Cara Menghilangkan Burn In Di Xiaomi Dan All Android

Hello hello smart user! maybe some of us have seen shadows that are still left behind from the application or content that was opened earlier on the cellphone screen that we use where not a few of us also assume that it is a burn-in that occurs on the cellphone screen you need to know that the burn-in problem on the HP screen will only occur on the type of AMOLED cell phone type or the like As for the type of IPS LCD screen type Will not experience this burn-in problem as is considered by most users today The problem that might occur on the LCD type screen is transient image persistence or abbreviated with (TIP) This problem is often considered by most users as a burn in or shadow on the IPS LCD cell phone type This complaint is often encountered in several community forums for Android HP users Where they complained of the problem of burn-in on the LCD type screen of the cellphone they were using Please also note that the types of IPS LCD and AMOLED screens are very different where for AMOLED or LED type screens turn on the pixels to bring up the display on the HP screen without using backlight As for the IPS LCD screen type or the LCD type navigation requires backlight to display the display from the cellphone screen As for the disease that will be experienced on the LCD or AMOLED screens, burn in and Shadow aka permanent we can not heal again As for the LCD type screen disease (TIP), which is not permanent, we can eliminate it As for or the cause of the occurrence (TIP) on the hp LCD screen There is no definite reason but in general (TIP) This happens when we turn on the cellphone screen with a static image for a long time so that the crystal on the LCD screen enters into a relaxed state that can leave a few pictures that were previously displayed, in this video I will share how prevents transient or persistent image (TIP) on the HP LCD IPS type screen where this can be an enlightenment for you HP users whose screens still use the LCD so as not to panic or fret when this problem (TIP) occurs on your cellphone, specifically this I address Android phone users who often complain about the problem of burn in or shadow on the IPS LCD screen type phone so that you no longer consider the problem as burn in or permanent shadow well, if your cellphone screen does not show symptoms (TIP), then there are some things that must be considered as a form of prevention so that the problem (TIP) does not occur on the cellphone screen that you have The first tips are to avoid using the same wallpaper for a long period of time because if we continue to use the same image as the wallpaper the symptoms (TIP) will most likely be happens to the cellphone screen you are using so the way to avoid it is to change the background of the wallpaper often or so it doesn't bother use llive wallpaper or moving wallpaper to avoid this problem (TIP) for the second tip, don't turn on the cellphone screen too often with the maximum brightness setting for a long time we can do this once in a while when we do use cellphones outdoors but keep in mind that turning on the HP screen with maximum brightness for a long period of time can trigger it (TIP) on the HP LCD screen that we use so as much as possible we can avoid this by slightly decreasing the brightness of the cellphone screen and to make it easier to use the automatic screen brightness feature so that this brightness setting can adjust the display accordingly to be used in certain places for the third tip, which is to change the settings of the cellphone screen to turn off immediately when not in use and we try to shorten the time according to our needs we need to do this in order to prevent the cellphone screen from continuing to turn on by always displaying the same display even more so when we are using the screen brightness display that is being maximized Then for the last tips that I share here is to change the HP theme once in a while both in terms of UI appearance or can also change the keyboard theme, icon style launcher or other so that the display of the cellphone screen does not constantly use the same display so that it triggers it this problem (TIP) and for those of you who have experienced the cellphone screen (TIP) we can reduce the possibility of re-emergence by turning off his cellphone within a period of 15 to 30 minutes or even we've turned off the cellphone for more than an hour so that the problem (TIP) can be reduced even lost from the cellphone that we use or you can also reduce or eliminate this problem (TIP) by changing the color settings of the cellphone, which we can change through the display settings in the default HP application settings.

And we adjust according to our individual tastes until you find a suitable setting to reduce the problem (TIP), maybe That's all Gazadroid reviews about problems that are considered burn-in on the IPS LCD cell phone type don't forget you subscribe to get other useful information, hopefully useful see you later greetings smart user!.


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