EXTREME ABG (Asian Baby Girl) Baddie Transformation… with MOM??

can you handle me tonight oh hello i didn't see you there all right you guys welcome to my channel now you may be asking yourself does she normally look like this i really hope not no today i have a very special video for you as you can probably see from the title there's this trend that's been going around and it's called the abg transformation i'm going to assume that this is not your first time seeing a video entitled abg transformation but in case this is the first time let me provide you with a definition abg stands for asian baby girl according to urban dictionary an asian female gangster they're pretty badass multiple piercings nails tattoos have a strange proponent for boba tea i've been seeing these videos floating around i figured hey this actually looks kind of fun but not gonna lie as far as the makeup style goes it's not super different from what i normally do it's just heavier when i go in for auditions that's basically the kind of makeup that i wear but this video is very special because i was talking to my parents about this abg phenomenon i was telling my mom like yeah i'm gonna basically give myself a little mini makeover and she goes that sounds really fun can i do it too so later on in this movie my mother will be joining us and i will be transforming good old mom into an ab and asian baby mom i don't like how that sounds but that's what we'll be doing i'm gonna take care of myself first and then we're gonna move on to transforming my mother as well so yeah i've watched a lot of these videos there's there are a couple of things that carry over from video to video so one of the things that i see are colored contacts i actually happen to own a pair of contacts these are green i know i look a little freaky with these on these kind of look like moss a little scary i will i'll be honest it does look a little freaky i should mention this is not a makeup tutorial i'm not by any means a beauty guru in fact half my makeup is like several years expired don't listen to me but i'll tell you what i'm doing along the way so right now i'm applying morphe eyeshadow primer this is the bareminerals bear pro liquid foundation in golden ivory number eight and i use a brush because i'm a noob looking appropriately ghosty i'm going to contour i've got the etude house play 101 stick [Music] now we're gonna go in with bronzer i've got something horrifying to show you all i've been using this for probably four years now i finally bought a replacement man did not want to let this bronzer go okay so now i'm just throwing some bronzer on my face now i'm going to take this same bronzer and i'm going to use this as eyeshadow base take a smaller eyeshadow brush and just add that same color to the lower eyelid excuse my makeup faces [Music] i bring it down pretty low because it makes the eye look a little bit bigger also apparently abg's are party goers so if i look like i haven't slept very much it adds to the look so this is also a super old makeup pack that i own it's a free sample from clinique and that's all that's left of it but i use this color right here and it's just a dark purple and i'm just going to start adding a gradient to my eyelid you will find that 90 of my makeup collection is hand-me-down free makeup palettes so this is i got from a friend because she never used it the only thing i'm going to use in here is this black color i'm just going to add some of this black near the lash line i also struggle with makeup because my eyelids are uneven and so like this side is obviously a double lid and this side is more of a mono lid so it's kind of a pain to try and make it even gotta work with what you have man oh that was a lot darker than i was expecting it to be okay let's evaluate how are we doing right now it's pretty heavy makeup yep all right so next we're gonna do blush we're gonna do blush again free makeup another free clinique palette we're gonna use this blush right here upper cheeks [Music] next we're gonna do eyebrows then i just use a super cheap 99 cent generic black eyebrow pencil so i got my ballot the other day i like to get my ballots mailed to me because sit down and like double check and do like research on all of the candidates and their positions and stuff like that and things like constitutional changes for your state i like to be able to sit down and like read through them and understand them before voting for them i'm gonna be turning that in early because i wanna make sure it gets counted now one of the most important steps eyeliner i have a again like a two dollar super cheap wet and wild pencil eyeliner so we're just gonna go in and line my eye do a little bit of a cat eye slash fox eye but i like to take a pointed brush and just use it to kind of a little highlighter in my research uh i've found that avg's are highlighter fiends apparently so i've got colourpop stole the show a little bit in the inner corner and right here in the middle right below my brow bone my nose highlight my upper cheeks black pink anyways we're nearing the end guys at this point i like to apply a powder to my face just to like set everything i don't have any nude lipsticks but i have some my lip color but better colors so i've got three ce's take a layer multipot and cabbage rose i'm just gonna apply that to my lips to give it a plumping effect i also have the same thing in the color diotyma daiotima and i'm going to combine it with what i'm already wearing okay y'all this next part i'm actually a little nervous for i don't usually wear false lashes so we're gonna we're gonna see how this goes something more extreme or something more natural might as well go all out today right right so we're gonna go with lux lash kit winged and polished we'll see if i can successfully put this on let that get tacky as i've seen other people do [Music] there's always something in my peripheral vision now i mean definitely opens up your eye quite a bit doesn't it i'm feeling awake i can't stop laughing because like with the contacts and the lashes it's like it's a lot it's a lot but you know it's kind of fun last but not least time for mascara so that's it for the makeup time to do my hair get rid of this silly thing okay i think that's enough for things and this is my bangs done at least for now i'm gonna put my hair up in a ponytail okay i don't think i need her extensions i think got that covered already it's a look i do have some clothes i will be changing into but i'm gonna wait to do that because now i'm gonna have my mother join me so as far as jewelry goes abg's wear hoops for days your girl has hoops for days they're like as big as my head look at that am i in my badass yet my social anxiety prevents me from being badass be ridiculous what if i put one of these in my other piercing hole that would be hilarious but we're not gonna do that okay so that's the final makeup look i feel so extra right now let's go grab my mother and see if we can turn her into something kind of like this alrighty so now i'm going to conjure up the woman who gave birth to me hi wow hi this is mom before we get started do you know what an abg is no so it's an asian baby girl it's this like trendy thing so it's like a asian gangster oh so you're gonna turn into a gangster so we're gonna go ahead and start with your makeup okay so i'm gonna just do the same things that i did for myself really so if the color doesn't match it's because she doesn't wear foundation so i'm just making do with what i already have no you can talk if you have any insightful things to say i haven't seen my face with makeup on for a long time because you don't need it oh lucky you if you say that now how did you start learning all these makeup youtube because i had that one experience with a with a lady that came to one of the girls's birthday parties or something like that oh yeah she was trying to teach us how to do makeup and she was like oh i don't do asian eyes very often but blah blah and so she went to do my makeup i i almost left that party crying because she made me look so awful oh i was just like you know what i'm just never gonna show my face here again it's fine i don't need friends it's gangster huh you don't know you have to be one of those unless you actually are yeah so i'm just gonna give you cheekbones like nobody's business background noise brought to you by my father he's doing some uh construction around the house and he decided now was a good time to do it so see now i don't have enough that if i want to do something you know fancy makeup or something i don't have stuff so i mean you can find really affordable ways to play around with makeup my mom works in the hospital as a surgical technician so she doesn't wear makeup very often so you grew up in the farmlands of south korea that's right rural very worldly y'all she peed in an outhouse next we're going to be doing your eyeshadow that's exciting because i seriously don't know how to do it this one very well whoa this is most makeup i've ever put on on my face oh i can see becoming wilder ran out of memory space so i don't know what we're missing but this is where we're at now i forgot to put blush on you so we're gonna put blush you know i used to never wear blush and then i realized how much of a difference it makes in what way it like shapes your helps to shape your face it makes you look like you're more alive i learned that from the makeup artist when i was at the opera in new york um and he would do my makeup and i was he was like what's the facial insecurity that you have and i was like my face is like pretty wide and he was just like well if you put it here and if you put it up here it draws more attention to this plane of your face and then if you instead of putting it in the middle if you put it towards the outside right here it helps to like slim your face so this is the elf luck slash kit starstruck oh i'm excited about this i never used this ever before again there's a lot of new things that i haven't done wow this and that yeah isn't that crazy that it is do you find any lashes there i'm looking i'm looking mom that's gonna have to do good are you sure this is a gangster look on you you just look fabulous can you handle me tonight so we've got these massive hoops they're kind of heavy huh wow i never seriously they kind of change your look they suit you they look really good all right we're back and we're in more blackish clothes now we're going to do the tattoo stuff so mom picked out this one and she wants it right here and we're gonna this towel and we keep it there for like a minute or so have you never done temporary tattoos before early 2000's kids remember [Music] [Music] you can take out the earrings mom has a nickel allergy as do i but hers is a little more intense than mine so she's going to take out the badass hoops [Music] perfect who is she i don't know that's kind of pretty maybe i should actually get tagged no i mean you should is that why all right off camera we did our nails how are we feeling mom how are you feeling we're feeling wild y'all how would you rate this experience oh man it was uh 11 11.

you're feeling good i'm feeling awesome when i saw all these uh age abg videos coming out like that sounds like it would be pretty fun and then when mom said oh i want to do that too i was like i'm feeling like i'm ready to go and like try and type on my computer and see how badly that turns out we were gonna get boba but we're both pretty tired uh this has been quite a process for both of us so we're probably just gonna chill for the rest of the day thank you for i mean including me of course thank you so much for watching how do you think we did leave a comment below and say hi to mom be sure to give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed watching us stumble our way through several beauty trends if you would like to see more content from me and maybe with mom visiting every once in a while subscribe we i i'm i'm always up for making new friends have a lovely day uh i received my ballot the other day in the mail so i'm gonna be mailing that so y'all be doing your best to make your vote heard as well be safe everyone wear your masks you just gave away that you're only wearing it on one hand i can do it have a lovely life okay be see you guys bye life could be a dream.

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