore Continue to the fourth application which is the Top of the Month this month, i.


“Brick Game” Hayo, where is the 90s? Who is the 90s who doesn't know about this Consol? In my area, I call it Bot Game Well for those of you who want to reminisce Or you Millennials who want to try classic games Very popular in its time You can directly try it from your cellphone and download it on Playstore The appearance of this application is really HD As if it will really play on the console directly Even on the screen it's really like the original Visible Pixels Per Pixel Buttons The buttons are also Responsive.

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