Android 21's FIRST Crush

Android 21 ends up in universe 11 and she has officially become a member of the Pride troopers how does our Dragon Ball base survive this universe watch and find out before I begin this video today please do that like and subscribe button and don't forget to hit that

Bell so you never miss a video and I just want to say thank you guys so much we just reached 40,000 subscribers [Music] today I'm covering a fan manga by Terra Nova who has some really cool concepts I haven't seen anywhere else I'll link your Twitter and deviantART

in the description below we start off on the pride troopers ship Android 21 greets her superior officer topo topo is cordial and asked 21 what brings her to the command station only one replies that she is super excited to show him something while performing mental training I figured

out how to tap into my human form toboe looks on her questioningly yes faced off my body of my former self observe Majin android 21 transforms topo is astonished he asked Android 21 if this is her true appearance and she concludes that it is I was thinking this

form could come in handy for those undercover missions Android 21 is so proud of her accomplishment and to find another way to be of use to the Pride troopers Topa praises her good thinking but 21 finds his face to be kind of blurry although my vision seems to

be a little off I believe I may be short-sighted in this form down the hall Jaron is walking by and he overhears topo talking about glasses or contacts he hears the new woman's voice say yes I may do that and he is curious as he approaches he's confused

on why her hair is red and then he sees something else gerunds face turns red topo locks eyes with Joran 21 senses Gerrans presence behind her and she turns to say hi to her mentor he is surprised to find the Jaron is not there and topo looks like

he's going to die topo losing his cool tells her that there is a situation Android 21 is clueless tobo then turns around and points and then Android 21 comes to the horribly embarrassing realization losing all mental focus she's thrown back into her Majin form she cannot believe this

just happened she apologizes so much topo that she forgot her lab coat it feels like the walk of shame as she heads back to her cabin and there is only one question in her mind the week goes by and they arrive at their destination Android Tony one is

beyond relieved no one mentions her wardrobe malfunction she was never taught to fly so it started off rough sorry about that I'm still a bit clumsy when it comes to flying so how should we begin Jaron replies that he will relocate to another continent where she can detect

him with Instant Transmission Android Tony one agrees the Germans plan she looks on as Jaron flies office B and she really wants to impress her new mentor she uses all of her mental strength to try and sense him and she's able to clearly visualize Jaron Jaron signals and

Android 21 uses Instant Transmission she appears in front of her rivers but she did not see Jaron he tells her to try harder and she is so determined using Instant Transmission one more time she collides with Jaron he stares down at the woman pressed against him Jaron and

21 both blushing are at a standstill Jaron is the first to regain composure and move back still blushing and at this point Android 21 breaks down how much more can go wrong all she ever wanted was to be a member of the pride troopers and these embarrassing situations

keep happening she is crying as she apologizes to Jaron I'm sorry for being a nuisance I'm willing to get a right but if I'm too much trouble then I'll leave you be Jaron is now once again caught off guard by the crying woman he understands it's not her

fault and he tells her that there is no reason to stress about it his words ease our mind and sheís Jaron if he's willing to continue training with her he explains to her that topo insists that you train her to better manage her key and that he wants

to complete this mission he summarizes that she needs further training to be able to assess the distance point he tells her how important this will be detract on foes such as her evil counterpart Android Tony whine decides to push forward past those embarrassments as she tells Jaron yes

of course I won't give up before reading terranova fan manga i never thought of android 21 and Juran but now i can't get them out of my head let me know what you guys think of this fan maga i'll be back here again on wednesday this is rose

scape signing off [Music]


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