Fashion Mystery Box DIY CHALLENGE! (Style Summer Olympics)

– These are just too many things.

What am I going to do withall of this in an hour? – I'm ready to stitch some stuff.

– That was so satisfying.

(Loryn yelling) (upbeat music) – Hello everyone.

And welcome to the firstever Style Summer Olympics.

Is that applause for me? Stop.

Stop, I'm blushing please.

No, don't stop I need the applause.

Keep it coming, please, please.

My name is Emile Ennis Jr.

And I will be your host forthis epic week of competition.

Now let me explain, becauseover the next three videos, our competitors willbe testing their skills in events based onfashion, food, and beauty.

The winner will be awarded our coveted, our biggest honor, the Style Summer rose gold trophy.

Can I please have myassistant bring me the trophy? Oh, well, we're sociallydistanced right now and they're not here.

Also I don't have an assistant.

So just give me one secondwhile I grab the trophy.

Our Style Summer rose gold trophy.

♪ Oh wow the style summer.

♪ ♪ Rose gold trophy ♪ And now on to the competition.

Today's event will be inthe category of fashion with the game called DI-WHY?! Competitors will each be given a box full of random household supplies, and they will have to usethe supplies to DI-WHY a fabulous outfit.

Now for the rules.

Rule number one, competitors have to useall of the items in the box to create the outfit.

Two, competitors can useone item from their closet to help create the outfit.

Three, the outfit mustbe completed in one hour.

No ifs, ands or buts.

So our judge for today'sevent is my partner in crime and Clevver News own Sussan Mourad.

– Thank you so much Emile I'm so honored and so excited about getting to be the judgefor today's fashion event.

Really, I know how much work goes into putting one ofthese outfits together.

Having put my own outfit together for the Met Gala look, so I know the girls are gonnabring their absolute A game.

I think it's gonna be reallyhard to pick a winner, but I just cannot wait to see what they're gonna bring to the table.

And I even brought and puton the fanciest fur coat I could find.

Well, actually the only onethat kinda still fits me during quarantine.

But you know, irrelevant details.

Let's get on with the fashion.

– Thank you Sussan.

Now let's meet our competitors.

First up, (clears throat) we have Drew Dorsey.

Okay, so her favorite color is glitter.

Kitten heels make her physically ill, which I understand.

And she is known to frequentlybust out a high note or two.

Girl same.

♪ Holy Maria.

♪ Okay.

(clears throat) Next on we have a Loryn Powell.

Loryn is first in line every year for a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte.

She never met a targetdeal she didn't like.

And she is fluent in pun language.

You know, I get thatbecause I go into Target expecting to spend like $10 and I walk out with a $250 receipt.

Somebody explain it.

Help me please.

And the last but not least we have Sinead De Vries.

All right, so Sinead's hair is so big because it's full of random knowledge.

She invented the donut, and her secret weapon isher adorable son Harrison.

So now you know the rules, I think it's time.

Competitors, the clockis set for one hour.

Good luck.

– Okay you guys, I'm ready to DI- WHY some stuff, I'm ready to cut up some stuff, I'm ready to glue some stuff, I'm ready to stitch some stuff.

– All right, here we go.

Not off to the best start.

– Oh, oh, ooh.

What we have here? – The first item is a shower curtain.

– That's kinda like fabric and when something is fabric like I thought it was gonna be like, make a shirt out of a lamp.

You know what I mean? Like I can work with that.

– It's a lot of fabric, but at least that means Ihave a lot to work with.

Not mad at that.

– It looks like we have, of course, one of those stretching shirts, a popcorn shirt, whatever you call it, that we tried in theone size fits all video.

– In a bunch of shirt like threads.

– Ryan.

– I barely pulled on it.

– How do you do that? – The scrunchy shirt I just feel attacked.

I feel personally attacked by this.

Maybe I'll use this as an accessory to clean up my dog's poop.

– Oh, cute.

What is this? Vintage wedding decor.

– It's a box of flowers.

Oh yeah.

I could definitely work with these.

Like I thought of putting them in my hair.

– The flowers are cool.

I'm getting ideas.

Getting ideas.

– Okay, it looks like I have a pair socks, which will come in handyfor me after this video.

'Cause I always lose my socks.

I swear my washing machine eats them.

– Like, what am I gonna do with this? And I have to get creative.

Gonna have to get really creative.

– A magazine? Oh, this is my favoriteperfume in the world.

– This magazine, I'm allsorts of confused with.

If I like read it, while on DI-WHY, does that count as using it? – What's this? Is it a necklace? It's sparkly.

I like that, it matchesmy Olympics uniform.

– This is not acceptable as a mask though.

Do not wear this as your mask.

– Look at that.

It's so cute.

– God, you gotta love a mini purse.

– I gotta use this tinypurse as not a tiny purse, because it's got all of that uniqueness and creativity.

A purse can't be a purse, you know? – Let's see, what else do we have in here? Are those? Yep, they are string lights.

– We've got some string lights.

– They are not even battery operated.

Come on.

– These will be nice for afterwards.

Like I can decoratethe patio or something.

I'm thinking of about allthe items that I can use after the video.

Drew focus.

How can you use thesefor an outfit right now? You're in the Olympics, gotta take it seriously.

– I'd use all of these items? This is so much stuff.

– Nothing matches, but that is okay.

– My first impression, was obviously like, should I wrap thisshower curtain around me, and then maybe use thelights to anchor it? Then I'm like, “No, I feellike everyone's gonna do that.

” You know what I mean? – I feel the most confident about making something outof this shower curtain.

I feel the least confident about incorporatingthese string lights that, have to be plugged in.

– Everything's pretty unique.

All the patterns are bold, and of course there's anentire box of string lights.

So I'm gonna try to kindof plan out an outfit idea.

First, is the bulk of the outfit gonna be the shower curtain and then maybe I use this as an accent? Because let's be real, this shirt should have neverseen the light of day again.

– This shirt is awful, so I don't really wannawear it as a shirt.

This is what I think I wanna do, think I wanna cut theshower curtain in half or like partially in half so I can make like a crop top and then in order forthe crop top to stay on, I'm going to cut theshirt into like ribbon and then corset the top.

– When I first saw this shower curtain, I thought I knew exactlywhat I wanted to do, but like now seeingall these other pieces, it feels like a little too much, you know? And I'm the queen of doingtoo much to do your DI- WHY and even I think that theseare just too many things.

What am gonna do withall of this in an hour? And also it has to plug in.

– I'm just gonna haveto try to incorporate all of these things as accents.

Why would they give me socks? – I could use those socks as gloves.

– I have a two piece set thatis similar in pattern to this.

So if I could just use thatfor measurements and tracing, then it is that recreationelement that I need to succeed.

(Loryn yells) Fucking to get that out.

– Okay, so let me see how Ican cut this to make the top.

– Gonna do my best to use as much fabric from this as possible.

– How do I make shorts? What if I just make a skirt? Why am I making this difficult? Let's just make a skirt Loryn, let's just make a skirt.

– I'm gonna start with it being longer as opposed to shorter.

(scissors snipping) – Oh wow, it's so satisfying.

– Oh, it has like a little accidental slip because I didn't measure it.

That's cute.

– I messed up a littlebit, but that's okay.

Cut it too (chuckles), too short, but that's okay because I'mgonna use the scrunchy shirt as my core sample, it's fine if like the butt's not closed, you know what I mean in my ad.

And that little butt cleave effect.

You know I'm not worried.

Would (indistinct) word? – I feel like I'm on “Project Runway.

” I would do so bad on “Project Runway.

” I'd be like, “I need a T-shirt and some sweatpants.

” – All right well, thiscould be a really cute skirt if I didn't have to useany of these other items.

– Okay, so I made my holes on each side, but this is the bottom.

I think I'm going to fold it and glue it, so that when I put it on, the bottom won't look frayed, it will be more of acrop situation, you know? – Not the greatest hems in the world, seams are a little suspect, but it'll do.

– Now I'm going to take my scrunchy shirt and we're going to cut her.

I shouldn't give it a pronoun, makes it's too personal.

I'm going to cut it into strips, so that I can create a long enough thread to corset this puppy.

– All right, so I think I figured out what I'm gonna use this magazine for, I usually wear this necklace, this Loryn necklace, so, I was thinking I couldcut out various letters to spell Loryn and wear it as a choker.

Am I crazy? Probably let's see if I can do it.

– I am determined to makethese string lights work in this skirt.

So I'm thinking like, what happens if I just cut through this? Can either go really bad or really good.

Might as well try.

– My ribbon has now beencreated from my scrunchy shirt, so now I'm going to threadit through the ends of this.

So excited.

– Okay, so apparently producershave added a danger element because the stringlights are made of glass.

(glass clinking) This is just glasking for trouble.

(crowd booing) – This is so ugly.

But I mean, it works, right? Oh man, I might actually hate this outfit.

– Okay look here guys, the top's done.

Look, see the corset.

I took extra fabric, I'm gonna tie a bow or I'm gonna make it like a halter top.

– All right, so the bulkof the outfit's done.

Top, skirt with the veryquestionable light bulb rose belts, all that's left now is magazine, socks, mini purse.

Thank God that's it.

Oh damn, and the shirt.

– Finally figured out a way to incorporate this stupid thing.

I glued it on as little cluster buttons, 'cause I needed like a material that would come through this grommet.

So, I did that.

– Okay, next, I want to do the magazine to the purse to make a magazine purse.

Can we DI-WHY it? – It will be silly just to usethe purse as a purse, right? So maybe I make this into a purse, since it's hideous and notworth a lot of thought.

– I've been looking to win this challenge, (indistinct) to work a little bit harder.

– Being quarantined way too long.

(soft bouncy music) – Taking it back to 1995.

Yeah let's just put some roses on it.

Oh yeah, this is it you guys.

– Hihi, hair is done.

Oh my God, I love this so much.

My hair is like a push cushion.

Each of the roses hasjust like a little sting and I just stuck it in there.

And then put some garnish by my ears to get like goddess vibes, you know? – The top is basically done.

I glued on these little straps, tried to match up the color.

I even glued a seam, 'cause you know I'm alwayscomplaining about seams.

– What the hell am I gonnado with a string of lights? – I have no idea what to do with this.

– I really gotta figureout something with this.

'Cause this is hideous.

– Oh my gosh.

(Loryn yells) – Now I just have to put it all on.

– Outfit time.

– I was trying to do somethingover here, it didn't work.

But competitors, oh, I'm falling.

The time is up.

Put down the glue gun, it's time to hit the runway.

– And to kick things off, we're going to be using, well I'm gonna be using the red dancing lady emoji.

You know the one, I meanshe's been around forever.

Can't really do it in this dress.

But that is what we'regonna use to rate the girls from one to five on uniqueness, creativity, and detail.

I've got a laptop right over here.

I'm gonna hit play and I'm gonna watch and first of all, we'regonna play Sinead's look.

So here we go.

(upbeat music) – All right, so here is the final product.

Honestly it turned outbetter than I expected.

I was able to use the shower curtain to create a full outfit, with the string lightsacting as like a belt ish and the socks surprisinglyenough went a long way.

Not only did it serve as my mask, complete with mini purse detail, but it also acts as alittle bracelets as well.

This look is called never, because never in my life did I think I'd be able to pull this up and I would also wear it nowhere.

This is an at-homeoutfit, but you know what? I think I crushed it.

So let me just pull my pearl mask on.


Give me the gold medal.

– Wow Sinead, youabsolutely slayed this look.

It looks so good, withthe mask in particular, which looks like little pearls, is amazing, amazing touch.

And the bag, OMG, it looks like somethingyou could totally buy from the store.

Wow, Sinead.

This is absolutely killer.

(upbeat music) For creativity, I give youfive dancing girl emojis because this is just so freaking cool.

How on earth did you turnthat sock into like a band that goes around your ear? Like you need to teach me how to do that.

So creativity, five dancing emojis.

(fast-paced music) All right, next up, we have uniqueness.

Now I'm gonna give Sinead, a four and a half dancing emoji.

I'm gonna do a half becausethis outfit is so unique, I love what she did with the COVID mask, and also that bag.

I'm just gonna penalize half a point just for like thesimilarities of certain looks I've seen before, only in terms of likethe top and the skirt.

So freaking cool, four and a half out offive for uniqueness.

(fast-paced music) One thing Sinead knows about is detail.

I'm gonna give five dancing emojis, five dancing emojis, the detail on this is so freaking cool.

The detail of the mask, the detail in the headpiece, five for detail.

And I'm actually quite scaredof what I'm gonna see next because, (sighs) it'sgonna be tough to beat.

(upbeat music) – This is my Olympic, my out and pick.

It's waterproof, it's electrical, so maybenot completely waterproof, it could fall apart at any second.

And maybe I should have sized down.

You know, it's a little big.

Okay, so this is a customtwo piece shower curtain, Loryn original, I used the shower curtain for the skirt and the top.

I used the little scrunchyweird thing for my buttons.

This is the string light withthe big flowers glued to it.

And the glitter bandana is here, I cut it and cut out L-O-R-Y-Nfrom the Cosmo magazine and I glued it here.

Oh, one more thing, Ididn't wanna just use the mini purse as a mini purse, so I attached it to my shoe, like a shoe belt, a shoe purse, and it looks classy insidebut I almost just hurt myself trying to show you that.

– Oh my God.

How on earth did sheput that top together? That top looks so legit.

And the choker with Lorynwritten on it, oh my God.

So chic, so cool.

I absolutely love this.

(fast-paced music) Okay, first off creativity, I'm gonna give Loryn fivedancing emojis out of five because I love the creativitythat's gone into this, I love the boa with the flowers.

You actually can't eventell that it's a chord.

And then also just the detailthat's gone into the skirt.

I know it's a little bit big, I guess that happens when you're working with a shower curtain.

So yeah, I'm gonna giveLoryn five for creativity.

(fast-paced music) Next up, we have uniqueness.

Now this outfit is super unique and I'm gonna give Loryn a four and a half dancingemoji out of five.

I love what she's done withthe buttons and the shirt.

Like really.

That is such a coolway to put it together.

I'm penalizing only halfa point from a full mark, because again, I'm splitting hairs here and there is elements of the look that I've maybe seen before.

I say four and a half dancing emojis for Loryn for uniqueness.

(fast-paced music) All right, next up, we have detail.

Now there's so much incredible detail that's gone into Loryn's look.

From her boa to her bag around her ankle.

The only thing I would say islike the fit wasn't perfect.

Loryn even pointed that out herself.

Again, it's like a shower curtain.

So like how do you makeit even fit that well? So I'm going to have to sayfour and a half dancing emojis out of five for the detail only because of the fitbeing less than perfect.

(upbeat music) – (sighs) Okay guys, this is my final look.

I love this.

Like I really wasn't expecting to love it, but like, I'm proud of myself.

First I have the flowers, I wanted to give like a goddess vibe.

Then I took the scrunchyshirt, I cut it into ribbon, as you can see, and I madeit into a corset for the top, and then I used extra tomake it into a halter top.

And then my favorite part, I think is the Cosmo pursewith my girl Normani.

And then I used the minisparkly bandana just to give the purse a little extra foyer.

Love it, my favorite part.

And then I wrapped the lights around as like a little scarf situation.

– Oh my God, I love this.

It's got such a wow factor about it just seeing it for the first time.

And that top looks amazing.

I love the detail on that.

And the back, wow, how onEarth could you do that? It's a very like goddess vibe.

I feel like we need to makea statue of Drew right now.

(fast-paced music) All right, first ofall, we have creativity.

Now I love this look so much.

I think it's so creative.

I'm gonna give Drew fivedancing emojis out of five, because I mean, she looks like she could almost be the dancing emoji, but like she's not wearing red.

The fact that she turnedanother piece of clothing into like a ribbon essentially, and turned it into a corset up the back.

Props to you Drew, that is amazing.

And it's a shower curtain.

Did I mention that? (fast-paced music) Next stop we have uniqueness.

Now I think this is super unique.

Again, I feel like goingwith a goddess looking almost Grecian style, statuette look.

I'm gonna give Drew, fivedancing emojis out of five for uniqueness.

(fast-paced music) Finally we have detail.

Now I love the detail that'sgone into Drew's look.

For me the top is everything.

Like the detail of that isimpeccable and it looks so good.

And I love what Drew's done with the bag, turning the magazine into a bag, sticking it to the bag witha bit of mesh on the bottom to add a bit ofrazzle-dazzle, like love that.

So based on the detailof the top and the bag and the perfectly fitting skirt, and everything going on with the hair, I'm gonna give Drew a fiveout of five for detail.

Okay you guys, that was so hard and sooverwhelming and so impressive, all at the same time.

I mean, all of them deserve to win.

Like all looked so amazing, but we can't do that todaybecause it is the only picks and the numbers don't lie.

And the winner of the rose gold trophy is, Drew Dorsey.

– I won you guys.

This is so cute.

(laughs) Look at the rose gold trophy, I love it.

It's a rose gold sea for “Clevver.

” I would just like to thank and to do a little acceptance speech.

I would like to thank you all for watching and making the ClevverOlympics a possibility.

I would like to thank ourlovely judge, Sussan Mourad for liking my designs.

And I would like to thank, well, myself for being creative.

(laughs) – Sussan, you did such anincredible job judging.

Thank you so much for joining us, but that wraps up our first day of the Style Summer Olympics.

And we still have tworiveting days of competition.

So make sure you stay tuned because our next day of competition, our competitors are goingto push their taste buds and fashion knowledge to the limit, and you don't want to miss it.

I'm your host, Emile Ennis Jr.

And good night.

(soft music).

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