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(Cues: Invader – Jim Johnston) I love a powerful woman even better one that keeps gettin' stronger and stronger and today we've got two of them.

Wiz: Android #18, the deadly cyborg killer from Dragon Ball.

Boomstick: And Captain Marvel, the hard-hittin' high flyin' Avenger.

He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor & skills to find out who will win a DEATH BATTLE.

In the age 763 peace had returned to the earth.

Unsung heroes led by the Super Saiyan Goku had saved the world from an evil galactic tyrant.

Boomstick: Everythin' seemed pretty hunky-dory until a mysterious time traveler showed up out of nowhere with a grave warnin'.

Wiz: In just three years time; two deadly androids would rise up and ravage the earth all wearing the mark of the long-forgotten: Red Ribbon Army.

Boomstick: This sounds like it's gonna get complicated real fast.

Wiz: To be brief the Red Ribbon Army was the greatest military force ever known; even greater than the earth's entire armed forces combined.

Boomstick: Until a tiny monkey child named Goku sprawl through and wreck their shit.

Wiz: Dr.

Gero founder and lead scientist of the Red Ribbon Army held a grudge against Goku for over 20 years.

Like any mad scientist hell-bent on revenge the good doctor got back to doing what he did best.

Boomstick: Buildin' murder bots! Wiz: And so he designed some of his deadliest creations to date: Android #17 and Android #18.

Though android isn't entirely accurate #17 and #18 were actually humans once; siblings even.

So that makes them cyborgs not androids.

You'd think a doctor with Gero's prestige would know the difference.

I'll just chalk it up to a classic case of revenge madness.

That happens to the best of us.

Boomstick: Android #18's real name is: Lazuli which sounds like some sort of italian pasta dish.

No wonder she kept the name #18 after brutally murderin' her maker.

Wiz: Yeah Android #18 and her brother were pretty unruly and a force to be reckoned with, Gero even with his own cyborg body didn't stand a chance.

Boomstick: With nothin' better to do the twins set off to ravage the world as predicted.

But this time something changed; after witnessin' the compassion of the heroes includin' a bald vertically challenged martial artist named Krillin.

#18 had a change of heart and joined the good guys.

Wiz: She even wound up starting a family with Krillin.

Boomstick: Nice! Give it up for Krillin not only is he punchin' above his bracket but he's layin' pipe above it as well.

Plus #18 doesn't really age so that's a serious win.

Wiz: Android #18 is an extremely competitive fighter with numerous deadly abilities.

Gero's programming stems from decades of military dominance.

Granting her incredible hand to hand combat skills and mechanically enhanced senses for superb situational awareness.

Boomstick: And she's got the strength to back it up, this chick can embed a person straight into the side of a cliff with a single smack or shoot explosions out of her hands.

Wiz: She does this by harnessing Ki a taoist inspired lifeforce energy manifested through a person's spirit and vigor.

With her ki #18 can fire a barrage of energy beams powerful enough to destroy buldings, continents, possibly even planets.

Boomstick: Like the finger beam (laughing) talked about gettin' finger blasted am I right? (Record scratches) Wiz: No.

Bomstick: Oh you know you laughed.

Wiz: Absouletly not.

Boomstick: On the inside? Wiz: Ugh Android 18 has dozens of other techniques such as: Infinity Bullets.

Boomstick: I know what you're thinkin' but it's not a magic gun with unlimited ammo; it's a stampede of energy blasts which are nearly impossible to avoid.

Wiz: Her Photon Strike lays waste to vast an area in an instant strike she can even use her husband's technique: The Destructo Disk.

Boomstick: It's a buzzsaw made of pure energy why don't more Dragon Ball characters use that thing? Wiz: Ki is just as much a defensive tool as well.

Android #18 can enhance her strength, speed and endurance with her energy.

Greatly surpassing the limitations of her physical body.

Boomstick: Oh yeah and she can fly! Wiz: Unlike most warriors #18's energy supply stems from a sort of battery within.

This system grants her a continuous and potentially endless supply of ki.

Boomstick: She'll never get tuckered out in fact one of her favorite combat strategies is wastin' time to make her enemy exhausted then movin' in to finish him off.

Piccolo: She's making him burn up all his energy and then she's going to attack him! Wiz: Like many of Dr.

Gero's other Androids it's even possible for #18 to steal her foes energy for herself by absorbing through her body increasing her power and nullifying her opponent.

Boomstick: So you can bet she'll always go the distance like Rocky Balboa except you know way stronger and way prettier.

Wiz: #18 is tough enough to deflect Goku's Kamehameha attack even while he's in Super Saiyan Blue form.

Also she can kick hard enough to break Super Saiyan Vegeta's arm.

Boomstick: What's so impressive about breakin' an arm? You broke yours once just by fallin' out of your chair.

Wiz: Uh-huh.

You might have missed the “Super Saiyan” part there.

Vegeta's extremely high ki levels improve his body to support an impressive amount of weight.

Leading up to the fight Vegeta was training in 450 times gravity making his weight about 55, 000 pounds.

That means the tibia in his leg would be supporting over 40, 000 pounds; the equivalent of 8 pickup trucks.

Boomstick: Damn I wish I had bones like that I could fire so many bazookas.

Never have to worry about failin' down! Wiz: On top of that she's able to use her constant supply of ki to easily match the speed of a Super Saiyan.

We've previously established that an Ascended Super Saiyan can fly approximately 340, 000 miles per hour.

So it's reasonable to believe #18 can do the same.

Boomstick: And this “ki” stuff is seriously awesome maybe I should start meditatin' or something.

Wiz: Do you even know how? Boomstick: Yeah all I got to do is get drunk and sit on the floor criss cross applesauce style right? Easy.

Wiz: Sure.

Anyway just like Vegeta, Android #18's ki allows her to survive serious blows.

She's even taked the full brunt of a Super Saiyan ki blast capable of obliterating an entire building without a scratch.

Boomstick: Can't say the same for that sweet-ass jacket.

Man #18 is awesome.

Wiz: Awesome? Yes.

Unstoppable? Not at all.

Android #18 is unfortunately susceptible to a number of weaknesses including her own programming.

Fearing her unruliness Gero designed her with a remote shutdown system in place one that both he and Krillin's friend Bulma were able to exploit.

Krillin: Wow so this little thing will stop him huh? Wiz: On top of that #18 has a reputation of being cold and apathetic; although this is mostly just the guys.

As she's always ready to defend her friends and family from threats, she even joined Goku the man she was originally programmed to kill for an interdimensional tournament bent on saving the universe from annihilation.

It safe to say the Super Saiyans are not the only blonds protecting the planet.

Boomstick: Believe me when she gets that look in her eye you better hold on to your Dragon Balls.

Android #18: I know I'm being hard on you but it's the only way you'll learn.

Wiz: Captain Marvel has had many names in her carreer but when she was born she was simply: Carol Danvers.

Boomstick: Carol grew up in Boston and joined the Air Force to pay for college she quickly flew to the top of their ranks before movin' on to the Air Force Intelligence and she joined NASA.

Damn is their a superpower just having really badass jobs? Wonder if she could give me a recommendation.

Wiz: Working at NASA was pretty cool until aliens attacked! Carol got caught in the middle of a massive battle between the Kree aliens and a Kree superhero named Mar-Vell known to the world as: Captain Marvel.

Boomstick: Well wait?(pause the tape) (rewind the tape)Captain Marvel's secret identity is Mar-Vell!? (pause the tape)Somebody forgot to read “Superheroes for dummies”.

(play the tape)Anyway during the battle Carol got stuck in a machine called the Psyche-Magnitron.

Which exploded.

Luckily for her this is one of those explosions that turns you into a superhero.

Wiz: The energy from the blast merged Carol's DNA with strands of Mar-Velle's, she developed an extra Kree brain lobe and gained most of Mar-Velle's powers transforming her into a new dynamic superheroine.

Boomstick: Except she didn't even realize it at first she just black out at random times and wake up to hear about a new suspiciously blond superhero.

Hey Wiz maybe I have a superhero side like this I mean I black out all the time.

Wiz: Boomstick you don't have powers.



you have a problem.

Throughout her adventures Carol went through several phases of superhero titles.

First Ms.

Marvel, then Binary, then Warbird, then Ms.

Marvel again; until one day Mar-Velle died.

(Beer can open) Boomstick: Here's to you Mar-Vell.

Wiz: To honor her fallen friend Carol Danvers took up his mantle becoming the brand new Captain Marvel.

Captain Marvel is unbelievably powerful with superhuman strength and incredible durability.

Boomstick: She learned how to fly planes in the Air Force but now she could fly herself and super fast! Wiz: Speaking of which through her time with the Air Force and as a member of the Avengers she's received years of quality combat training.

Not only can she hit hard, she can fire powerful concussive blasts of photon and stellar light energy from her hands.

As well as create energy fields.

Boomstick: As if all that weren't enough Carol can open up an extra can of whoop-ass by absorbin' energy, absorbin' anything from electricity to magic can make her even stronger.

Wiz: With these powers Captain Marvel has done some pretty amazing things.

While training with the Avengers the combat simulation measures that she could deliver a force of Ninety-two tons.

Almost ten times the destructive power of a davy crockett nuclear missile.

Boomstick: She can survive energy blast to the face and even the vacuum of space for a long period of time.

Once she flew from Broadway to the end of the atmosphere in only a minute and fifty-eight seconds.

That's a lot of ground.



uh sky to cover in less than two minutes.

Wiz: She claims that's her personal record.

Now considering the distance between a New York City Street and the exosphere; Marvel must have been flying 247 times faster than the speed of sound.

Boomstick: Carol has taken out characters like Vision, punched Iron Man out of his armor and even survived two point blank blast from the Destructor's beam.

Which has enough power to punch holes through an Imperial Kree starship.

Wiz: And that's not even the height of her power.

If Marvel absorbs enough energy she can access the powers of Binary.

A form she took after losing her powers getting lost in space and being experimented on by aliens.

Long story.

As Binary she can tap into the power of a white hole and generate star levels of energy.

Boomstick: And her hair's on fire.

Wiz: Were you ever listening? That's like the least interesting thing about it.

Boomstick: Says you look at it.

Wiz: Binary was an extremely powerful form capable of wiping out entire fleets of enemy ships but one that Captain Marvel does not have easy access to.

She initially lost the form after expending all of its energy and is unable to reach it again without absorbing a massive amount of interstellar energy.

Such as the infinite energy from a gravitational field of a black hole singularity.

Boomstick: She is too stubborn to just give up though.

Wiz: She's stubborn to a fault even rushing headlong into situations while ignoring advice from wiser more experienced friends.

Like the time she started a Civil War between superheroes.

Or when she completely ignored her damaging addiction to alcohol.

Boomstick: (Drinks a beer) Huh yeah Carol is a badass with a hell of a lot of power.

But if Tony Stark of all people thinks you have a drinkin' problem you should probably listen to him instead of tryin' to fly into space well completely wasted.

(Drinks a beer) Yeah! Wiz: Regardless Captain Marvel is a seasoned hero with a record that most would be envious of hell she's such a pillar she's named after the publishing company itself.

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Boomstick: But right now.




Android #18: Give me a break lady.

I've been looking for that thing all day.

Captain Marvel: Don't make me hurt you! Android #18: Yeah good luck with that! Announcer: FIGHT Android #18: I really don't have time for this! Captain Marvel: Ouch! HEY! Android #18: What a pest.

Captain Marvel: No fair! That's playing dirty.

Android #18: Time to clean up then! Binary: Surprise! Thanks for the energy.

I can take whatever you give and dish it back twice as hard.

(laughing) Have a taste of your own energy! What!? Android #18: Surprise! I can do it too.

(screaming while powering up) Binary: No fair! I can.






Android #18: Huh and that's that.

Announcer: KO Boomstick: Ouch! Now that's a crushing blow! Wiz: Captain Marvel may have been one of the Avengers mightiest warriors but she couldn't stand up to the impressive power, speed and expertise of Android #18.

Boomstick: First of the numbers don't lie.

When it comes to speed, Carol's best record put her in just under 200, 000 miles per hour.

But #18 could move over 100, 000 miles faster.

Wiz: Most apparent of all Marvel's durability and strength feats simply pale in comparison to #18; the only way Marvel's power could match #18's was to absorb enough energy to reach her Binary form.

Boomstick: But #18 is no stranger to that technique there's no doubt she recognized what Carol was doin' and stopped feedin' her energy.

Even if Carol had somehow achieved the full force of Binary that wouldn't guarantee to win.

I mean the last time we saw Binary in the comics she was taken down by some alien guns; guess she's not as good at absorbin' energy as she thought.

Wiz: With superior speed, strength, tactics and endurance Android #18 simply wore Captain Marvel down until it was time to go in for the kill.

Boomstick: And that's why Captain Marvel lost by TKO! God that one was awful! Wiz: The winner is: Android #18.

Ben: Hey don't go away we're about to reveal the matchup for the next episode of DEATH BATTLE.

Chad: And if you wanna see the exclusive commentary on this episode click that little button over there and start a FIRST membership trial helps us out a lot.

(Death Egg's Eye ~ Never Let It Go – Sonic the Fighters).

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