Android Developer Story: G30 | Ordia | Photographs – Winners of the Google Play Indie Games Showcase

[Music] you can make ranking but when you are in the developer you not just developer you should promote a game you should sing how to bring it to your place when you work on your own ideas it's really easy to keep scaling up your ambition but the most

important aspect is the end user what's their experience going to be there are loads of big companies making video games and I can't compete with that on production values so as an indie what you try and do is to compete on innovation I think most of my life

I've been how I can mix technology even part and then I discovered it's possible to mix all this stuff and again design the initial idea of the game came to me when I was looking through the frozen window in tram and I thought about how this frozen shapes

can sculpt something new and that it could be interesting to make a game about memories so I finished this demo you shot it and everybody said it's amazing you should continue to work with this and then I understand that PS through this is my real job friend games

is not something I really ever saw as his career option but I was playing around with them from 12 years old so I just wanted something that when I show it to people they'd be able to pick it up start playing and find the fun in it very

quickly and took a lot of inspiration from arcade games they just had a joystick and a single button it's just an immediate thing who coin your slot and you're playing because a player just doing one or two simple things if you want to get better you gotta read

rehearse the mechanics so orders are one finger platformer send this primordial world full of various hazards and perils one things the games can do the mediums car is interactivity and in photographs we try and use that in an interesting way you solve the puzzle you get a little

nugget of stories so possibly you're watching characters go through difficult decisions then right at the end the game asks you to make the difficult decision is a game about empathy and could maybe touch people in a deeper way these are all people who risk their lives and lost

their lives trying to save other people they all summed up a tragic tale in a small amount of words I know something I was trying to do in photographs this one here risked poison for himself rather than less than any chance of saving a child's life and died

I relate to this one because obviously I would do that for my kids it's pretty hard when you do something your own because you should be good on every part when you caught something you should focus on code when you design something you should be an artist and

that was really hard to switch this focus hey guys so I just asked friends for help and after two months it was obvious that my friend or the first part of project we decided to add not only digital copy text but we decided to add hidden story so

you can tap on key words and they form completely another layer of solitaire [Music] you have the vision in your mind about how you want the game to be some early life forms bacterial amoebas things from the deep sea and when you see the team putting all the

pieces in it went from this rough prototype to this really alive world it's a really amazing moment usually I'm a nothing like what I planned to me this game was kind of different because I for the first time collaborated it had gone from my terrible sketches to actually

being something that really brought emotion look at three pixels here we've got a white a gray and yeah you can really read the emotion in this guy's eyes [Music] when called art come together and start moving it's so magical there's so many great games so to win the

showcase was awesome surprise for us winning this year was an amazing feeling I think when you've been working well so long to see it recognized like that is really special google playing the showcase features games that you wouldn't see otherwise it's like a budget within us to say

well these guys in this games worth something some check it out

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