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hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTechAndroid 10 is now available for all pixel devices I've got it running on mypixel 3 XL and three axl so we'll take a look at all of the new features thereare a ton of little tweaks and changes but we'll take a look at all of themajor features so this will be a fairly long video check the description for thetime codes and then all of the supported devices will be listed here so if youwant to know all of the currently supported devices those are thesupported ones but your manufacturer still has to release that update so itmay take a while if you're on a Samsung device it may take even longer but theysaid they're going to be a little bit faster this time so let's take a look atthe first thing now if you're not seeing this update over-the-air you can installit using a computer I did that because it was a little bit quicker to get it onmy devices but this particular update came in about 1 to 2 gigabytes dependingon how you install it so let's take a look at the first thing that's differentand that is the boot up screen so let me go ahead and boot up the 3a XL take justa moment here we'll wait for it to boot and it's actually pretty quick theperformance on this update is very good so you'll see it says powered by Androidit's a little bit different the G has the Google colors in it and there we gowe're already at the lockscreen now the lockscreen is a little bit differentyou'll see that the font is different let's go ahead and unlock it thehomescreen is different as well so we have the date as well as the temperatureand the time in the upper left so it just looks really clean now one of thebig things with this particular update is gestures and you'll see here on theleft I don't have the gestures enabled and on the right I do and you don't haveto enable the gestures in fact I updated this and the gestures did not switchover to gesture mode so if you don't like the gesture if you can stick withwhat you have now we'll go over the gestures in just a momentbut the first thing is they've moved the build number so if we just swipe downfrom the top here with the notifications you'll see there's a build number hereand it's going to vary a little bit depending on your device but it's you'llsee it says 10 and then QP1A.


020 so that's the buildlet's go into the system settings here and you'll see all of the settings are alittle bit different they're more colorful you'vegot customized at emergency information and you have your account informationnow here in the search settings in the upper right so you've got a lot ofdifferent little changes throughout now if we scroll down then go to systemunder advanced we can see system update and you'll see this says version 10security patch level is September 5th 2019 we're a couple days ahead as far asthe security patch is concerned but if you have a pixel device and you updateyour device you'll also have Android 10 and the latest security patch now if wego into the Android version there's a little Easter Egg here just like therealways is you'll see it says Android 10 we can move these around and as we movearound the 1 or the 0 or the word Android you actually feel a lot ofhaptic feedback so you can feel it vibrating the phone as you move thesearound it's just a nice little easter egg now speaking of the gestures Italked about if you swipe up from the bottom you go home everything is nicelyanimated and really refined at this point now if I want to go back I canswipe back from the middle swipe back again swipe up to go home it's verysimilar to iOS that way if I want to swipe in from a corner I can get Androidassistant so swipe in from either corner and you've got Android assistant rightthere so that's nice and then if I go back to say the Android 10 Easter eggand swipe from the far left we'll go back now if I go into something elsesuch as display will swipe back swipe again to the right and we go forward orhome and then swipe up from the bottom to go into the app drawer so swipe upagain to go home again to the app drawer so it's really simple once you get usedto it if you don't like it again you can usethe buttons that are there on the home screen now there's a new feature forGoogle Wallet where you can quickly access it with the power button on thehome screen you just hold the power button you'll actually have it here Ihave not seen that show up yet even though I have Google pay set up so ifyou have Google pay set up you may see that you may not and it's recognizing myvoice there now as far as notifications they have changed a little bit so if wepull down from the top and let me turn on or turn off Do Not Disturb so if weswipe down here you the notifications look a little bitdifferent if we tap and hold on them we have now we have alerting and silentturn off notifications they've just changed the way this looks completelyso you'll see show notifications related to you and your tweets you've got allsorts of settings here if you want to tweak them and again they've actuallyseparated these into alerting and silence so if you have it set as silentand then you have the other set is alerting it will show in differentcategories in the notification drawer now as far as performance is concernedperformance is quite good it doesn't really matter the device it's going tobe nice and fast and they've actually added some AI enhanced performance whichallows you to use machine learning to predict which apps you'll use in thenext few hours and which ones you likely won't be using so your phone will onlyspend battery power on the apps you actually care about so that's prettyinteresting we'll see how that works over time butyou shouldn't have to really manage the battery now it should be nice and fastand keep everything moving quickly as well now one thing you may have noticedis there is a dark theme on the phone on my right the pixel 3xl the search bar isdark and that's actually a theming option so let's go ahead and turn thaton on the pixel 3 axl so now if we go into the settings and we go to displaywe have dark theme so we'll turn that on and you'll see now there's a dark themenow one thing that's not obvious here is there's accent colors and you canactually change these as long as you have the developer mode turned on so ifyou go down and you'll see under system and then advanced I have developeroptions turned on if you have that turned on and you go into developeroptions and scroll way down at the bottom you'll actually see theming andthere's accent colors so right now it's default but if I want it to be cinnamonit takes a moment it switches to cinnamon you've got black green oceanspace orchid and purple I tend to like ocean so we'll go to ocean and noweverything's accented with that ocean color now there's a feature called livecaption and I actually haven't been able to get this to work yet in fact I'vesearched both the pixel 3a XL and the 3 XL and the idea is it will read back orcaption any video that you have and let you know what they're saying nowif we search for it we'll go to settings and then we go to live caption you'llsee that it's here but if I tap on it it doesn't show anything now we do have alive transcribe and things like that it doesn't work exactly like they show onthe Android 10 website so I'll check that out in a later video if you'd liketo see that now there are some really interesting new features such as smartreplies now smart replies has kind of been there before but if I text myselfwith another phone and you see it pop up here it can do more than justsuggestions now so let me show you that now smart reply has gotten a lot smarterand I've texted myself with a different phone and you'll see here is my textthat says would you like to go to this Chipotle today here's the address andit's got a little bit of a redesign and it has sure sure what time or what timeand it will just send that so I can go back and forth and if you agreesometimes it can give you the directions and everything else it's a really niceupdate and just a little touch now along with those particular updates come 65new emoji and with this reply you can see there's all sorts of emoji butthere's new ones that feature things such as haircut weightlifting sauna sowe'll see weightlifting you'll see there's weight lifters so it's justupdated with 65 new ones to bring it up to the latest Unicode standard so youshould have things such as prosthetics in there and you'll see there's someprosthetics arms and legs so we've got all these little updates it's just anice little touch to bring it all up to date now there's an interesting newfeature for headphones called sound amplifier now you do actually needheadphones plugged into a headphone jack or your USB see Jack and let's see if wecan get this to work because I do have some headphones I can plug in to thepixel 3 axl let's go ahead and plug in the headphones and let's go to the lastmenu and I've turned on sound amplifier and this is a new feature that you'llsee it says with headphones to improve how you hear sounds around you so you dohave to have wired headphones right now and sound amplifier makes weak soundslouder without making powerful sounds too loud so if we go home wethis little button here and then we go to settings now we can adjust soundamplifier so we can boost the sound fine-tune it adjust our ear separatelyadjust the noise from low medium to high and adjust the source if we had multipledevices plugged in so you can see it's actually picking up some of my sound ifI boost it a little green around the pause button gets louder if I want topause the sound I can pause it it's a really nice little option that they'veadded for accessibility so along with reading the screen and things like thatthey've added this as well really nice options now many of us are more and moreconcerned about our privacy and with Android 10 that there are some bigchanges and updates to privacy so if we go into our settings here we scroll downto privacy and under privacy we can see everything at once so we can seeaccessibility usage permission manager show passwords lock screen advanced andthere's all sorts of other information such as google location history you cansee this in one place adjust it deny it allow it whatever you'd like to do if wego into the permission manager you can see everything from body sensors tomicrophone to SMS and really fine-tune what you want to allow or not so underaccessibility you'll see it says accessibility has apps that have fullaccess to the device one password live transcribe and then you can adjust thesettings accordingly so it's really nice you've got all of this much finercontrol all in one spot and on top of that there's also security updates aswell and a new security section so if we go under security we've got the samething so find my device security update Google Play system update and yourdevice admin encryption and credentials and all of this information is in onespot now going along with privacy and security we also have location andlocation let you know all the different apps that have permission to yourlocation so app permission we'll wait for it to load here and maybe we'll gointo Instagram and we can allow it all the time or only while using or deny thelocation so we can fine-tune this on all of our apps and know exactly whatusing as far as location services are concerned now there's a new featureunder digital well-being called focus mode to really help you focus whenyou're trying to get some work done so a focus mode is on you can actuallydisable apps and you can set those apps specifically so if we go into focus moderight now we have your distracting apps I have it set as Twitter we can selectmore apps and during this it will actually turn off any of these apps wedon't want to bother us so we can turn them all off and under focus modethey'll just go away when you turn focus mode back on then you'll receivenotifications and everything else from them so it really helps you focus onwhat you're doing now they've updated the share sheet and it looks a littlenicer so if we go over to photos and I share the wallpaper from today and I'lllink this in the description as I always do if you'd like to get your hands on itas well but if we go into the share sheet it's been updated with all of yourfavorites of course I have those blurred out but down at the bottom you've gotcreate link shared album save to drive and you can just scroll through thoseand save those to everything from Bluetooth to anything else you wantnow another update to accessibility is great for those with hearing aids so ifwe go into accessibility you also have the option for supported hearing aidsnow so we go down here and you'll see there's a hearing aid so if you have apair of hearing aids you can actually pair this and stream media directly toit so that should be helpful as well especially with all of these differentsound amplifier and well all combined it should really help youso you'll see here's those the caption preferences I was talking about I can'tget it to show up no matter what I do but either way it's there and hopefullyyou'll be able to use it a little bit later now as far as Android auto Androidauto is built into every version of Android 10 so if you have Android autoon your car you should have it here as well you'll be able to use it so that'sthere and it's a little bit different they updated that recently but it's notpart of Android 10 so it does look a little bit different now going alongwith security updates just like you have updates in the Play Store when youdownload an app and you can just update that without doing a whole systeminstall what they've done this time is Google Play system updates can now sendsecurity updates directly to your device without a fullsystem installs so they've done that and that's really nice and then also withsecurity if there's urgent situations Els built into the phone can sendenhanced location directions from your Android handset to emergency services soif you dial your emergency number you can actually get your location off yourdevice to come help you if you're in that sort of situation now there's a newfeature to help you manage your family and that's called family link so it's anapp that gets installed you can uninstall it if you don't like it and ithelps you set digital ground rules for children and teens so you'll see I don'thave it set up but you can set screen time limits day or night and also allowour block apps so you can get started and then you can also locate yourchildren's devices if they either lose them or you want to know where they arenow if you have friends that come over and they want to use your Wi-Fi networkand you don't want to have to hand them the password but you want them to beable to use it you can actually go into your network details and share a QR codewith them to allow them to actually gain access to your network so that part'sreally nice it's a very simple way to do that now the camera has some newsettings for developers for things like dynamic depth and depending on whichdevice you have of course you're going to have a night sight and all of thesegreat features on the pixel but you you can have dynamic depth control andthings like that we'll probably see those more on the pixel for when that'sreleased and then there's also improved provisioning for enterprise and thenalso there's a notification if you get moisture or debris in your USBC port soit will let you know and it will send it to your device or let you know aboutyour accessories if there's moisture in there there's also a new app uninstallscreen so maybe we want to uninstall uninstall Hugh here we'll just go to appinfo and if we go to uninstall you'll see do you want to uninstall justeverything looks a little bit more refined and a little bit different nowother than the gestures and dark mode and security and privacy it doesn't looklike there's a whole lot but there's a lot of refinements and changes in thebackground everything from battery you can see it looks a little bit differentthey've updated this you can show the battery percentage in the upper right ifyou'd like it just shows you everything you want to know and it's verynice to be able to see all of this information battery usage you can seelots of detail and they've just updated all of this to look a little cleanerfunction a little bit better and it's nice and fast so that's it for Androidten let me know what you think about it in the comments below of course I'lllink this wallpaper in the description as I always do if you haven't subscribedalready please subscribe and hit that notification bell if you'd like to seemore of these videos as soon as they're released if you enjoyed the video pleasegive it a like as always thanks for watching I'll see you next time.

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