Apple September 2020 event in 12 minutes

– Good morning and welcome.

We are so pleased thatyou can join us today.

We've got some reallyexciting product announcements to share with you.

– This is the new Apple Watch Series 6.

Series 6 is our most colorful lineup ever.

There's a new blue aluminum case.

This updated classic goldstainless steel finish.

A new gray black stainlesssteel called graphite.

And for the first time a stunning new Apple Watch Product Red.

With Apple Watch Series 6, you can measure your bloodoxygen right from your wrist.

The new health sensor in Series 6 shines red and infraredlight onto your wrist and measures the amountof light reflected back.

Advanced algorithms use this data to calculate the color of your blood, which indicates theamount of oxygen present.

The new blood oxygen applets you take a measurement in just 15 seconds.

And Series 6 also capturesperiodic background readings and stores them in your Health App.

Inside Series 6 is our sixthgeneration system and package.

It includes a high performancedual core processor based on the A13 Bionic in iPhone 11 but optimized for Apple Watch.

Series 6 has an evenbetter always on display.

Now it's 2 1/2 times brighter outdoors when your wrist is down.

Series 6 also features anew always on altimeter that provides continuouselevation throughout the day.

The watch face is fundamentalto the Apple Watch experience, and we're taking faces further this year.

In watchOS 7 we alsogave developers new tools to build even morespecialized watch faces, so if you're into surfing, there's a watch face for that, with apps like Dawn Patrolto check surf conditions.

Or if you're into photography, there's a watch face for that, with apps like Lumi to helpyou track the sun's position.

Or if you're a healthcare provider, there's a watch face for that, with apps like Notable to seeyour upcoming appointments.

Another is interchangeable bands.

We're excited to introducesomething completely different.

The Solo Loop.

The Solo Loop is remarkably simple.

No clasp, no buckle, no overlapping parts.

Just one continuous piece.

Made from custom liquid silicone, the Solo Loop is stretchable so you can easily slipit on and off your wrist.

It's available in a range of sizes so you can find your most comfortable fit.

And it comes in seven fantastic colors.

This new band style is so comfortable, we did another versioncalled the Braided Solo Loop.

It's made from 100% recycled yarn that's meticulously braided with ultra-thin silicone threads, and it will be available in five colors.

We're also offering a newtake on the leather band with the new leather link, with no loop back or class of any kind.

That's Apple Watch Series 6, the most advanced Apple Watch ever.

– Right now, Apple Watchneeds to pair with an iPhone, which is something they might not have.

This is why we're excitedto introduce Family Setup.

With Family Setup, you can use your iPhone topair watches for your children or older members in your household who don't have their own phones, and they will have their ownphone number and account.

You can specify which contacts your kids can communicate with when using messages and more.

And you can set up automaticlocation notifications.

So whether it's grandma's house, school, or basketball practice, you'll get the reassurance your child is exactly whereyou expect them to be.

To help them stay active, kids can now track movements and use all the other greatfeatures of activity and workout in a way that works best for them.

Kids can create a Memojiwith just their watch and share it as stickers and messages or in the new Memoji watch face.

Whether they're learning athome or in the classroom, the new school time modehelps kids stay focused with do not disturb, restricted interaction, and this distinctive lookwhich teachers or parents can recognize at a glance.

Family Setup requires a cellular model of Apple Watch Series 4 and later and will be available at launchwith these carrier partners in these regions around the world, with more coming later this year.

– The second thing we're doingto make Apple Watch available to even more people is to create a new model that combines elements of Series 6 design with the most essentialfeatures of Apple Watch, all at a more affordable price.

We call it Apple Watch SE.

Apple Watch SE uses the S5 chip for up to two times fasterperformance in Series 3.

And staying connected is even easier with the cellular models, which allow you to make phonecalls and messages and more even without your phone.

An Apple Watch SE hasthe same accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, and altimeter as Series 6.

And because it has thelatest motion sensors, Apple Watch SE alsosupports fall detection.

With all of these features and more, including the newcapabilities in watchOS 7, we think Apple Watch SEwill be the perfect watch for many new customers.

Apple Watch SE starts at just 279.

In addition, we're announcingApple Card financing for Apple Watch so customers can easily payacross 24 monthly payments.

Apple Watch Series 6 with a breakthroughnew blood oxygen sensor starts at just 399, and Series 3 continues at itsgreat entry price of just 199.

– Introducing Apple Fitness+, a new service for Apple Watch designed to inspire youto get fit and stay fit.

With Fitness+, you simplychoose the workout you wanna do from the catalog videos onyour iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV.

And when you start the video, it automatically startsthe correct workout in your Apple Watch Workout App, and it sends those metrics in real time right to the screen you'reviewing the workout.

So you have all of your data on your wrist and on the screen in front of you.

When the trainer reminds youto check your heart rate, your numbers get larger, making it easy to seethe details you need.

When you're in the middleof a tough interval, you see a countdown timer to motivate you to pushthrough every last second.

Your activity rings arealso right on the screen so you can see how your workoutis helping you make progress towards closing your rings for the day.

And if you happen toclose one of your rings in the middle of your workout, you won't miss the celebration.

You'll see it in realtime right on the screen.

When the workout is over, you get a comprehensive summary.

And all of that data capturedfrom your watch's sensors is shown right on the summary screen.

Fitness+ is launching with themost popular workout types, so there is something for everyone.




Treadmill walk and treadmill run.





And even mindful cooldowns.

You can do the workoutswith any brand of equipment, and many of the workoutsrequire just a set of dumbbells or no equipment at all.

Each week, our incredibletrainer team will deliver a wide variety of workoutsfrom the Fitness+ studio to help keep you engaged.

And if you're also anApple Music subscriber, it's easy to save theplaylist from Fitness+ and then listen to themlater in Apple Music, whether you're working out or not.

We wanted to make it easy tofind all the workouts you love in Apple Fitness+, so they're all located insidethe Fitness App on the iPhone, right in the center tab.

And you can access the same workouts from the new Fitness Appon your iPad and Apple TV.

And that's Fitness+.

You get 10 differenttypes of studio workouts so there's something for everyone, incredible music built intoeach workout to keep you moving, and the world's best trainers.

All your Fitness+ workout recommendations are powered using on device intelligence.

And when using Fitness+, neither calories nor theworkouts and trainers you choose will be stored along with your Apple ID.

The price is 9.

99 per month or just 79.

99 for a whole year.

And your family will alsobe able to enjoy Fitness+ for no additional charge.

Fitness+ will be availablein these countries at launch.

The service will be availablebefore the end of the year.

And for those purchasinga new Apple Watch, you get Fitness+ free for three months to help make 2021 your fittestand healthiest year ever.

– So today I'm excitedto introduce Apple One.

Apple One gives you and your family all the services you love in one simple plan, starting with the individual plan, which offers the best of entertainment, including Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, plus 50 gigabytes of iCloud.

The family plan lets youshare all these services with up to five members of your family, plus 200 gigabytes of iCloud.

And in countries whereavailable, there's premier, which adds Apple News+, Apple Fitness+, and a massive two terabytes of iCloud.

Apple One will be available this fall and it includes 30 days free, so you can try any of theservices you don't already have.

– Now let's turn our attention to iPad.

– The new iPad eighth generation.

It's more capable than ever, and it starts with the A12 Bionic.

It features a powerfulCPU and super fast GPU.

Compared to the already fastchip in last year's iPad, it has a 40% faster CPU and delivers a massive twotimes jump in graphics.

They include powerful custom technologies like the Neural Enginefor machine learning, which comes to our most popular iPad for the very first time.

And of course this new iPad works with one of our most belovedaccessories, Apple Pencil.

These powerful handwritingand note-taking features join a host of other new features that continue to pushwhat's possible on iPad.

And it all runs beautifully on the new iPad eighth generation, with its 10.

2-inch retina display, huge performance boostfrom the A12 Bionic, keyboard and pencil support, great cameras and so much more.

And it starts at just 329.

And it's just 299 for education customers.

Customers can order iPadeighth generation today, and it will be availablestarting this Friday.

– And today we are thrilled to introduce an all new completely redesigned iPad Air.

– The all new thin and light enclosure and neuroborder design features a beautiful all-screen display.

Each element of iPad Airis meticulously crafted, from the precisely machine top button to the sculpted detail around the camera.

And the new iPad Air designcomes in five gorgeous colors, including a new rose gold, green, and sky blue finish.

The new iPad Air features a larger 10.

9-inch liquid retina display with a resolution of 2360 by 1640.

And it has advanced display technologies like full lamination, white color, true tone, and an anti-reflective coating that combined deliver anamazing visual experience.

So we designed a next generation Touch ID and integrated it rightinto the top button.

It uses a sapphire crystal lens and next generation custom sensor that more efficiently capturesthe details of a fingerprint.

– I'm super excited to tell you about the powerful new chip we've built into the new iPad Air, our latest A series processor, A14 Bionic.

A14 Bionic includes abig update to our CPU.

14 also features ournewest GPU architecture.

So that's the new A14 Bionic.

It delivers big performanceupdates for the CPU and GPU, it makes iPad Air much morepowerful for machine learning, and also features the latest ISP for higher quality videos and photos and even faster secureenclave for Touch ID.

– Another great feature we'rebringing to iPad Air is USB-C.

It'll start at 599.

It will be available beginning next month.

– Thank you all for joining us.

(bright music).

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