9 Android Settings You Need To Turn Off Now

(bouncy music) – Hey, everybody.

David and David herefrom PayetteForward.

com and UpPhone.

com, and in thisvideo we're going to tell you about some Android settingsto turn off immediately.

We have a Samsung GalaxyS10 running Android 10.

If you have a different phone, different operating system, it might look a little bit different but the settings are all the same.

– Everything we're goingto talk about today is designed to either take the load off your phone's processor whichis going to speed it up or it's going to save yourbattery life; both good things.

– Yep.

– Or it's going to increaseyour personal privacy which is also a bigconsideration nowadays.

– Yes.

– So we need to go to theSettings app to get started.

– Right, so to do that, swipe down from the top of the screen there.

I have the Settings app here.

If you don't see theSettings app in this menu just go to search and typein Settings.

There it is.

I'm just going to tap on that.

We are in the Settings app.

First thing we're going to turnoff is Nearby device scanning.

– Nearby device scanning doeswhat it sounds like it does.

Your phone is constantlysearching for other devices that are nearby that itmight want to connect to.

It can really drain your battery life.

– [David] Yep, so we'lltap on Connections.

We will tap on Moreconnection settings here and then Nearby device scanning, tap that switch, turn it off.

– Next we're going to talkabout how to choose which apps you want to allow to continueto run in the background of your phone even whenyou're not using it.

Pretty easy to get there.

– Mhm.

– We need to enable developer mode though.

So, let's do that.

– [David] So we go back to themain page of the Settings app and scroll all the way downto About phone, tap on that.

– [David] Then tap onSoftware information.

Now tap on Build number seven times.

– [David] One, two, three, four, five, six, seven.

– [David] Then enter yourPIN or your passcode.

– [David] Developer mode hasbeen turned on, excellent! – [David] Alright, so we'regoing to go back to the main page of the Settings app.

– [David] Back, back.

So now you'll see developeroptions underneath About phone.

Tap on developer options.

– [David] And we're going toscroll down to Background check.

– [David] Background check.

– [David] It's under the Apps section.

– [David] Under the Apps section.

Lot of stuff in here, lot of cool stuff.

There it is, Apps.

– [David] Background check.

– [David] Background check, tap.

– In this list, go throughand pay specific attention to which ones have atime amount underneath because it shows you howlong ago that app or service used the processor on your phone.

This can use cellular data but it also, it's just going to drain your battery.

– Alright.

– [David] So if there'sanything in this list, especially things that havebeen using it like Bixby Voice.

– [David] Let's just tapthat switch, turn it off.

– [David] Turn it rightoff, let's go down the list.

Anything that you don't recognizein here that doesn't need to be updating in the background when you're not using your phone like Galaxy Essentials Widget, let's turn that thing off.

– [David] Turn it off.

– Just turn it off.

– Yep.

– You can always comeback here and turn it on if something doesn't work.



– Yep, that's it.

– .



the way you expect to.

Next we're going to turn offUsage and diagnostic information.

So this is informationthat's getting sent to Google or to Android developers in the background when you're not using your phone.

– Mhm.

– Burning through — Battery life.

So let's go back to the mainpage of the settings app.

Tap, tap, here we goand then tap on Google.

Then tap on the three dots in the upper right handcorner of the screen.

And tap Usage & diagnostics.

Here you'll see a nice littleswitch, it's On right now, just tap it, now it's off.

– Save some battery life, save some cellular data.

– [David] Easy.

– [David] Why not? Next we're going to talk aboutturning off ads personalization.

– Mhm.

– This is going to justdeliver; I know it's anonymous but still, it's sendinginformation about the way that you use your phone to ad networks so that they can send youmore relevant advertising.

– Yeah, they're collectingdata on you and so you can say, oh I just talked aboutbiscuits in my living room and now all of sudden I'mgetting biscuits ads on my phone.

– I know, it's weird.

– [David] So we'll justtap the back button in the upper left handcorner of the screen.

And you'll see underneathhere Ads, tap on that.

Opt out of Ads Personalization.

You know, it's a settingsto turn off video- – Right.

– You have to turn thisone on to turn it off.

– Right.

– [David] We're going to goahead and turn that switch on.

Opt out of interest-basedads, you'll still see ads but they may not bebased on your interests.

Note if you clear your cache, you will lose your opt-out setting, okay.

Now it's on.

– [David] Interesting, you'lllose your opt-out setting.

– Yeah, so if you clearyour cache, come back here.

– That's, that's a load ofcrap they're doing that- – (laughs) – Because they don't need to do that.

– Right.

– [David] That's crazy.




The next thing we'regoing to do is take a look at the location settings on your phone.

– [David] Yep, so let'sgo back to the main page of the settings app and we'regoing to tap on the Location.

The first thing we're going to do is talk about Improve accuracy, use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for more accurate location detection.

Go ahead and turn these right off, Wi-Fi scanning and Bluetooth scanning.

I've seen actually alot of posts on forums where people are saying Iturned these two settings off and I saved a ton of battery life.

– Yeah this- – Because it's just constantlyscanning and scanning and scanning and- Right.

– drains your battery.

– Yeah and your location'sstill going to work, GPS is still built into the phone.

– Right.

– You don't need to have these things on.

– [David] Let's go back here.

Next let's talk aboutGoogle Location History.

There's just going tobe a location history of all the places you've been.

– Yeah, a little creepy.

– It's, it's similar to theiPhone Significant Locations where it just started saving a long list of all the places you've been- Right.

– And it's just, it's alittle weird for my taste.

Tap the switch and then tap Pause near the lower right-handcorner of the screen.

And now it has been paused.


And go back to the location settings here and last thinghere is network data analytics.

This is like sending data analytics to your wireless carrier, who needs it? Not me.

Again, this is just goingto be burning your battery by constantly sendingdata to your carrier.

Just tap that switch atthe top of the screen – [David] Yeah.

Turn it off.

Are you sure? Yes, and don't show me this message again.


– Sorry Sprint.

– Sorry Sprint, fix your own network.

– [David] Too late, we're getting bought out.

(laughs) – The next thing we want to talk about is restricting backgrounddata for specific apps.

Like we said earlier, if anapp is constantly getting new data in the background of your phone, it can drain the battery pretty quickly.

So let's come back to themain page of the settings app.

And then tap on Apps.

Here you'll see a list of all your apps.

Just go ahead and pick one, I'mgoing to pick Bixby Routines.

– Yeah.

– And then I'm goingto tap on Mobile data.

Here you'll see Restrict background data.

We're going to set this toAlways, this way it always restricts the backgrounddata the app is using.

– Right.

– Especially for apps thatyou don't use very often, set it to Always.

– [David] Yeah, it's going tosave your cellular data plan, it's also going to save your battery life.

It's just about beingintentional about which apps you want to downloadcontent, like maybe ESPN, and which apps you don'tneed to download content, like maybe your bank or something.

– [David] Right.

The last thing we wantto show you how to do is turn off Install unknownapps for pretty much all of your apps.

– Mhm.

– What this'll do is willblock your apps from installing the other apps- – From unknown sources.

– From unknown sources.

– Could be ransomware.

– Yeah, you just don't wantto end up with some malware on your Android because some other app downloaded some other app and then.



– Yeah.

– Avalanche; not good.

So let's go back, go back again, now we're on the main Apps page here and tap those three dots inthe upper right-hand corner of the screen and then tap Special access.

Scroll down here and tapon Install unknown apps.

And, pretty much, just turnthis off for everything, make sure it's not allowed.

– Yeah.

– If you see an app that isallowed, you can just tap on it and then you'd say Allow from this source if that switch was on, turn it off.

– A lot of the times appswill ask your permission if they're allowed to dothis, you just tap yes because you're not paying attention and that's how bad things can happen.

– Yeah.

– So just go through, this is a really importantsecurity measure.

– Yeah, of course, if you'reokay with an app installing – Unknown apps.

– The unknown apps, you cango ahead and leave it on for certain apps but most ofthe time you don't want that.

– Yeah, you could be surprised.

– Surprise, here's some malware.

– Here's, yeah (laughs) – Thanks for watching this video.

Those are some Android settingsto turn off immediately.

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