Android Screen Recorder With Internal Sound


today I'm going to show you how to use the mobizen screen recorder app how to record internal sound on your phone as well as internal sound on gameplay and your voice at the same time and I know a lot of you are having problems with that so we're

gonna go over that in this video and a little later on I'm gonna go over why you might be having that problem with your current phone but for now let's open up mobis in and let me show you how it works once you download the mobis an app

you're gonna open it up in the air circle it's gonna appear somewhere on your screen you're gonna tap on that and then here you see the little Settings icon you're gonna tap on that and you're gonna go into a little area that looks like this starting with a

star a file area in a settings area for now we're gonna stay in the settings area and we're gonna go through and look at the settings you see here in the top is video settings clean recording mode sound which I have enabled and you also have record internal

sound now you shouldn't have to tap on that mine came default turned on which i think is pretty cool if it's a default turned off for you tap on it and see what happens if I tap on mine right now it takes me to an Amazon page where

it shows their headphones if you keep scrolling down you're gonna see the air circle option you can see facecam which I've currently got disabled will turn that on here in just a minute you have my own watermark which is disabled that means that there's no watermark as you

see here at the watermark area do not display watermark in the recorded video however if I turn that on you're gonna see that it recorded by mobizen is gonna show up in the bottom right hand side we don't want that so we're just gonna make sure that is

turned off going back to the setting page you can set the recording time to show or don't show you can change your countdown you can change your storage path and you can even edit the video when you're finished which is pretty cool if you don't have a video

editor you can do everything inside of mobizen now in terms of settings this is about it however if you want to change the video settings like I talked about earlier you can go here and change your resolution your quality and the frames per second if you're a gamer

you'll want to change your frame rate to 60 frames per second and backing out of the settings we're gonna go over to the little file area this is where it keeps the videos that you record or the images now I've already recorded a couple of nerdy in here

but I'm gonna show you how to record a new one using a game okay so if you've watched previous videos be it from me or other creators you know that not every single recorder is going to work right your phone especially if you have an older phone running

on an older Android system or your phone's not that powerful now this phone is made by Huawei and everything works perfectly it is an older phone and I use it on purpose to show that it can be done so if you're thinking about going down and leaving a

comment below saying it doesn't work well it does work it just depends on your device and I do realize that for a lot of you it's incredibly frustrating if you want to record your voice Android gameplay at the same time but you can't base on the model of

your phone but I do promise you that I'm constantly looking out for solutions for this and when I find them I'm gonna present them to you and hopefully they're gonna work in your device now when you want to start recording you're gonna tap on the red record icon

and I'm gonna scroll over to the flip master game let's open this up and I'm gonna talk while I play the game okay so the game is loading and I'm gonna keep talking just so you can see what it sounds like when my voices record it along with

the game and by the way when I played this back for you the audio that you're gonna hear is my voice being recorded directly with the phone's microphone mixed in with the gameplay that's on the phone I'm not using any microphones or my shotgun microphone that you're hearing

me with right now so it's gonna sound a little bit weird and it's not gonna sound as good as it is right now but it's just coming directly from the phone so let's press play all right let's play with this yeah so I'm recording my voice right now

I'm flipping the guy I'm playing the game oh and I just hit my face okay okay so now I'm gonna stop the recording by pulling down from the top and tapping on the tap here to stop recording text now mobizen also makes a headset microphone that they claim

will work on all devices for your phone so if you can't record your voice in your game play at the same time this is supposed to take care of that problem however I don't have any experience with this headset so buy at your own risk I'm gonna put

a link down in the description below and if you do buy these and they do work for you come back and let me know let everybody else know because I know there's a lot of people looking for the solution just keep in mind that one size does not

fit all when it comes to these screen recorders so again you're just gonna have to download the app and see what works on your device so if you want to do reaction videos or you want your face to show along with your gameplay this is how you do

it you go to the Settings icon on the top you come down to the FaceCam option which is currently disabled and you want to enable it once you tap in the face cam your option to turn it on or off is on the top so I'm going to

turn mine on and then you have an option doin a square or a circle I'm gonna leave them on it as a square right here and as you can see if I bring my thumb down here I can enlarge it hey how's it going and I can move

it around on the screen wherever I want so if you want to do a reaction video or put your face on top of your gameplay this is how you do it simply drag and drop your face here put it wherever you want on the screen and play whatever

you want underneath it as you can see I'm moving my face around all on top of my screen so anywhere where I put it I can start my game I can start my reaction video and it's all going to show up here underneath my face and of course

I can resize it just by coming down to the arrow here and moving it around it's super super easy thank you so much for watching I do appreciate it if this is your first time here be sure to hit that subscribe button followed by the notification battle so

you don't miss anything and you can continue to learn how to master your mobile and I will see you in the next video

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