Best Android Screen Recorder | Top 3 Ways to Record Your Android Screen!


– In this video we're gonna look at the best Android screenrecorder apps right now.

With a walkthrough ofeach, showing you exactly how to record your Androidscreen quickly and easily.

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So let's jump into it.

Now when it comes totaking a screen capture of your Android smartphone or tablet, the process is often not asstraightforward as it could be.

Fortunately though, there are some great Android screen recording apps that make the whole process a lot easier.

So right now we're gonna takea look at our top recommended Android screen recording apps after testing a ton ofthe options out there.

And show you exactlyhow to use each of them with a quick walkthroughso that you can decide, which one is the best one for you and how you can easily put it into action.

Now depending on yourspecific phone or device, some of these features may change or may not be available to you.

And it's also worth notingthat internal audio recording is not allowed by Android anymore.

Meaning that you can stillrecord from your phone or from your device's microphone, but you're not able to capture the internal audio in your device.

Now, there are still some apps out there that work with some devices, but as a general rule, this isno longer allowed by Android.

But make sure you stickaround for the third option, 'cause I'm gonna give you a solution here, if that's something thatyou're looking to do.

So the first of our top twoapps is a AZ Screen Recorder.

Now this one has beenaround for quite a while.

It's got a ton of downloads and a ton of awesome reviews as well.

Interface wise, this app isalmost pretty much identical to our next recommended app.

And actually, surprisingly, a lot of the screen recording apps outthere on the Play Store.

It's like someone came up with the idea of how these kinds of apps should look and everyone just copiedthat and ran with it.

So yeah, the Interfaceis really easy to use, it's really intuitive andeven if you haven't used an app like this before, it'sreally easy to get up to speed and capturing your screen fast.

Quality wise, AZ ScreenRecorder will let you record up to 10 ATP resolutionwith a quality or a bit rate of a maximum 12 Megabits per second, which is more than mostpeople are going to need.

But if you are someone who's looking for a higher quality screen recording, up to 24 Megabits per second, the second app thatwe're about to mention, is probably the one to look at.

And you also have the ability to record it up to 60 frames per second.

So if you are gonna berecording any games or anything, you wanna be setting it tothose higher frame rates.

Now outside of the screenrecording capabilities in this app, there's two power features, which I think are awesome.

The first one is that, it'snot just gotta built-in video editor, it's actuallygot a really decent built-in video editor.

So you're not just limitedjust to trimming off things like the start and the finishof your clip, you can actually create decent videos insideof this app with that editor.

And the second feature is that, it has built-in WiFi transfer.

So that you don't have to plugyour phone into your computer or upload your files toDropbox or Google Drive to get them over to your computer.

You can actually turn on this feature, login on the same WiFinetwork on any other phone, any other device, computer or laptop, and you can easily transferyour files wirelessly.

Now up until recently, thiswas a feature that only DU Recorder had, whichwas out go to Android app for screen recording, but it's vanished, it's disappeared from the Play Store.

So it's so awesome to seethat this amazing feature from that app is now insideof AZ Screen Recorder too.

Now the app itself is free, but there are so many ads in there.

I would strongly recommendif you're gonna be using this for more than a randomvideo every now and then, it's definitely worthpaying to remove the ads and it's only gonnacost you $3.

99 to do it.

So I think it's definitely worth doing.

And one other additionalfeature that this app has that most of the others outthere don't have, is the ability to livestream your phone screenout to places like Facebook and YouTube or other livestreaming platforms as well.

So we jump across nowto AZ Screen Recorder and show you how easy it is to use.

So when you open up the app, you can see here that wehave this floating menu icon, we can close it by draggingit down to the X there, or we can position itanywhere on our screen.

But if we tap on it, then we get the option here to configure our settings.

So if I hit this buttonright at the top here with all the squares on it, this is how we can jump into our settings.

You see we got a ton of features in here, things like, as I said, theresolution 1920 by 1080, is what we can pick there, we can adjust the frame rate.

Bit rate settings here, as we set up to 12 Megabits per second, let's set that to 12.

We can lock our orientation, we can do time-lapse video, we can record our audiofrom our microphone it does say there again, internal audio recording is not allowed by Google.

We can have text or a logo, you can turn on or off your camera, let's turn that on, and see me there, turn that back off, countdown timers, all of those sorts of things.

So the idea is that you go through and you set all of this up first, and then whenever youwanna just do a recording, you just press the little circle here, and then press the record button, and that's going to start the recording.

Then to stop, all you need todo is swipe down from the top and press stop recording andthe recording is then done.

Once your recording's done, you can come back across here, and you can access thatawesome video editor that I mentioned earlier.

And you can already see there'sTikTok ads in the middle.

These things are everywhere, when you're not running the paid version.

And if you're looking forwhere you can remove those ads, it's back under Settings, scroll down to the bottom, you can see here removeads, if we press on that, we get the ability to removeit you can see it only cost $3.

99 to upgrade to VIPto remove all of the ads, strongly recommended.

So really quick looking at this editor, you can see that you got aheap more features in here.

Instead of just basictrimming your videos, there's a heap of muchmore advanced things that you can do in here, that none of these other apps like this seem to includestraight out of the box.

Okay, so that's AZ Screen Recorder.

The next app is called Mobizen.

And as I already mentioned, the Interface is almost identical, not just betweenMobizen and AZ Screen Recorder, but also for most of the Android screen recording apps out there.

So once again, it's really easy to use, it's really easy to find everything, it's also really, reallyeasy to get up to speed and getting used to thisif you've never used an app like this before.

Just like AZ Screen Recorder, Mobizen will let you recordat up to 10 ATP resolution, but it will let you record at a higher bit rate or higher quality, at up to 24 Megabits per second verses 12 on AZ Screen Recorder.

So if you are someone who'slooking for the highest recording quality possible, then you're gonna be looking at Mobizen.

And just like AZ Screen Recorder, you also have the ability to record at up to 60 frames per second, if you are gonna be recording any games or anything like that.

Feature wise Mobizen is very similar, screen recording wiseto AZ Screen Recorder.

The features in control overthe actual screen recording themselves, are almost identical.

But what Mobizen doesn't have, that AZ Screen Recorder does, is some of those extra killer features.

It does have a videoediting tool built-in, but it is nowhere near asgood as the video editing tool that is inside AZ Screen Recorder.

It's also missing theability to livestream.

So if you're after that, this is gonna make yourdecision pretty simple.

It also doesn't have that killer WiFi transferfeature in there either.

The only other reallyimportant thing to be aware of with Mobizen, is that the free version does have a watermark orMobizen branding on it.

You will need to pay toupgrade to the premium version to remove that watermark from your videos.

So we'll jump across now andtake a quick look at Mobizen.

Okay so straight away youcan see we've got this floating menu thing again and we can place it wherever we want, strap it over here, when we tap on it, we get a few circles again, the Interfaces I told you, they're exactly the same.

You can already see that yougot a lot less options here, you've got the ability down thebottom to take a screenshot, you've got your menu buttonthere with the squares in the middle, and you'vegot the capture button or the record button right at the top.

So let's go into settings, take a quick look at that.

If we go up to the videosettings at the top here, you can see you gotyour 10 ATP resolution, and that's the maximum there.

Quality wise you can see we'realready set to 24 Megabits, but we've also got 12, eight or lower.

So let's go back to 24 andframes per second we can set that as high as 60, back out of this now.

Now as we scroll down, you can see that we've got a lot of the same options that we had inside of AZ Screen Recorder.

Now you probably also noticedthat there's quite a few ads in here, I would actually saythat there are a lot more ads inside of Mobizen than thereare in AZ Screen Recorder.

So again, you can run this for free, but I would strongly recommendpaying to remove the ads.

But in this case, you're also unlocking a heap of extra features.

So let's click here, wannaremove ads premium Mobizen, these are the options you get.

You get to remove ads, youget to remove their watermark, you get to add your own watermark, you also get the toolto create animated GIFs, there is a mini-mode, and there is some other stuff coming soon.

And if we press it to remove it, this is probably gonnashow us Australian dollars, but we're looking $2.

59for one month access to their premium version, three months access $6.

99 or 12 month access for 24.


So it is quite a bit moreexpensive than AZ Screen Recorder.

At the top once again, we'vegot our buttons here to jump across to our screencaptures and to our videos, we're seeing more ads, we'vegot our editor in here, which I said is again, really basic, so we'll back out of that now.

And once again to actually start and stop the recording itself you just press on the M logoand press on the record button at the top and Mobizen willstart capturing your screen.

To stop recording, all youneed to do is swipe down from the top to your notifications bar, and just hit stop recording.

Okay, so those are thetop two apps for recording your Android screen right now, AZ Screen Recorder and Mobizen.

And really, unless you're needing that highest quality recording possible, AZ Screen Recorder is goingto do everything you need, it's going to be cheaperand it's got more features.

If you're someone who islooking for the highest quality recording of your Android device, then it is gonna go to Mobizen, yes, it is gonna cost you a little bit more and you're gonna lose some features there.

But it is the only way thatyou're gonna get access to that 24 Megabit recording quality.

Now earlier in the video, Idid say that I would also share a third option for you, especially if you're someone who's looking for thatinternal audio recording.

So the third option is using a piece of software called Reflector, that you'll install on yourlaptop or your desktop computer and it works on both Mac and PC.

So all you need to do is installReflector on your computer, make sure that your Android device and your computer are on the same network, and then you'll have the abilityto mirror or screen share your Android device over ontoyour computer, wirelessly.

So depending on which phone you have, it could just be swiping downto your notifications area, and enabling Smart Viewor Screen Mirroring, or on some devices, youmight need to download the Google Home app, select your profile button down in the bottom right hand corner and then choose mirror device.

From there your computer should show up and then your phone screen will appear over on your computer.

And then to record that, allyou need to do on your computer is just hit the record button.

And just like with theapps, you do have a ton of recording options in there as well, especially to do with the frame rates and the quality of the recording.

But one really important thing to note, if you are gonna be recordingyour phone screen this way, is that if you have patchyWiFi or bad WiFi where you are, or a bad connection betweenyour device and your computer, it could have quality issues or lagging or dropouts in your end recording.

So you really want to make sure that you are on a solid WiFi connection.

So if you wanna test this out, you can grab a trial version of Reflector there is a linkdown in the description below, or you can purchase Reflector for $14.


And again, it works on both Mac and PC.

Okay, so those are the topways to record the screen of your Android device right now.

Now if you're also usingyour Android device to create video content, andyou're looking at ways that you can up thequality of those videos, then check out the video linked on screen with our complete walkthrough on how to create professional videosusing your Android device.

And I'll see you in the next one.


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