Android 11 Beta 1 Review – All New Features Explained !

Hey what’s up everyone , this is your hostmanik welcome to another video so a couple of days ago amidst all this chaos we got thenew android 11 beta for a few devices and i was too excited to see what new featuresit brings to the table , so after spending nearly 2 days to boot it on my oneplus 6 ifinally managed to boot it up on my oneplus 6 and it was quite a task.

So in this video let’s have a look at theandroid 11 beta 1 on oneplus 6 and before we start if you wish to stay notified aboutthe latest videos do click on that subscribe button and press the bell icon next to it.

And in case you were wondering if the oneplus6 series will get android 11 or not i would say chances are high that we will get it butit wont happen before 2021 dont worry we will have quite a few of custom roms before that.

Anyways lets jump to the new features andyou will see most of these in the final version as well, first of all in the notificationbar we now have notifications categorised automatically , for example chats and messageswill be on top and alerts below them and so on and it feels nice and refined as you donthave to look for an important message in a mess that used to exist in previous versionsof android which is great.

Oh one more thing , we now have chat bubbleslike we had in past with apps like messenger , now apps like whatsapp and messages willsupport it too which makes the whole multi tasking easier and smooth in case you aredoing something else and you can also see the image of sender instead of app icon andit feels nice overall.

Plus you can go in settings and get your notificationhistory and i really wanted to see this feature as it helps in case to dismiss a notificationaccidentally and you will appreciate it for sure.

And the music playback tile has now been movedto the top , it makes it more ios like and i am not really a fan of it as some peopleare going to find it difficult to reach there and control music playback but its there andfrom this tile you can switch over to any external speaker or earphones easily withjust a tap and that is handy.

Now the homescreen has changed a bit and youhave the app suggestions and the device learns as per your usage and then recommends theapps on your homescreen and it works but isnt that accurate.

Coming to the recents menu we now have thse3 new buttons and firstly you have a screenshot button to the left to quickly capture , editor share a screenshot on the go , next to it you have a select button to select anytext you want from the current screen and this nifty feature is really helpful , trustme ….

And if you are lazy just like me , just tapon that share sheet and it will capture a screenshot of the app and bring up the listdirectly.

Neat isnt it? Now another new thing that we have is in permissionsand we now have that extra permission and you can permit an app access to a specificpermission for that session only and i feel its next step in android’s security systemand its good to have it , Apart from this we have the screen recorder.


officially , lets hope it does not get removed from the final stable version , plusnew icon styles , dark mode scheduling and you can even resize a video in pip mode andother tiny things autofill , app pinning and a lot more.

And what do i feel about it ? well the lastcouple of android versions have been minor updates cosmetically but under the hood theyhave some really good improvements that refines the overall experience and this beta is inno way ready to be used as a daily driver but its a baby step in the right direction.

So that was it , your first look at android11 beta 1 do let me know the feature you like the most in android 11 , so do like this videoif it helps you out and subscribe if you havent already and i will see you in the next one.



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