Are AirPods Pro worth it for Android users?

airpot SPRO are now out and they're honestly the best pair of wireless earphones you can get in terms of the overall package and how well they work inside the Apple ecosystem but what if you're an Android user well they still work in sound great if you've got something like the Galaxy Note 10.

1 ality is a bit limited more on that in just a minute but let's first go through how to pair the air pods Pro to your Android smartphone as well as which features work great for Android users first make sure your airports pro are in the case then go into the Bluetooth settings and press and hold the button on the back of the air pods case to enter pairing mode keep holding the button and then tap on the air pods Pro when they show up in the available devices menu and you're done one of the best things about ear pods Pro regardless of which phone you use it with is the fit feel and comfort they fit great because they come with three different sizes of supersoft silicone ear tips and the best part is that the speaker grille itself is actually flush with the pod so only the soft ear tips go into your ears unlike basically all other inner ear phones that have a hard plastic tube that goes into your ear canal but it doesn't stop there the air boss pro have a venting feature that automatically equalizes the pressure inside of your ears to match the outside world so your ears will never feel plugged which is the worst thing about earphones that seal these two things make the air pods Pro the most comfortable in ear earphone since basically ever and it's the best reason you should actually buy them if you're an Android user most Android users will probably love the new short stem design compared to the old ear pods so the look and feel great and yes the noise cancellation features work perfectly well on Android devices just like they do with iPhones and same with all the force sensing controls including pausing and playing skipping tracks and cycling between noise cancellation and transparency modes these controls work flawlessly on the note 10 plus noise cancellation is seriously amazing and it works well enough to make this feature alone worth upgrading from air pods to but the transparency mode is actually the most impressive part and it works great with Android phones as well it basically uses a microphone to record your surroundings and then speakers play it directly into your ears so instead of everything sounded muted like you have earplugs in it sounds like you have literally nothing blocking your ears and one thing that people love about ear pods is the excellent microphone quality during calls and yes it's great on Android phones as well it's also pretty awesome that Apple included a lightning to USB C cable in the box and since most Android phones come with USB C chargers you're pretty much set and of course the air pods pro case also supports qi wireless charging so you can avoid using the lightning cable altogether the case is also pretty small and more portable than a lot of other earphones which is one of my favorite things about airports now getting into sound quality B sound absolutely amazing the best way to explain it is that the air Potts pro are more than loud enough while producing some of the most accurate sound quality out there there are some competing ear phones like the galaxy buds echo buds and power beats Pro that produced louder bass but the air paws Pro beat all of them hands-down and overall sound quality in accuracy the air pod pros are also the best overall package out of all of these earphones combining everything from ipx4 water resistance active noise cancellation incredible comfort great battery life awesome portability and more well each of those other options lack at least one or two things that the air pause pro have now let's go through the features that you miss out on if you use air pods pro on an android smartphone the hey Siri feature obviously won't work to activate Google assistant so you'll have to use your phone which honestly isn't a big deal on iOS you can customize controls so you can press and hold to access Siri on one side and use noise controls on the other on Android both sides will default to cycling between noise controls which in my opinion is perfectly fine for most people of course you also don't have access to the Apple ecosystem which instantly sets up air pods on the rest of your Apple devices that are logged into the same iCloud account for Android users that doesn't even matter at all on iPhone it's very simple to check your battery life by simply opening up the case next to your iPhone now that actually are some apps you can download on Android to check battery life but they don't work nearly as well as apples in limitation and finally there's automatic ear detection on iOS which automatically pauses your music when you take an air pot out of your ear and plays it again when you put it back in this is a pretty great feature that unfortunately doesn't work on Android but now that you can easily pause music with a single press on the stem it's actually quicker than taking your air pod out of your ear and even better the new transparency mode makes it so that you can hear your surroundings and actually have a conversation with someone while wearing the air pods Pro as long as your volume isn't set too high and a major plus is that you can take one ear pod out of your ear and put it into the case to charge and your music will continue to play in the other ear and when you take the airport back out of the case and put it into your ear it'll automatically play a couple of seconds later which is honestly one of my favorite ear pod features so in my opinion the ear pods on Android experience has never been as good as it is on the air pods Pro the many positives easily outweigh the smallest of negatives so in reality I would greatly recommend the air pods Pro to everyone including Android users if this video helped you out you can use the link below to order some air paws Perl right now from Amazon and help support the channel and if you enjoyed it go ahead and tap that like button right there and click the circle about to subscribe for more videos like this one and be sure to check out our full air Prospero review right over there thanks for watching and we'll see you in the next video [Music].


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