Como baixar e configurar o Clone Hero para Android


Hey, I'm Wellington Fernando.

And in this video, or show how to download, installand set up Clone Hero for Android.

I will also show you how to put new songs, change the background image and other settings.

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The Clone Hero, is a version made to simulatethe gameplay of musical games like Guitar Hero and the Rock Band.

The latest official Android version, iffound in “0.



The link for you to be downloading, will bein the first comment set.

To download from the official website, or toGoogle Drive.

After downloading, the file is in thecompressed format, in zip.

To extract, you need some applicationcompressed file manager, I recommend the 7zipper.

After the extraction process, with yourfile explorer preference, let's to the folder where you extracted it.

In the extracted folder, it contains the application “.

apk”for installation, and two songs for tests.

The rest of the files are not needed.

We will install the application.

For you to play, it is mandatory to usesome control.

You can use a physical keyboard, or theguitar, along with an OTG cable.

You can use a bluetooth control, or evenwith another cell phone.

For that you need an application called”BT Controller”.

I already made a video teaching how to do this.

The video will be on the card up here.

Let's open Clone Hero.

If you are playing with a physical keyboard, you can click the space button, and make the changes you want.

With the “green” button you select, withthe “red” you come back.

You will need to enter a profile, you can play in up to 4 players.

Now let's download and install new music.

Clone Hero comes with two test songs, you can simply select them and move to the Clone Hero folder.

In “Android / data / com.



Hero / Songs”.

And paste.

To download new songs, go to the website”Chorus”, the link will be in the comment fixed.

Let's search for the name of the artist or song.

And click download.

Some links may come with compressed music, let's just download.

In some cases, the folder link may come.

To download, we will activate the option “Versionto computer “, wait, compress the folder, and leave the site so we can download it, ready.

Then, let's go to the downloads folder, let'sextract the songs.

Let's move to the Clone music folderHero.

Let's open Clone Hero, enter againwith a profile, go to Settings, go to Scan Songs, select, and confirm.

Now let's go back, and go to Quickplay.

And here are all the songs.

And when you add more songs, you will need to do the scan again.

Here, the green and red buttons continuethe same.

With the yellow button you can sortthe order of the list, with the blue button you you can search for the song name with the buttonorange you proceed to the next session of songs, and with the SELECT button you accessthe settings menu.

In this menu, you have some functions thatyou can enable or disable, such as: Controller = Controller, Note speed = Note speed, Lefty flip = Left-handed mode, Tilt = Tilt, Gamepad mode = Reed mode, Highway = Guitar neck, Bot = Put ​​the computer to play, Display name = Name on the screen, Options = Where you can, rename or deleteyour profile, Drop Out = Exit your profile, To change the background of the music when playing, you go to Setting, Custom Content.

In Background Image, you can selectan image manually that is in the folder “Android / data / com.



Hero / files / Custom / ImageBackground “.

Here in this folder, you can download an imagefrom the internet, and put it here.

You can do this with videos, for thatyou need to activate.

Or you can leave it in automatic mode, where the background will be the image that is in the music folder.

If the song does not have an image, youyou can move the image to the folder the music.

Whenever you upload new images, you need to go here, and do a new scan.

Okay, that's all you need to knowto be able to play Clone Hero.

Now just choose your music, and goodfun.

Then that's it.

If you have any questions or concernsdifficulty.

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