DISGUSTING! Quarantine Shaming Gone Wrong, Bernie Sanders, Harry Styles, Jacksepticeye, & More

– [Robin] You can requestthat the person come out, they'll deliver you a ballot, they'll check your ID.

You are incredibly safe to go out.

– How are you gonna bedressed head-to-toe in PPE, looking like a moreparanoid version of Dexter in his kill room, and be like, yeah, no, it's okay, everyone's safe? For those unaware, the manin that very pixelated video is Republican WisconsinAssembly Speaker, Robin Vos.

If you missed yesterday's show, he and Wisconsin Republicansopposed all efforts to stop in-person voting in Wisconsin despite there being astay-at-home order in Wisconsin.

The situation, though, is so concerning and nerve-racking, confusing.

We saw poll workers quitting en mass.

But you know, despitethat, Vos thought that.

– Made no sense to cancel the election, and just push it off to a future date.

– And really, if there was a photo that expressed how I feelabout this situation, it's this one.

This is ridiculous.

And reportedly, the woman in the photo is Milwaukee resident, Jennifer Taff.

We see her in line to vote, I don't know if you've seenthe number of the videos where just the lines stretched so far.

And she told the MilwaukeeJournal Sentinel, “I'm disgusted.

“I requested an absenteeballot almost three weeks ago, “and never got it.

“I have a father dying from lung disease, “and I have to risk my life and his “just to exercise my right to vote.

” But anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself.

I have a whole show for you.

Welcome back to the Philip DeFranco Show.

Buckle up, hit that like button, and let's just jump into it.

The first thing I wannatalk about today is, you know, over the past few weeks, I've gotten very angryabout and have mocked and shamed a number of people who have been ridiculously dismissive of stay-at-home orders, socialdistancing recommendations.

Their possible role inbeing super-spreaders of a disease that could affect people that are far more vulnerable than them.

But, there is a right wayand a wrong way to do that.

And today, I have the unfortunate job of showing you the man whodecided to do it the bad way.

John Rademaker, he isreportedly a physician and he noticed a group of teenage girls who were outside an amphitheaterin Louisville, Kentucky.

And, you know, he was upset that these girls were not following social distancing guidelines and so he and anotherwoman approached them.

And then, we see this happen.

– We're leaving.

– Okay, yeah, we're leaving.

Please, let's not cuss at each other.

– Call me what you want.

– [Girl In Blue] No, I'm notcalling you anything, Sir.

Just don't talk to us with— This asshole right here.

– Hey, hey, don't touch.

Hey, hey, do not, whoa! Oh my god! What the fuck is your problem? You do not touch me.

Do not fucking touch me!- I will get your phone.

– I will get your phone.

You give my, hey, get away from her! (screaming) Oh my god! Seriously, get off of her, go! – As that clip ends where he appears that he is choking one of the girls.

And reports say that after this, he and the woman left the scene.

The video then getsuploaded to the internet, it gets a lot of attentionover the past couple of days.

There is a lot of outrageabout his actions in general.

He got physical with several of them, and also because the mostextreme violence was directed towards the only blackperson in the group.

However, this isn't astory just about outrage.

The big update to this is that Rademaker has now been arrested and charged with strangulation.

With a local CBS station also reporting that he's been placedon leave from his job.

With this situation, Louisville Police putout a statement saying, “Obviously, we do notadvise individuals concerned “about social distancing to take matters “into their own hands andconfront people about it, “especially in any physical way.

” And adding, “We askpeople who are concerned “about large gatherings to call 311 or 911 “to report their concerns.

” And a big thing to notehere is that Rademaker isn't the only personthat's gotten physical over the social distancing frustrations.

We've seen incidents all over the country with violence coming from both ends.

For example, on Monday, the Miami Herald reported that a man and hisdaughter called out a group of college kids for partying in The Keys.

There appear to be about20 people drinking, the two confronted themabout social distancing, asking them to keep the noise down, and then reportedly, those twogot beat with baseball bats.

In New York, we saw a report of a 32-year-old pushingan 86-year-old woman by the name of JanieMarshall to the ground because she was standing too close to her.

And reportedly, she hither head on the floor, lost consciousness, andthen died a few hours later.

There have also been reports of when the police get involved, sometimes they overstep.

In Colorado, police issued an apology after handcuffing a father in front of his six-year-old forplaying in the park.

The sign at that park said it was closed, but finer print said thatgroups of four could go walking, hiking, biking, other activities.

The man arrested, Matt Mooney, said that he was just withhis wife and daughter, but police said that there were12 to 15 other people there, so it's unclear if thiswas a misunderstanding or if they were a part ofother smaller groups there.

But that eventually led toMooney refusing to provide ID, maintaining that he didn'tdo anything unlawful.

But he gets handcuffed, he's in the back of thepatrol car for 10 minutes, they released him, and afterthis, you had Mooney saying that if anyone wasviolating social distancing, it was the officer, saying, “During the contact, “none of the officers had masks on, “none of them had gloves on, “and they're in my face handcuffing me, “they're touching me.

” And this isn't kind ofa he said, she said, the police department has apologized, even in a statement saying, “It is evident there was an overreach “by our police officers.

” The final thing I want totouch on with this story, on the note of shaming, specifically quarantine shaming, the examples we just talked about are on the more extremeend of that, obviously.

Right, I'm gonna be a hero for a second, say the hard thing that just, other people are scared to say.

Don't hit people with baseball bats, or choke strangers unless it's their thing and they asked you nicely.

But in general, nonviolent kinds ofshaming can be effective.

This is something that BBCNews actually kind of explored, writing, “Social psychologists say “that shaming plays a significant role “in enforcing socialnorms, especially at a time “when norms are rapidly changing “as a result of coronavirus.

” And so, I guess themain point of this story is don't hit 'em, but hit 'em with the, don't be stupid, stupid.

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The first bit of awesomeis if after today's show, you want some more of my dumb face, and also maybe some others, got two ACW videos and clips with jacksfilms going outtoday, link to those down below.

We've got the Schitt's Creek cast playing, How Well Do You Know Your Co-Star? King Princess had aTiny Desk (Home) Concert And couple make a tiny artgallery for their gerbils.

Got a clip of AubreyPlaza on Crank Yankers.

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If you want to see the full versions of everything I just shared, the secret link of the day, really anything at all, links, as always, are in the description down below.

Then, for a story Iwanted to highlight people that are doing good right now.

And among those you have peoplelike YouTuber jacksepticeye.

Yesterday he launched acoronavirus charity live stream, initially setting a goal of $300, 000, donating $100, 000 himself.

And as of recording this video, just from his live stream, he has raised over $660, 000.

And in fact, the donationpage is still up, so if you'd like to participate as well, I'll link to it down below.

Then, on just a completely different, different level doesn'teven, different planet.

We saw Jack Dorsey, who is the CEO ofTwitter and Square saying that he will be donating $1 billion.

This to the Smart Small LLC tofund global COVID-19 relief, adding that, “After wedisarm this pandemic, “this focus will shift to girl's health, “and education, and UBI.

” Also noting it will operate transparently and will be publicly tracked, and adding, “I hope this inspires othersto do something similar.

“Life is too short, “so let's do everything wecan today to help people now.

” The final person I'llmention here is Harry Styles, though I will note there was a little bit of a controversy here.

So Harry Styles today announcedthat he was selling t-shirts to raise funds for thosefighting the coronavirus.

Right, so for $26, fanswould get a white tee with a black slogan printedon the front and back, the front reading, stay home, stay safe, protect each other.

The back reading, thist-shirt fights COVID-19, treat people with kindness.

According to the official website where you can pre-order the item, 100% of profits will be donated to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the World Health Organization, powered by the UN Foundation.

While many were excited about the news and rushing to order their shirts, others raised several concerns.

Some argued that encouragingpeople to donate directly or doing so himselfwould be a better move, rather than possiblylosing some of that money to cover production expenses.

Many were also concernedabout those who would now have to make and deliver the shirts, some noting, those people, “They're clearly not stayinghome and staying safe”.

“Don't people have to go out to work “to manufacture these shirts? “Isn't that really contradictory?” But on the other side of this, you had people supportingand defending Harry, noting that the shirts aren't expected to ship until four to six weeks after receiving a purchase confirmation, which might signal thatmanufacturers are holding off on production or slowingit down to ensure safety.

However, I will say, noinformation about those details has actually been confirmed or explained.

Others also arguing that some people who might have not just donateddirectly might now do it because they have something they can get.

Also, I will say this kind of backlash was not completely unexpected.

You know, for example, we saw Rita Ora facing similar criticism last month after releasing her own merchandise to raise funds for that same organization.

But also, regarding Styles, this was not a surprising move.

Earlier this year, he launched a Treat PeopleWith Kindness movement and created a range of merchandise with profits distributedto local charities around the world.

But ultimately what I'llsay regarding my reaction to this based off ofwhat we have right now.

I can't really faultHarry Styles for this.

We write on the page wherepeople can buy this shirt where 100% of the profits will go to a charitable organization, but there is also a link to that charitable organization that goes straight to a pagewhere you can donate directly.

And so, I think this raisesawareness for the charity.

I do agree that I thinkthere are gonna be a number of people that would nothave just donated directly, and kind of wantedsomething to show for it.

Also, that shirt, in theory, could serve as promotion to this charitable effort.

If people see it in picturesor videos on Twitter or Instagram, TikTok, whatever.

And I also don't wanna make it a habit to shit on people who are trying.

What I mean, Harry Styles could've just as easily avoided criticismby just doing nothing.

I mean, sometimes you justlook at some of the stories that are out there and you're like, people are almost incentivized to not try.

Or, the news comes out, so and so did this, and a lot of people start responding, well, that's not enough.

Right, and you know, thereis a cynical conversation to be had about how many of those people that are donating aredoing it for good press.

But I don't know.

I personally can't fault him for trying.

But that said, you know, that's personally my point of view.

What's yours? Do you agree, disagree? Why, why not? I'd love to know.

And then, while this hasbeen an expected move for a while now, Bernie Sanders made abig announcement today.

– So today, I am announcingthe suspension of my campaign.

Today, I congratulate JoeBiden, a very decent man, who I will work with to moveour progressive ideas forward.

– And while in this announcement, he did not officially endorse Joe Biden, also mentioning that for practical reasons that he will remain on theballot in upcoming primaries, this to exert influenceon the party's platform, and he also said that after the Democratic National Convention.

– Then, together, standing united, we will go forward to defeat Donald Trump, the most dangerous presidentin modern American history.

– As far as what I'll sayabout this announcement and this news, once again, it was not unexpected.

It was a statistical certainty that this was going to happen.

But even with Bernie Sanderssuspending his campaign, I think it's incredibly important to note, not just his candidacy, but his movement.

I mean, think about how muchthe national conversation has changed since he was acandidate back in 2016 to now.

Or how many people that wentfrom hearing him in 2016 and going, those ideas are outlandish, to now 2020 where therewas way more interest in his ideas for many more people.

Though, unfortunatelyfor he and his supporters at this time, not a majority.

Understand, this isn'tone of those spin-roomy, somehow there's winning andlosing speeches, it's not.

But I think it's importantwe don't dismiss the change that we witnessed overthe past four years, because movements change.

They do take time.

Seeing how the nationalconversation has changed over the past four years, it makes me wonder, on what things could wepotentially move Biden left on? It also makes me wonder where we as a society will be in evenjust four years from now.

I mean, on healthcare, immigration, education, debt, so many important topics.

But, back to the election, it's gonna be interesting to see what happens with his supporters.

Or how many in the general won't vote or they'll vote for someone else, how many people willactually move to Biden.

Ultimately, we're gonnahave to wait and see.

Then, let's talk about ourdaily coronavirus numbers.

In the United Statesas of 3:00 pm Eastern, we saw 404, 352 confirmed cases, 13, 829 confirmed deaths, 22, 775 recoveries.

And as far as globally, we had 1.

475 million confirmed cases, 86, 979 deaths, 317, 372 total recoveries.

Now here's the thing.

While numbers are globallyare still on the rise, we're starting to see alot of countries announce that they are easing restrictions, or starting to look atdoing so in the future.

Definitely the most notable example at the top of the news today is Wuhan, which just ended itslockdown today after 76 days.

And according to reports, the move comes as only threenew cases were reported in Wuhan over the last three weeks.

And with reopening, travelrestrictions were also lifted.

So now, people can leave Wuhan as long as they show authorities a government-sanctioned phone app that reportedly quote, “Indicates based on their home address, “recent travels and medical histories “whether they are contagion risks.

” And according to local reports, there within just hoursof lifting the ban, around 65, 000 people had left the city by train and plane alone.

That's not even including thethousands who were allowed to leave by car or busonce the roads were opened.

But despite all of that, Chinese health officials said yesterday that Wuhan residents werestill being pushed not to leave their neighborhoods, the city, or the province unless necessary.

So with those two different bits of information existing at the same time, there are a lot of concernsthat this could lead to a second wave of the virus.

And, I mean, just once again, to look at the numbers, and obviously theseare the public numbers.

Yesterday we saw thenumber of confirmed cases, they're jumping from 32 to 62, which is notably the highestit's been since March 25th.

But also, very, very notably, new imported infectionsmade up 59 of those cases.

Now, just today, Chinesehealth officials have said that asymptomatic cases quadrupled, going up to 137 fromjust 30 the day earlier.

And once again, here, officials said that 102 of those cases were travelers.

And that is somethingincredibly significant, though not unexpected.

And the reason for thatis, this is something that we've seen happenin other places, right? Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Taiwan had all flattened the curve but then travelers from the United States and Europe began bringing the virus back.

That then prompting all those places to implement muchstricter social distancing and immigration controls.

As far as other countries, we're seeing eased restrictions.

On Monday, we saw bothDenmark and Austria announce that they will slowlystart opening up parts of the country starting next week.

The Czech Republic easedsome restrictions yesterday and said that it will startallowing some travel next week.

In fact, just today, Spain's government announced that the country will start returning to normal life starting April 26th.

And while Spain didn't give specifics about how those restrictionswould be lifted, a lot of people are especiallyconcerned about Spain.

That being because Spain is oneof the hardest hit countries with the second highest number of confirmed casesafter the United States.

While we saw the numberof reported fatalities in the country slow last week, the number of deaths in thecountry has risen again, just in the last two days, with757 today and 743 yesterday.

But Spain is also not alone here.

Germany and France have alsosaid that they're preparing and looking at optionsto ease restrictions.

This despite the factthat some forecasts show that the outbreak is growingrapidly in both countries which have also seen recent rises in confirmed cases and deaths.

Belgium, which is alsolooking to ease restrictions, reported its deadliest dayof the outbreak to date, and this morning, the UnitedStates reported the largest single day coronavirusdeath toll of any country.

Something we're seeing here in the States, you had Mike Pence saying that the CDC is consideringchanging guidelines to make it easier for essential workers who have been exposed tosomeone who has been infected to return to work ifthey don't have symptoms.

And according to the report, a person familiar with the proposal under consideration said, under the proposed guidance, people who are exposed to someone infected would be allowed back on thejob if they are asymptomatic, test their temperature twicea day, and wear a face mask.

But with this, a lot of experts say that it's way too earlyto be opening things up.

Just today, the World HealthOrganization's director for Europe warned thatdespite seeing positive signs, it's too early to relaxcontainment measures, saying, “Now is not the time to relax measures.

“It is the time once again to double “and triple our collective efforts “to drive toward suppression “with the whole support of society.

” With another top WHO official adding, “We have got to ensure “that the public understandswe're moving to a new phase.

“It's not lifting lockdownsand going back to normal.

“It's a new normal.

” And to that point, according to reports, many experts believethat things won't return to that normal until we have a vaccine.

With some even saying that this idea that immunity would rise fast enough to relax social distancing measures before a vaccine was out, that is totally out of the picture.

But, at the same time, wesaw Dr.

Fauci today say that the Trump administrationhas been working on plans to eventually reopen the country, saying, “If, in fact, we are successful, “it makes sense to atleast plan what a re-entry “into normality would look like.

” But adding, “That doesn't mean we're going “to do it right now.

“But it means we need to beprepared to ease into it, “and there's a lot of activity going on.

” And all of this, includingFauci's statement right here, it makes me think back to whatFauci has said in the past that we kind of have to be flexible.

But ultimately, that's where we are with the situation right now, and we'll have our eyes gluedto see what happens next.

And that is where I'mgoing to end today's show.

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I love yo' faces andI'll see you tomorrow.

– I hope you like this video.

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