Cowboy Android! – Full Episode – The Aquabats! Super Show! Western with Paul Scheer


previously on the Aquabats Super Show Did they tell you what it looks like? No, they just said that it was real big and real ugly (Growling) (Screaming) Wooo hooo Hooo Hooo! Yeah!(Cheering) Good thing that dynamite was there That's all you're gonna do? What about the monster in our mine? No need to worry.

the mine is sealed so you're all safe (Ricky cheering) you were supposed to get that thing out! we work in there well you better look for a new job, my friend to get that giant mole rat out you'd have to be real stupid or real dumb (uncomfortable laughing) Alright! those miners got pretty mad look if theydidn't want people to use their dynamite they shouldn't leave it laying around they weren't mad about the dynamite commander they were mad because you madethe problem worse What are you suggesting robot? just that you may wantto plan before you make decisions planning takes time that men of action don't have.

being quick on your feet and making split-second decisions that's what makes it true leader here we go again How does the mighty eagle soar? up in the clouds he's winging it and if you're attacked by a wild boar, do you make a plan? No, you're winging it There are.



Thinkers and doersand doers just do it.

They're not looking for answersby having a meeting Because I'm takin' actionand I'm taking the wheel Steering the shipright into the storm Just wingin it! Collecting facts, while I'm out there in the action Just wingin it! Sit around thinkin'while I dive in the deep end Just wingin it! Collecting facts, while I'm out there in the action Just wingin it! You're making a planwhile I'm being a man Just wingin it! Yeah! Wingin' It Dude! Jimmy why have we stopped? because we're out of gas, commander! See Jimmy! Planning can't solve all our problems Water.

Water! Eaglebones! Don't give up I gotcha I gotcha man.

Look! We're saved! (western style whistling music) The Aquabats Super Show Will be right back! Look! It's a Cartoon! Now from Gloopy, It's The Aquabats! Little Bat Cartoon Player! All the Little Bat's greatest hits.

small enough to watch on a couch! At school! In The Shower! It's Edible! Not for use in direct sunlight! Now back to The Aquabats! Super Show! Wow! this looks just like a town from the Old West (coughing) there's got to be a saloon aroundhere somewhere There! Aqubats!Go! Water! Cold Water! well well well What do we have here? Strangers! you all ain't welcome here well then maybe it's time for a showdown (laughing) (laser blast sounds) Boys! You're either real stupid Or real dumb! Listen Partner! we don't want any trouble we just need some water and some gas and then we'll be on our merry way you ain't going nowhere.

y'all under arrest.

Arrest?What? what for? Get em' Get em' Get up there and get 'em! (growling) (old timey piano music plays) (loud piano clanging) (screaming) (old timey piano music plays) (scary music plays) (robotic voice)what are y'all looking at? your crazy robot face (robotic sounds) Y'all gonna pay for that! (laser blast)(screaming) YeeeHaaaaw! hold on I'm outta tune.

Well aint that just too bad! Hands up, varmints! Ah.





burns! rise and shine Yella Belly! and now take a look down yonder at your friends! You! You coward! Robot Face! (screaming) Big words for alittle man in a cage you better let my friends go right now! how about this? I'm gonna hang your friends for fighting in my town and then I'm gonna hang youfor makin' me angry If I could just reach those keys! (grunting) (bells ringing) Mornin' boys It's a real shame! (more grunting) Hey.

The keys! Thanks little homies! Here's some ointment for your burn! Ew.

It's so stinky! it'll help your burn feel better! Thanks little brodeos Wait!Shh! Aren't you gonna make a plan, or something? we need your help.

people try to escape all the time but no one ever makes it you're right I do need a plan I've got one (screaming) (more screaming) (screaming) Yee Haw! What's that sheriff's problem? I don't know, but like I could sure use a glass of water and maybe some more of thatsoothing ointment I don't think that's ointment.

I hear the vultures cry and the wind is hot.

Without water or gas we';l only last a couple of hours Wait.

Look! Cars! if one of those carsstill has gas we can fill the BattleTram Yeah! Food! A CheeseBALL! Everyone!Come quickly! Look! It's a cartoooooon! (Narrator Voice)when we last left the aquabats (Narrator Voice)they were desperately searching forJimmy the robot inside a collapsing (Narrator Voice)underwater city deep beneath the surfaceof the moon (Narrator Voice)can they find itbefore it's too late? I see Jimmy! (Narrator Voice)I guess so! We gotta get him! I'm coming robot buddy (Narrator Voice)Crash fires himself into the water and grows to super size (Narrator Voice) chompers (Narrator Voice)Ew! Wet dog smell! Jimmy wake up! please robot friend wake up! (Narrator Voice)A Robo-Malfunction? Ricky I need batteries quick Right, I'm on it (Narrator Voice)Double As (Woman's voice)Aquabat! Android! Jimmy!All systems on! (Woman's voice)All systems check Aquabats!Back to that cave! we've got toget off the moon (Narrator Voice) The Aquabats race to the surface just before the city crumbles around them (Narrator Voice) but they're not safe yet (Narrator Voice)the collapsing underwater citycauses a massive cave-in Now, how do we get out of here? Commander look!An exit sign! Right! (Narrator Voice) What is wrong with Jimmy the robot? (Narrator Voice)Can The Aquabats find a way to fix him andescape the moon? (Narrator Voice)I'm guessing.




(Narrator Voice)Tune in to the next episode! (laughing) Hey Commander! I found something.

I don't think the people in that western town were Western at all.

take a trip to the past visit an authentic old western movie set and meetthe first cowboy Android used in the film, Cowboy Androids! Hey, that was a good movie! (singing) he was a metal man with thequick-draw hand.

(singing) with this trusty laser pistol he protects the wild lands.

(singing) )the Cowboy Android Sheriff he was feared by all! (singing) outlaws would scatter when they heard his call.

YeeHaw! so those townsfolk are really just tourists.

held against their will by that.



(all) Cowboy Android so you're saying he's some kind of robot? Yes Crash, he's an Android!The desert heat must have short-circuited his wiring turning him to pure evil.

then there's not a moment to lose Aquabats! Let's go! Commander, wait! We can't go back there without a good plan He's right, Commander! It was your lack ofplanning that got us here.

What lack of planning? (western whistling music plays) Crash? (western whistling music plays) Ricky? Don't look at me! (western whistling music plays) Fine! (western whistling music plays) HEY! My cheese ball! I think we hurt his feelings Well, he hurt my feelings.





when he took my cheese ball.

he's coming back right? I don't know.

but we better make our ownplan just in case he doesn't (western whistling music plays) Sherriff! Let the townspeople go! Don't makeme laugh, Gringo! ha ha ha you're a dead man, Gringo.

If you're gonna shoot me.



you better aim for the heart! no problem Yeeee Haaaaaw! (woman singing a western tune) you're all gonna pay for that! (woman singing a western tune) Ow.

He shot my shoe! one downthree to go C'mon, Gringo! Ha ha! y'all gonna pay for that (MC Bat Commander yelling) What the? (robotic laughing)Ha ha ha (woman singing a western tune) Awesome! (Laughing) Commander, you did it! How'd you know the mole rat would follow the cheese? Because Ricky Everyone loves cheese balls! (All laughing) Thank you, The Aquabats! I'm free I can finally go back and work in the mines! (coughing) Get along, little doggy.

What is it, Robot? We should have asked for a ride and some gas don't worry Aquabats this time I've got a plan Do you think his plan is to walk through the desert ? Yes Ricky.

I think it is.

(western music)He was a metal man, with a quick draw hand (western music) (western music)With his trusty laser pistol, he'd protect the wild land.

(western music)The Cowboy Android Sherriff, he was feared by all.

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