Android 18's CONFESSION To Goku

in Dragonball reset we try to make Goku and Android 18s friendship as believable as possible but it's not always easy with so little interactions between the two and the anime and manga I always appreciate the stories that give some love to my girl 18 and Goku before I

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of your support the Rose Squad keeps growing almost sounds too good to be true how interesting 10 million Zeni happens to be just my price and since you hit the magic number I'll join your team Goku the story I have for today takes place during the party held

a capsule Corp right after the defeat of majin buu and of course goku arrives late to the party but the fact he stopped his training to make an appearance brings joy to his family and friends lighthearted conversations filled the room as they recalled old stories of days long

past for one person in particular listening to goku and his friends speak was a way for her to get to know them all personally Android 18 never expected her life to take a turn for the better Goku had made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure that cell would be

defeated staying dead for years only to come back and fight to save the world again Goku always continued to Train pushing himself and preparing for the even stronger foe lurking in the future Android 18 truly admired the sand she had also been stunned at how easily Goku and

his friends had welcomed her even after she and her brother had been a threat to them Gohan had once told her in his father's absence that Goku would have wanted her to be accepted and that he would be happy for her and krillen Android 18 was truly grateful

for everything that she had but she had never had a conversation with Goku and that was about to change Android 18 walked over to Goku who was a the room talking to his friends he spun around with a smile she tapped him on the shoulder Android 18 right

Android youth team smiled back as she introduced herself so you were then for Miss khufu the same laughed is a reply that had never intended to become famous and that he just wanted everyone to be safe I see well that is very admirable of you no wonder all

of your friends think so highly of you you know Goku I've never had any friends before I became a part of this group they all welcomed me in and that really means a lot to me Goku looked on and r-18 with a slightly more serious expression that saw

me and my friends are even if someone was evil in the past they can still be good just look at Vegeta go go get stirred to the Saiyan Prince who was leaning against the wall in the corner of the room Vegeta was as bad as they could come

but when I first battled him a long time ago after that slowly but surely he became less and less evil someone like that concerned good I have faith anyone can Android you teen locked eyes with Goku she didn't know what to say to him so I don't know

how much those words meant to her Thank You Goku for saying that Goku couldn't stay serious for long and the biggest smile broke out on his face so you made Crillon Hong and you guys had a baby Android 18 begins telling go for Baja happy she was a

Crillon and how amazing it was to raise meirin and then goku told her how Crillon said that she made him so happy and how he said he was a luckiest guy in the world he said that about me Goku laughed as a teen space turned red and Rudy

teen looked across the room acrylic who is holding their daughter in his arms she could see meirin was getting tired she apologized to Goku that they couldn't talk longer as she thought of one last question she wanted to ask him can I ask you something how can you

be so forgiving Goku placed his hand over his heart 18 you've changed I can only sense good intent now and that is the most important thing Android 18 looked on Goku with pride and relief as he extended his right hand to hers and a sign of true friendship

huh are you alright that must have been pretty scary huh well I wouldn't recommend it this is officially one of the most fulsome stories I've ever covered leave me a comment and let me know if you guys enjoyed this Goku an Android 18 story and if you guys

haven't read the Dragon Ball reset by Munga I'll leave the links in the description below the first two chapters are available and I'm currently helping write chapter 3 this fan manga really showcases Goku and 18s friendship so I highly recommend you guys check it out I hope you

guys all have a great weekend this is Rose scape signing off

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