Facebook Live Stream Gear: Best Microphone for iPhone & Android!

hey it's Justin Brown here from primal video in this video we're going to take a look at the best microphones to help you take your facebook lives to the next level now facebook live is really no different to any other regular video that you're producing the better the audio that you can get the better the overall video the better the overall experience for the viewers watching your videos or your live streams so the first microphone they're going to introduce you to is the Boyar vym one now if you've been watching videos on this channel then we've mentioned this microphone quite a few times but for the $20.

00 u.


price point it's a fantastic lapel microphone or livelier microphone that's wired that runs with both your smartphones and your DSLRs so it's perfect for facebook life now this microphone has an insanely long cable which when you're using that for Facebook live it can definitely get in the way the cable length is around 6 meters or 20 feet so what I'd suggest is that you roll it up and put it in your pocket but what it will let you do is get more creative with your facebook lives if you want to walk around the room and point out different things and leave your device on a desk or on a tripod then you'll have the ability to walk around with the insanely long cable and still get great audio for your live streams now if you wanna plug 2 of these microphones into your device maybe you've got two people that you want on your Facebook live stream then all you'll need is a trrs adapter or splitter I'll put all the links in the description below if you don't want to be directly connected or tethered to your device while you're live on Facebook then another great option is the rode videomic me this is an awesome little shotgun microphone that sells for $59 u.


the biggest advantage with a microphone like this is it will pick up more background noise but it's also directional so it's going to primarily pick up audio in the direction that the microphone is pointing so this is also really good if you've got multiple people in your Facebook live stream but maybe you don't want to have them directly connected to your device or you want to walk around and talk to heaps of different people then this is perfect probably the biggest downside with a microphone like this or really any shotgun microphones in general is that they will pick up more background noise than a lapel or lavalier microphone but in some cases that's also a really good now one thing to be aware of with this microphone is that it will only work properly if your device is in flight mode don't ask me why even rode mention it on their website so if you've got 4G or LTE enabled then it can bring in a heap of static and sound terrible which that leads me to the next microphone recommendation and that is also a rode microphone this one is the rode videomicro now this one looks very similar to the rode videomic me and this one sells for $59 us as well now you will be able to use this microphone without the need to be on Wi-Fi only this one definitely will work on 4G or an LTE connection which is perfect now one of the best things about this microphone is that it will work on most DSLRs and on smartphones but what it doesn't have is the ability to mount directly to your smartphone so what I suggest is that you use this microphone on a small tripod or a small rig to hold your phone and hold the microphone as well now we will have a video coming out within the next two weeks covering our best tripod options for Facebook live I'm going to cover that exact setup with this microphone as well so keep an eye on the cards because we'll link it there as well as in the description below now if you're using an iPhone 7 then these microphones will still work however you will need to use the supplied 3.

5 millimeter to lightning adapter that came with the phone and I'd recommend the rode videomicro over the rode videomic me because it's going to be easier to mount to a tripod or an external rig now if you're interested in moving up beyond there and getting more professional bringing more professional microphones then take a look at these sera monic smart mixer and we did do a video on this quite a while ago again I'll link it in the cards in the description this is an awesome unit for getting professional sound into your smartphones so what this device lets you do is bring in professional-grade microphones using the XLR plug which is awesome it also has two shotgun microphones on the top of the device so even if you don't want to plug in any additional professional microphones you've got two shotgun microphones on the top of the device where this device is really cool is that it shows you your audio meters while you're live so you can actually see that there is sound going into your vice so that's another thing that's cool for peace of mind while you're live so that you can actually see that there is audio that your microphones are working because you can visually see the bars moving now the two shotgun microphones are removable and when you take them out it's just a standard 3.

5 millimeter plug which means that you can plug in either one or two microphones directly into this unit the other advantage of this unit is that it is a full rig you can either hold it selfie style and it will give you a really stable image or it's got a tripod thread in the bottom of the handle so that you can mount it on a tripod as well there's also multiple hot shoe or cold shoe really mounts so that you can mount things like either bigger microphones or additional lighting or really any other accessories that you really want to use to pimp out your Facebook livestream rig now you can pick up the Sarah monix smart mix up for just under 170 dollars u.


so it's not cheap but it gives you a huge amount of flexibility and fantastic audio so those are my top picks or recommendations for microphones to help you take your facebook lives to the next level if you're using your iPhone or your Android device to create regular content videos then make sure you grab our free pdf download taking you through step-by-step how to create professional videos using your iPhone or your Android device put a link on screen now and below in the description and I will see you next time.

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