Aplikasi Android mengubah Tablet menjadi Monitor Touchscreen Extension

Hi guys, you're back with me koyo i want to tell you an application to make your tablet phone as monitor touchscreen that is twomon pc program i'd say this application synergy with android application so right here, you install the application 1 on your computer and the another 1 is on your tablet phone I have installed the application, and the name is twomon on your tablet, the app will be like this, after u tap on it the app is already running, you can see this is the photoshop logo and this is windows 10 logo I used the tablets that I rarely use to be a monitor touch screen so I use this tablet as an extension monitor actually, I have 2 monitors already you can see for the menu settings read by this system FYI, you should know is, it's connected by cable so even though your tablet use micro sd or USB type C, u guys can use it so from this cable, you can connect to your PC or your laptop here are the steps i open up the photoshop in this photoshop is my worksheet I'll turn it over here guys, I'll give you an example i select brush and the colour is black after that, we're here my cursor position still here, that's okay I use my pen, and I write ko yo and I underline it and I pulled it up, like this you see, what i like from this application is the application run with minimum delay ok, so we can go next if you have images to edit, whatever it's portrait or landscape you can use this method and you can use it in landscape view this is the landscape view I will pull it down but don't drag it to the downside, but drag it to the right side and after dragged it, maximize it I recommend you if you're an editor so engaged in the design, which means you need landscape view or portrait view, you can use this method by using your tablet pretty good right ? you can save your budget, rather than buy a new monitor you will feel comfortable because you can move your tablet position I'll show some idea about the interface this is home this is the transferred data and this is option, you can scroll it down like this display setting google account information and agreement when I bought this app, the price still around 8 USD, ( whether more or less I forgot ) but it's a lifetime usage, no need to extend at the time, i do factory reset on my tablet however, I linked the license to my Gmail account I recover it, and now i can use it again you can use this with premiere, like what ?, I'll show you so if you're editor using premiere pro with 16: 9 screen, the layout look so limited so I recommend you to open in extension monitor this extension, the second monitor you can focus on the bigger timeline you can make the timeline bigger like this and can see the picture like this if you drag like this, you see on the left side I dragged on the right side, it following right? you can get a bigger view perspective and you can drag it, to the right side like this you can set on ur 3rd monitor ( your tablet ), like this so you can use the second monitor for something else , or the first monitor or you want this tablet as portrait view I'll change it again guys you can use this as a display of your material file the videos, and this for editing and right here for the timeline so you can maximize the usage like this and you must know.

there is 1 method this application can be used as mirroring you must know about the aspect rasio I'll straighten it like this and how ??, with 3 fingers swipe down like this and you see right here, this is twomon USB extension, so i use this tablet as an extension and if we slide the page, we are mirroring the second screen if we tap you see, if i move the cursor on the second screen, my tablet will follow too, so it turns out to mirroring and for this, this is wide screen monitor if we switch to monitor wide screen, slide it tap you see the black space because it adjusts the aspect ratio from this widescreen the second screen has the same aspect ratio 16 :9 okay, that's all from me koyo, about twomon USB where you can use your tablet to be an extension monitor if you like this video, don't forget to like and share you can ask and share in comments and don't forget to support this channel by subscribing okayyy, that's all from me koyo and have fun BYEEEE.

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