Best Live Streaming Setup for Smartphones (iPhone & Android!)

are you looking for the best live-streaming gear for smartphones well whether you're on an iPhone or an Android in this video we're going to run through the best smartphone set up such things like microphones tripods and other live-streaming gear to help you get the best results on your Facebook lives your YouTube live or your preferred streaming platform [Music] hey it's Justin brownie from primal video where we help you amplify your business and brand with video if you new here then make sure you click that subscribe button and all the links to everything we mentioned in this video you can find linked in the description box below so let's jump into it now with using YouTube live Facebook live or your streaming to another platform your iPhone or your Android smartphone can be one of the best tools for the job and even better with just some simple smartphone accessories you can quickly level up the quality of your live stream with no extra work so we've tested a ton of smart phone accessories over the years and in this video we're gonna run through my current pick for best setup for live streaming on both iPhone and Android so there's no need to make notes as we go through this video we're going to include links to everything they mentioned in the description below and while you're watching let us know down in the comments what is your number one smart phone accessory that you can't live without when creating videos so the first piece of gear we're gonna look at is a tripod now a tripod is one of the easiest ways to make your live streams look more professional because it's going to remove any shake or jitter from hand-holding your phone while you're live so wherever possible I would say try to get your phone's out of your hands and into something like a tripod to hold it steady now if you don't have a tripod then use a bookcase rest it up against something sit it in a tree if you have to whatever it takes get your phone out of your hands to get a more professional looking live stream now obviously with tripods they're a great way to do it now they obviously come in all different shapes and sizes so for a small portable tripod I would recommend something like the arcon tripod these are a great little portable tripod and they come with the phone holder as well that will rotate between portrait and landscape another great portable cheap tripod is something like the Tacoma flip zip tripod the great thing about this tripod is not only is it small and easy to travel with it also doubles as a selfie stick a monopod and a regular tripod as well going down to a low height to use on a desk or right up to standing height if you want a freestanding tripod so the idea with the tripod here is to set it up at the correct height whether you gonna be standing or sitting and get your hands off the device now using something like the arcon tripod or the little mount that comes with the archon tripod which is also sold separately that'll give you the flexibility no matter which tripod you're using to your phone either portrait or landscape so that you've got the options if you decide to mix it up okay so the second thing we're going to look at is the audio now what I would say is that audio is actually probably more important than the video itself so definitely pay attention to your audio if you've got bad audio it's gonna make it really hard or really distracting for your viewers to stick around and to watch your live streams and when it comes to microphones for getting good audio on your smart phone there are a heap of options and you've got a few different types of microphones you've obviously got the built-in microphone which will work if that's all you've got but I'd strongly recommend that you look at some of these other options to really take things up a notch and to help remove a lot of those distractions or things like background noise that can ruin your audio so you've got different microphone options like a lapel or a lavalier microphone and those are the clip-on ones you've got shotgun or directional microphones and you've also got wireless options as well wireless lapel or lavalier microphones now we have done quite a few videos on microphones and I will put a link to a video covering our top recommended microphones for video in general but when we're looking at smartphones and specifically smartphones for live-streaming the ones that I would recommend to look at would be the Boyar be ym1 which is a wired lapel or lavalier microphone it sells for around the $20 price point if you don't want to be tied or tethered to your phone or a lapel or lavalier microphone isn't what you're after then you could look at a mini shotgun microphone something like the rode videomicro it's an amazing microphone or if you're after a wireless setup then you can look at the rode filmmaker kit now the beauty of phones these days is that we can pretty much connect almost any microphone to our smartphones for getting great audio so no matter what the microphone is there'll be some sort of adapter that you can get to connect through you know if you are on an iPhone anything from a 7 and up any of the newer phones then obviously you will need to use that lightning 2 3.

5 millimeter or lightning 2 headphone jack adapter that came with your phone or if you've lost it you can definitely pick those up after market as well now obviously the other piece of the puzzle is with some of those microphones you will need to look at some mounting options to mount that shotgun microphone or that wireless set up alongside your smartphone and ideally it's mounted on the tripod right to your phone there's a great piece of gear called a hot shoe extension bar it's what you do with that is you're actually attaching that to the tripod and then you've got room there to mount your phone mount on one side and your microphone on the other side and again all the links to everything am i mentioning here will be down in the description box as well but these extension bars aren't just limited to holding your phone or your microphone you can actually use them for our next piece of gear that we're looking at as well which is lighting now lining is another one of those critical elements of videos not only does it help your shot look good it can also help your viewers consume your content by making it more aesthetically pleasing or easier for them to watch so the idea with lighting is you can get really complicated and I will put a link to some lighting videos we've got up in the cards but the overall fundamental key or the most important part of lighting is to make sure that your subject or whoever is speaking or presenting in your videos is lit well so that your viewer can connect with them and the message that they are delivering so these days there's some really great small portable lighting options that are great for filming with your smartphone because they're small they're light they're easy to travel with and they've got decent battery life as well it's about top 2 recommendations for small portable lights is the aperture MRNA lm9 it's an amazing little light with about a two hour battery life and the other one is called a light a torch and this is again a crazy bright super small light that is aimed actually at the adventure or the action sports industries because it's waterproof it's drop proof it's yeah the crazy little light now we'll put some links up in the description talking through some portable lighting options but those are two that I would recommend right now now obviously if you don't have any lighting then you can always use whatever you have around use a desk light use a lamp whatever you've got to get your subject or yourself lit well you've got nothing else then sit in front of a window or use sunlight just make sure that you are lit well for your videos and for your live streams okay so we've covered of tripods audio and lighting the next category is really additional gear extra stuff that you can use to take your live streams up a notch now the first one we're going to look at is the Osmo mobile tool which is a gimbal stabilizer for your smartphone this will work on both iPhones and Android phones and it's essentially a stabilizer meaning if you're going to be walking around it's going to hold your phone rock-solid and take a nice shake or any jitter out of it so if you are doing live streams when you're walking around and talking to your audience and connecting with them that way then this is an awesome addition to your toolkit now another piece of additional gear that you can use to take your live streams up a notch is a wide-angle lens and just clipping a wide-angle lens onto your smartphone camera is going to give it a much wider shot which is actually a lot closer to what you would find if you were using a DSLR or another camera and creating videos that way so these are perfect if you're going to be doing something where you want to show off it's a really nice scenery and you want to get a heap of it in there or maybe you want to show off a room and get a lot more of that in there it's perfect for real estate and things like that but also if you can have multiple people in your live stream then a wide-angle lens is going to give you so much more room and flexibility so that you don't have to pretty much sit on top of each other in order to both be in the shot so the one that we currently recommend that works on both iPhones and Android is a techo brand lens and again more links will be down in the description but this one should work on most smartphone cameras because it is huge it's got really decent quality glass and there's minimal distortion or warping which is the biggest thing you'll find on cheap end wide-angle lens adapters so there's none of that on this one and the last piece of additional gear isn't really gear it's an app and I'm sorry iPhone uses this one is only for Android users and it's an app called Oratory now this thing if you've got an Android phone is an absolute game changer so much so that if you've got an iPhone you may want to consider getting an Android phone just for this app now definitely not sponsored or anything like that but this is an amazing amazing app and it is a real game-changer because what it lets you do is turn your phone into a teleprompter yeah we've got that on iphone too no no this will let you convert your phone into a teleprompter with an overlay of your script or your dot points are the things you want to cover off in your live stream and move it up next to your camera and still have your Facebook live Instagram live or any other app open and running underneath it so there's no other app out there that lets you do this and there is no app that comes close to doing anything like this on iPhone or on iOS now for me I think this app is an absolute game changer whether you are used to using a teleprompter for your videos or whether you just want to have a couple of dot points on there maybe you're doing a livestream about a product or a product launch or something what you really don't want to miss anything you don't have to look away at notes you can have your dot points right up there underneath the camera and really if you want it to write out a full script and read it word for word you can position those dot points right up against the camera lens so that you're able to read word for word and your viewers will still think that you're looking and talking directly to them so an amazing app unfortunately for right now it is only for Android users but it's called oratory so those are our top recommendations for live-streaming gear and apps for live streaming from your smartphone now if I had to prioritize these things I'd probably say go with your audio first upgrade your audio gear first then tripod then closely followed by lighting so at least if you've got your audio and your bonus table then you can use a window use natural lighting whatever you've got in the house or your office to get the lighting done but these things are compounding and the more of them you can tick off and the more of them you can improve in your live streams and your live streams are going to get progressively better that way all right so that's live streaming now if you're looking to get better results while you're filming and check out the videos linked on-screen all about filming on iPhone and on Android and getting better results with those too and I'll see you soon.


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