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Hello, meet again with ASR AHGUS In this video I will make a Tutorial Again, namely How to Make YouTube Banners Well, this is your request.

Who wonders to me Sis, how do you make a YouTube banner? Nice and simple.

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[Intro / Music] Well, I repeat again so calm down here I will make the tutorial Make a YouTube Header or Banner (BackSound) And, last Sunday I also discussed the request from you guys.

How do I make a thumbnail Anyway, you can click the card or also called The teaser is in the top right hand corner of my video.

(BackSound) So, it doesn't take long to just go into the Tutorial Eits, you do not forget to have to have an application called PixelLab.

If, you do not have the application.

You can download the application in the description box column I have prepared, I have listed below and I have prepared the ingredients.

Anyway, you just need to Mendownloand in the Description box The one below this video.

Just go to the Tutorial.

[Intro / Music] (BackSound) If, you have entered in the PixelLab application.

You just go to the point 3 icon in the top right corner.

Then, go to Image Size And, you set the WIth to 1546 then finish.

And, you set the Heigth again to be Then it's done, and okay.

Well, you guys just delete the New Text how to go to Icn Trash Then, Okay.

If, it looks like this you guys Simply add your YouTube banner.

Namely, go to Icon plus / (+) and go to From Gallery Well, here I select this banner template, then check.

Well, if This banner template is incompatible with The measurements are gone Go to the Hexagon Icon below.

Then, go to Relativ Size And then you set it with it and the heigth becomes 100% second, then check.

Well, if it's like this according to its size you just go to the Icon This stack of books, then you lock it so that the banner lock cannot be moved.

(BackSound) When you edit it.

Well, if it's like this you guys (BackSound) Want to make a banner like me you can Downloand in the description box Yes, I have included it You can Mendownloand for free (BackSound) Same as this Well, if it's like this.

You can add the BackGround in the middle here.

Directly, we just add with Icon plus / (+) Go to From Gallery, so here I am (BackSound) Already downloaded on Google.

Well, I want to cut it the way you go to Crop And you guys (BackSound) Take the background As per you guys you want you can download on Google a lot.

(BackSound) Well, here I want to understate first.

(BackSound) If, it's like this in front of the way so that it's on this banner.

You can do the background Select To Back.

And already behind And don't forget after you edit you first lock or lock And you can add your photos, go to Icon Plus / (+) then From Gallery Well here I use My photos.

Then, Checklist.

Well .



If you want to erase the background The one behind this, the photos you can go to Eraser or eraser, eraser logo.

well, here you can zoom in on the photo the way Go.



click on this Magnifying Icon Then, you guys Zoom in .



(BackSound) Well.





(BackSound) You click the enlarger again then you delete it.

Slowly by slowly so that the results are satisfying and .



(BackSound) The results are not bumpy right Well, here I speed up.

If, have you deleted it like this You guys, just check it out Well, if it's been erased like this.

You can per shrink your photo object.

For you guys, Can put in the middle Your banners.

(BackSound) Well, if it's like this in the middle you can add a stroke to beautify or attract.

(BackSound) Go, to Stoke Then, you activate the enable and you .


love the color, it's your taste.

here i use white then check Well, if it's like this You guys go to this stack of books Then, you lock And, you guys copy the banner This blue one So that the results become 3Dimensional Well, you guys go to Crop again (BackSound) We take only half of it.

(BackSound) If, you've checked.




The other banner that we Copy or Crop.

You can go to Relativ Position and select the down arrow then check.

Now, the result is 3D.

Well, there seems to be something missing here.

You guys, lock first The second banner then, close again And you add the text What's lacking, you go to .



Icon plus / (+) Then select the text and the new text you go to .



Then click this A icon Well, here you are Give your channel a name that is .



Here is an example, right? I'll name my channel.

(BackSound) Then Enter.

And I give 4X space Then.



Channel .



Then, done.

Okay And you can change the font Go to Font.

You guys are looking for .



Well, here I am using Font.


You can download it in the Decryption Link I have already done Well, if it's like this I change the color But I want to replace Just the channel.

The one I replaced If, it's like this you check.

Well, you guys are right Want to put where.

(BackSound) Well, if it's like this you lock again.

Then you add the text again.

Namely About your channel, you go to Edit Then you delete the New text and .



You give names.

(BackSound) About your channel.

(BackSound) Here, I demonstrated like this and then finished.

And, okay.

Well, you can adjust the size (BackSound) The size is 25 huh.

(BackSound) If, you've checked.

(BackSound) Well, I want to put it here.

If you already Add more.

Let it hurry, you go Click, Icon Copy Here, you guys (BackSound) Click, Edit and delete.

Here I want to give Text www.


com (BackSound) Then, Done Then, Okay.

Well, you can also set the Size to 18.

You go to Size Well, here you set again to 18, then check.

(BackSound) You guys put it here.




(BackSound) And, this ASR AHGUS Text You add the size (BackSound) Can you add the Size, go to the registry again 65 To be more visible.

(BackSound) I reduce it too big first.

(BackSound) Here, I love the Size 50 a.

(BackSound) Well, Don't forget after editing you immediately lock again Well, here I want to add the New text again on the right.

Go to Icon plus / (+) then, Text.

And, choose Edit.

And, you delete the new text You change like this (BackSound) I give 4X space (BackSound) Your Channel Name But here I am demonstrating the name of my channel.

(BackSound) Well, you can do it (BackSound) Set the Size.

(BackSound) And, you change the font (BackSound) Your taste is here, I'm using Font.

Upbolters, then okay.

Well, you can set the Size again (BackSound) 65, I give the size 65.

Then okay Well.



Even more dancing, you add the Social Media Icon which is here.

Go to Icon plus / (+) Then From Gallery (BackSound) Well, Kalia can adjust the way to go to hexagon.

Then select, Relativ Size You set it to 22 (BackSound) 22% (BackSound) If you already Checklist.

(BackSound) If it's too big, you can be too small, right? 12 (BackSound) Then check.

(BackSound) Well, you go to Relativ Position (BackSound) Then, checklist and Position You are full, right, so here you are organized.

Then check Well, if it looks like this.

If you want to Use this Sosmed Icon You can also download the decryption link below.

Now, now .



Tempalte banner or Youtube banner is ready.

You guys are the one way to go to, that book Book Icon.

Click, here And you check all of them (BackSound) If, already you guys Click on the facing arrow then okay.

Well, now it's one banner (BackSound) Well, don't forget you guys (BackSound) Set it again (BackSound) Image Size (BackSound) Become the size .



3840 (BackSound) Then, done.

And you set the Heigth to again 2160, then finish and okay.

Well, here you add more to match ie go to Icon plus / (+) From Gallery Well, here have been prepared for the banner.

The banner that is recommended is YouTube (BackSound) Go to Relativ Size And, you're full to 100.

Then check You go to the Stack Icon ka This book, You go up this banner.

(BackSound) And that.






You recommend that YouTube banner be cheated first And you, can reduce according to the size of the existing safe area writing.

(BackSound) You're all right.

(BackSound) Well, if it's appropriate like this (BackSound) If, according to this.

You just delete this example.

(BackSound) Well.



(BackSound) Go to this box 2, this icon 2 box then select transparent or transparent Now.

The YouTube banner is ready.

You guys go to Save And, Save as Image (BackSound) And your format is up to here I use Png, and the custom if I change to Utra.

And Save to Gallery, all you have to do is just upload the banner you edited earlier.

(BackSound) That's all Tutotrial from me.

Well, that was the Tutorial for Making Headers or also called YouTube Banners (BackSound) Channel, I hope you all understand and be useful.

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