A Simple Way To Mirror your Android Screen to PC and Mac OS


so available I was looking for a way to cast my Android scheme on my computer and all the popular suggestions I found on the Internet well they were not good enough for instance most of the screen mirroring apps have ads or watermark while the rest one have unjustified price and the slick me wondering how come this common problem has no simple solution so I started doing my research and finally found a very simple solution it's free works on every platform and there is no intrusive ads in fact it can work wirelessly even without a Wi-Fi which apparently no other Android app can do right now and the best part is or should I say worst is no one on the Internet is talking over this application and I won't even blame them I had this application on my phone for like two years now and even I didn't know you can use it to cast your anger scheme on computer so which is this application well let's find out hi there this is me now once again and in this video we are going to see a very simple way to cast your android screen on your computer now if you are only interested in the workaround then click on the timestamp appearing on the screen right now however I will highly recommend you watch the entire video so that do you know what other options do we have and why you should not use them and trust me it's going to be interesting I had lot of fun doing the research so that being said let me start a number one chromecast so the first thing that comes to our mind when we talk about screen mirroring on a big screen is chromecast a 50-dollar device from Google a good thing about chromecast is it has the least latency compared to other solution hack I was even able to play my games wirelessly which is not possible in any other available options however the only downside is you cannot use chromecast on your laptops and MacBook the next popular option is wireless display now if you are one of those lucky ones who can see enable wireless display option in the cast settings then you can use the Windows Connect feature to directly cast your eye on your screen on your caminos computer you don't need any software but it's not that easy I have tried this on four different Android smartphone for Motorola Samsung – pixel and this which is work in none of them so there are less chances that it will work for you as well the next popular option is to use a screen imitating apps like all cast mirror go or Visor etc and if you have ever used this application on the Play Store then you will notice two things one all of these applications are around 1 million download and second each one of them have around 3.

5 rating which is like saying this app doesn't work actually so why is that well the first reason is these applications are intrusive ads and Mitama and even after that it doesn't work all the time and it's not actually the developer fault for instance I was using all cast app and it worked fine on my Mac but when I tried it on my Windows computer it didn't get detected I found many people who has rated this application low has the same problem and after checking the description of the app I saw it was because of Windows Firewall so once I disabled the Windows Firewall or you can also add an exception the app works just fine still it's not a prettiest solution since there is a watermark and ads so for any other reason if you want to use a screen mirroring application then I will recommend screen stream mirroring over all cast it works with your browser so at least you don't have to configure your firewall settings or even use the app that I have suggested in my previous video that is a power mirror which when use with the USB you can also control your Android device from your computer but still all this application have ads limited free version and high price and after getting frustrated from all the available options I finally found a simple solution it's a Droid yes you can use a drive to cast your android screen on your computer let me show you how so head over to Google Play on your Android smartphone and open the AirDroid app now this part is important and also awesome so if you are new to a droid then you can either create a new account or skip it so if you have both your computer and Android under the same Wi-Fi network like if you're sitting in your home and want to share some pictures with your family on your computer then you can use Wi-Fi option no need to sign up so once you enter the app you will see an IP address in the a droid app now type that in your computer browser it doesn't matter if it's of Windows Mac Linux or even a Chromebook as long it is a web browser you are good to go and then press enter and confirm the login on your phone and there we go now the next part is quite obvious there is no direct screencasting option here which I will ask the developer after making this video but anyways for now on you will need to tap on this screenshot icon and it will send a confirmation on your android press ok and there you have it your entire android screen on your computer and the best part is it works flawlessly all the times it's free and there are no ads popping around also there is a watermark but it's in the side of the screen and not on the screen now let's consider another case say you want to give a quick presentation for a conference and there is no Wi-Fi connection well then you will have to create a new a droid account and then turn on your mobile data now open up your computer web browser and this time type in web dot el droid comm and then log into the same air-dried about and let's say the latency will depend on your internet connection but shouldn't be a problem on 4G or higher overall error it is the only app that can do all this awesome stuff for free and yet no one is talking about it well this is all for now it's quite funny to see how companies are selling mediocre apps for high prices when they know there is a better solution that is doing it for free one word marketing and this is not the first time it's happening if you check out my other videos on simple way to do things then you will see this pattern keeps on repeating so if you're a blogger or a youtuber watching this video then please make sure you do your research right because when you don't people end up spending money in time when they don't have to and it's your job to guide them so that's pretty much it let me know what you guys think in the comment section below I may not be able to reply to each comment but I do read every one of them also if you like my research then go ahead and smash the like button that really helps and subscribe to this channel if you want to see more awesome stuff so that's it for now this is me not signing off and like all this thank you for watching [Music].

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