Android 11 Public Beta 1 is Out! – What's New?

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech andtoday Android 11 beta 1 was released to anyone that has a device that'scompatible and that means anything from the pixel 2 to XL three three XL three athree a XL four and four XL currently those are theonly supported beta devices and if you have one of those you can download itpretty easily and if it's over-the-air you enroll your device into androidsbeta program you'll see there's the website there and it was about 293megabytes to download if you're going to install it yourself using a computer itwill be about 2 gigabytes now let's take a look at the build number and thenwe'll take a look at everything new the build number as you can see it says 11and then RPB1.


018 and this particular update has some newfeatures in it compared to the developer previews that were out before it now Icovered most of those previews and if you haven't seen those there's a bunchof little details covered in each one of those I'm going to cover the majorchanges now if you want to try this for yourself just be warned that it may havestability battery or performance issues and they particularly warn againstanyone that's using accessibility because some of those features may notwork now with this update the first thing they've changed is they've updatedit with a bunch of different changes under styles and wallpapers so if you goto style and maybe you want to create a new style or a custom style you can dothat well hit next hit next again there's some new optionsand there's a bunch of new shapes as well so if you don't want your icons tobe round you want them to be sort of a skwerkel or a square or any of theseother shapes you can do that and then you can customize everything else ifthat's what you want so you have that option as well so that's really nice nowthey've also updated dark mode on this particular device so if you're in darkmode we'll go to settings and you'll see there's some glitches here and there butwe'll go into display and then we'll turn on the dark theme now you can dothat from the menu here at the top as well so if you want to just switchbetween dark theme or not you can do that but I wanted to show you thatthere's a new menu where you can turn it on based off sunrise to sunset andthat's something I usually leave so it just changes throughout the daynow if I go back to the home screen you'll see that they've updated it sothat the menus look more as though they're dark so if I press and holdyou'll see everything's nice and dark to match the dark theme it's a nice littleupdate now also when we're in that dark mode they've updated the menus as wellwhen you're in settings so settings icons have been updated they look alittle bit nicer and it's just updated specifically for dark mode now I usuallydon't have dark theme on when I'm using a video because it's too reflective andyou can see everything so I do use it throughout the day but it switches byitself now with Android 11 beta 1 there's nowapps suggestions and I've actually moved my icons up one so that I can show youapps Agustin's because it was turned on by default but then once I turned it offbecause it was sort of invasive it actually kept my icons up here then whenI went to turn it back on after I had repositioned my icons it didn't workproperly so there's a little bit of a bug there but if you go into appsuggestions on the home screen it's been in the app list for a while turn it ongo home you'll now see suggestions so it's based on the most used app and thenif you press and hold you can actually pin the app based on the suggestion ofcourse so it's whether or not you want to use it it's fine it just gives yousuggestions but it does take up another row instead of having whatever you wanton the bottom row so just keep that in mind but it's a nice little feature ifyou want to see the suggestions throughout the day if not we just turnit off they disappear and then you have to reposition your app icons now withnotifications there's some significant updates as well and something I reallyappreciate is they've broken it into sections now you can see at the top hereI have something different going on now this is actually media resumptionoptions and they have to be turned on in developer options but maybe you haveGoogle Play Music or switched over to to YouTube music or maybe you're usingSpotify it will show up here and with media resumption if you have that optionturned on just search for it in your settings you can now pick which deviceyou want to send the audio to just by tapping on the tabie button at the topso again if we go up here we can hit phone and it will pop up the same istrue if we go over to say what's playing on YouTube you can do the same thingpick where you want the odd to go so it's a really nice option it'sin the top here and it's in media resumption like I said now some peopleare actually seeing it on the lock screen with media resumption as well I'mnot seeing this you'll see it just shows what it is and then it unlocks quicklyand I don't really see anything different but you have some new optionsin the notification center if you have that now another thing is they'vecategorized notifications so let me text myself quickly so I can show you what Imean so you'll see with notifications we nowhave some new sections we now have our conversations as they're calling italthough sometimes it's labeled sometimes it's not then we also havealerting notifications and then silent notifications and so you have thesesections now and you can select what you'd like to do with them so if wepress and hold or long press we can now make this a priority and it will show ontop either as a conversation or a bubble which we're not seeing bubbles just yetbut I'll show you that in a moment we can have it alerting or silence so ifit's priority it will actually override do not disturb if we go into oursettings here you see that we have bubbles and we can turn bubbles on oroff or make this a conversation we have some new options how to handle this nowthis will work within other messaging apps as well now if you've ever usedfacebook Messenger you'll have this option for a bubble and this is what thebubbles look like if you have bubbles turned on for your different messagingapps and now developers will need to enable this allow it to work properlyand then you'll be able to move the bubble around if someone messages you itwill just pop it as a bubble and if you want to dismiss it you can just dismissit like that it's a nice new feature that will be there hopefully once it'slaunched now there's another option as well whether or not it sticks when thefinal version is released is hard to say but if we swipe over here you'll seethat we have a screen record and if we hit screen record we can record audioand show touches on the screen if we're recording that screen recording so wecan turn this on hit start and now you'll see that it shows touches it'llshow swipes will tap on here to stop and then we can go to our screen recordingwe'll open it with photos and you'll see that it's working and itkind of works okay the audio isn't great hopefully itwill improve over time but it's something that's there and I hope theykeep it now another feature that's new to picture-in-picture is something Ihope they keep as well and that's that you can resize it so here's my video onthe pixel feature drop we've got our window and I had a hard time gettingthis to resize but basically you can drag it around and you should be able toresize it sometimes it works you can't just do it with two fingers you can sortof drag and get it to resize I did get it to work once but then it sort offroze up so it is something that's there whether or not it's fixed in the futureis hard to say but hopefully they keep the option to resize it and we canresize the window all the way around the display now there's some new controlswhen you hold the power button and if we hold power you'll see that we now haveemergency at the top we have power off restart and if I tap the three menubuttons here we have bug report we can also add our card for Google pay andalso we have controls for home so for example we've got my nest controls builtin here you can also have home controls anything linked to home itself if I tapon backyard it takes a second it connects and then it will show you mybackyard and so there's not much to see but it shows you that in real time rightfrom this menu so it's a really nice way to do that now within the power menu youmay have noticed that screenshots is no longer here and if you want a screenshotsomething they've moved that to recents or multitasking so if we swipe up heremaybe we want to take a screenshot we take a screenshot and now we have theoption to share or edit if we tap on the screenshot we can edit it and this isvery similar to iOS what we could circle that and then we could share it orexport it or we can just delete it so it's a nice way to do that something alittle bit new and they've also added another option here such as select so ifwe go to this menu here tap on select it will show you all of the text and youcan actually select so if I tap on this we can select this text for maybesharing it somewhere else this works on webpages and everythingelse so it's a nice little way to quickly select somethingand then of course we can just share anything here with anything suggestionso it's a really nice way to do that very simple and intuitive now there area few more things they've changed when it comes to permissions and permissionshas been updated so that it allows you to set one-time permissions for exampleif I open this app for the first time it's a GPS app and it says do you wantto allow it to use your location so you can say when using the app only thistime deny and you can also go into the permission settings and have it ask youevery time now if you hit deny multiple times and it recognizes that Androidwill prevent this app from actually asking you if you want to use thelocation over and over so it's a nice way to do that and keeps it more secureand it's really nice to see that they're updating privacy now as far as anythingelse well they've updated core OS components and what that means is it cannow update through Google Play services and systems so that it updatesparticular parts of the components of the operating system in fact twelve newmodules to keep everything up to date and secure so we should see more updatesseamlessly brought through Google Play services and you won't necessarily needa full system update and that is everything new in Android 11 beta 1 nowif you want to see all the different controls and granular things that arechanged check out the developer preview videos I showed before but these seem tobe more finalized we'll see some more betas before the final release as wellif you'd like to get your hands on this wallpaper of course I'll link it in thedescription as I always do and if you haven't subscribed already pleasesubscribe and if you enjoyed the video please give it a like as always thanksfor watching this is Aaron I'll see you next time.


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