ASUS ZenScreen Go MB16AP Review: Portable Display for Android, PC with Built-In Battery

so if you've been following this channel for some time now you probably know where my favorite hobbies is covering mobile displays I just think you'll work so well with mobile devices well this is the brand new Asus a Zen screen go this one's a bit different from the one we reviewed last year this now packs a 7800 milliamp battery that means you don't have to drain this battery here it also means you can use it with your favorite Android phone today I'll give you a quick tour and tell you what I think stay tuned the Zen screen go features a 15.

6 inch display it is full HD obviously non touch as well color accuracy is pretty decent on it you do get a bunch of color modes on this four presets including srgb Theater and a bright mode and all this and you can actually go through and change all those yourself too so you can do all sorts of neat presets there's also a blue light filter built in there with different degrees that's really good for a nighttime usage and reading as well the device itself it's very light it almost feels hollow and that's actually pretty impressive considering the size of the battery that's built into this again a 7800 milliamp which you've been following smartphone once it's about twice as much about as what many smartphones have these days looking at the device itself here we do have a single USBC port on this side so that's going to power everything does I have two buttons here to control everything including the menus and choosing selection there and you have a power button here as well to the right side now if you're curious about why there's a big ol hole here it's not for a keychain it's for the pen they actually include a a2 Zen screen pen in the box the reason is you're supposed to put it through here and now you can use it as a kickstand it totally works it's just the weirdest design I've ever seen they did this on the previous version and they're doubling down on it this one so you can actually put it both ways and use it that way as well and if you notice the screen rotated and that's because this actually has a gyroscope on the inside so you can use it in this boat as well it seems a little strange but if you're presenting a list to a client or something like that and you want to have that orientation hey it's there you can disable that if you don't want it though still a nice option to have now to protect it during transport it does come with this Smart Cover it's a little bit heavy overall the whole thing together is just under 2 pounds or 850 grams it's not the lightest system out there but it's actually not that bad either mostly because of its size and this is distributed pretty well this thing is full of magnets and it's used for an origami type setup so you can do different positions with it based on how you fold it but does protect both sides you remember HP's version didn't have a back cover it's just a front cover so it was a little bit lighter and thinner because of that they each use one though will protect the whole device during transport now on the other end that type-c plug well is another type c connector that's not too strange but what is cool you do also get in a box to type aid converter so you just attach this here and now you can use it with all sorts of other devices including the surface profile surface pro six surface laptop one and two basically any devices that have a type C port and I find that very useful especially since I have a big surface fan now in order to use us with those devices you do need to download and install some Asus software it's just a single driver and there's an optional applet you can download too which gives you all the menu commands you find on the device itself you can do through software and that's actually super useful as hitting those buttons it's a little well if you ever adjust at a monitor through buttons you know what the feeling is still this works very well if you're using Windows 10 in s mode you're going to need to pop out of that in order to install these drivers so that's a bit unfortunate but I'm at least glad that they had the option to use this I would get an e HP version which I really like doesn't give you this choice so it's really good for those who are still legacy systems but what a forward-looking one as well and when the cool changes with this year's models because of that full battery it means you can use it with Android devices previously this was too much of a drain on Android it couldn't just powered a display and do the battery at the same time now you don't have that issue so this operates a little bit differently when you plug it into a PC gives you the option do you want to drain the battery of the display itself or do you want the PC to power it when you're using the phone the only option is it's going to come from the display and that's so it can all work together what's cool at the note 9 of course it uses Samsung dec so I got basically a full desktop experience here just using the note 9 now if you just have a regular Android phone that's fine as well you can plug it in you need to download a third-party app and once you do that you just set it up and it'll just use it as a normal Android phone I'll just be blowing up on a big screen but you do landscape and all sorts of stuff it's a neat feature tab if you think about this as a business person you want to do a quick PowerPoint presentation well this is all you're going to need to do that it's a very useful feature and well it opens all sorts of doors up you can even do a Bluetooth keyboard to this and kind of make this a full portable PC which you know it's a really unique experience speaking of battery life asus estimates around 4 hours of battery usage for a standard laptop at 220 nits i'm getting also around 300 nits of brightness on this device so it's a pretty bright screen I really love the color accuracy and I just think it looks really sharp too but yeah 4 hours ain't too bad it's bow when I was averaging as well that's actually a pretty good usage scenario if you think about this while you're traveling that means you won't even touch your laptop's battery makes things a lot easier alright so the issues in screen go MB sixteen eight P it's one heck of a name it's also a really nice device now 15.

6 inch is a little big for me I prefer HP is 14-inch size but this is the only device that will connect up to a surface pro or surface laptop to and that's actually really important if you're in this ecosystem and you don't have a type C port over although it's a really cool device I love being able to use this without draining the battery the device I'm connecting to or just be able to use it with my smart phone I think it's a really clever design now issue sis has another model that's coming out that supports pen two which opens up a whole new avenue of new concepts and ideas that we can work with but you're interested in a mobile display well this is definitely one to take a look at now $300 is not cheap at all but then again this is gonna be mostly geared for businesses and enterprise use not necessarily a consumer where you probably won't find much value in this it would be very cool to have unless you're traveling you're presenting a lot while this won't serve a lot of purpose still it's a really neat device and I'm really interested to see where this technology takes us in the next few years but I have to give the husn screen go a thumbs up alright so that's a quick look at the eh-2-zed screen go now if you have any questions or comments about this device make sure you leave a comment below and I'll try to answer them and if you like this video give us a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe thanks for watching take care everyone.

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