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Hey Gamers! Welcome back to IsItThatGame?Your one stop destination for the best android and ios games out there! I'm your friend 'Big Smoke' and this videois dedicated to all you strategy gamers out there! 'Finally! Top 25 Best Offline StrategyGames of all time' Being a strategy games lover, I know how frustratingit feels when developers opt for the Pay-To-Win stuff, it just ruins the gameplay.

So I havetried to include more paid games in this list in order to say No to 'pay-to-win' And yesgraphics matter but according to me, gameplay is the king when it comes to strategy games.

So we are sure gonna be covering some rough looking games with the most pure, raw andmind bending gameplay.

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Here we go again! So lets start our video from the Viking agewith a free classic real time strategy game, The Viking Village.

Its a minimalistic RTS/basedefense hybrid game in which you build and defend a village from evil knights.

You cancollect resources, build archer towers at strategic positions and control melee Vikingwarriors directly to survive.

You must Attack enemy village and destroy their village fireto win.

It has no timers and loads of game modes to keep you engaged.

Next up we have one more beautifully hand-craftedreal-time micro strategy with Vikings, The Bad North: Jotunn Edition.

Its a charmingbut brutal real-time tactics roguelite.

Here, you'll defend your idyllic island kingdomagainst a horde of Viking invaders, as you lead the desperate exodus of your people.

You'll have to command your loyal subjects to take full tactical advantage of the uniqueshape of each island.

Everything will be at stake! Fail, and watch the blood of your subjectsstain the ground red.

Moving on we have a paid sequel to the popularfree action-packed nuclear strategy game, First Strike: Final Hour.

Its a great strategysimulation featuring snappy gameplay and an intuitive interface that makes dropping thebig one as easy as ABC.

But be sure to take the right measures to guarantee your people’ssafety first.

Its a quick and fun game with beautiful graphics and shows you how littleit takes to heat things up.

Next up we have an an epic turn-based puzzle-adventuregame by Square Enix Studios, The Lara Croft Go! Its a 496MB turn based puzzle-adventureset in a long-forgotten world.

Explore the ruins of an ancient civilization, discoverwell-kept secrets and face deadly challenges as you uncover the myth of the Queen of Venom.

It has Experience lush visuals and a captivating soundtrack.

And with simple swipe to movecontrols it also has more than 115 puzzles split into 7 chapters.

And now we have a brilliantly unique indieresource management simulation, Despotism 3K.

Its one of the few games that I've personallyenjoyed a lot.

Here, Humanity is enslaved by an AI… which is awesome, because we’replaying as that AI, exploiting these nasty humans to extract power and build our ownempire! We must make them work, produce energy from them and throw them to bioreactor wheneverthey make a mistake or revolt against you! Wooo.



Now that's something really dark there! moving on we have a funny game about stickmanin castle siege, vs stickmans with catapult & archers, The catapult 2.

Its a 210MB freeto play game where you Help your stickmen to Defend the castle from archers and catapultsof different constructions while The enemy throw stones and arrows! Upgrade your weapon, catapult, crossbow, arrows and destroy enemy stickmans, archers.

You can use stickmen tofight artillery, siege towers and fend of enemy for 180 levels of this game! Next up we have an Old school games inspiredRTS game, The MechCom 3.

Its a new fast-paced 3D action RTS thats heavily influenced bythe popular open-source RTS, Warzone 2100 and Dune.

It takes place in the year 2100when two corporations (BIOSPHERE and APEX) go at it deploying powerful mechs and heavyhardware from the mothership in a classic RTS environment in the hunt for resources.

It has a size of 78MB and has no in-app purchases at all.

Moving on we have a post-apocalyptic mix ofstrategy and simulation, Rebuild 3: Gangs of deadsvillle.

Here, you try to rebuild azombie hit city from scratch by strategically managing resources, raiders and in-game relationships.

As you expand your fort to new buildings, you'll decide between farms or fortifications, housing or hospitals, and make tough decisions to fend off raiders, illness, starvation, and madness.

While the dead are still out there wandering the streets, hungrier thanever.

Next Up we have a fully featured RTS inspiredby classic real-time strategy PC games, The Rusted Warfare.

Dont judge this game by itsgraphics, its core gameplay mechanism is what we call OG in the RTS gaming scene.

RustedWarfare plays like a tribute to early RTS classics such as the aforementioned Command& Conquer and the ensuing Total Annihilation.

There are no Artificial wait timers, no microtranscations and a big fat no to the pay to win stuff.

And here we have a hilariously thrilling, sandbox strategy experience that issues the not-so-simple challenge of escaping from prison, The Escapist 2: Pocket Breakout.

Here you try to escape 10 handpicked prisons filledwith indie sandbox madness! You can Create your own con with hundreds of customisationoptions, go it alone or conspire with up to 3 of your friends to create the ultimate escapewith local multiplayer! Next up we have An adventure in deep spaceblending resource management and interactive fiction, Out There: Omega Edition.

Its oneof the more difficult games on this list as space is a more hostile, mysterious and dangerousplace.

Here, You'll play an astronaut awaking from cryonics in the deep space.

You willnot only meet intelligent species that won’t care about you, but also deal with ancientpowers linked to your destiny and the fate of mankind itself.

Up next we have the lastest installment froma popular tower defense franchise, Kingdom Rush: Vengeance.

Its a matured strategy gameand boasts simple but cool graphics.

In this 685MB game you'll find 18 new towers, 13 powerfulheroes and more than 25 challenging stages.

Here, you'll Help Vez'nan break a cursed bargainhe made with ancestral and malignant entities and Face empires of mighty enemies in thisclassic tower defense full of humor and epicness! Moving on we have a futuristic InsurgencySimulator from the creators of 'Plague Inc', The Rebel Inc.

Its a unique and deeply engagingpolitical/military strategic simulation where youll have to stabilise the country, balancemilitary and civilian priorities to win the hearts and minds of the people, whilst alsostopping insurgents from seizing power! It offers a deeply engaging, strategic challengeinspired by the complexities and consequences of modern counter insurgency.

Next up on our list we have a much anticipatedsequel to a simplistic tower defense game, The Infinitode 2.

It offers a neat minimalgameplay with infinite number of waves in a tiny but feature-packed package.

It has14 different types of towers, 11 types of enemies and Over 40 different levels witha unique developer mode.

It's a free to play game by Prineside studios and weighs just7.

8MB in size.

next on our list we have an action-packeddinosaur defense game, Dino Bash: dinosaurs V.

Its a 230MB dinosaur defense game by TiltingPoint Studios.

Here, Dinosaurs and their eggs are under attack by hungry cavemen and nowits up to you to Lead the dinosaurs in a Jurassic tug-of-war battle against primitive humansand defend the dino egg from their merciless appetite! You can Build ground defenses, deployaerial attacks, and summon dinosaurs to avoid extinction! Now lets see my most favorite smartphone strategygame of all time, The Redcon by hexage studios.

Its a real time strategy game set in the dystopiansteampunk future in which the First World War never ended, humanity knows only war andbombardment.

Here, You must command your tiny soldiers to destroy the enemy systems real-timebattles while balancing ammo, power and manpower functioning, all at the same time! All inall, this is the game that I am currently addicted to.

Moving on we have an award winning SWAT-commandquick tactics game from the PC, Door Kickers! It mixes old school, no-quarter action/strategywith modern ergonomic interfaces and puts you in command of a SWAT team during a tacticalintervention.

Here, You Analyze the situation, plan team routes, choose equipment and breachpoints, and coordinate multiple troopers to reach the hostage room before the bad guysget to press that trigger! Moving on we have the latest installment tothe popular balloon popping strategy game, The Bloons TD 6.

Its a a massive 3D towerdefense game designed to give you hours and hours of the best strategy gaming available.

Craft your perfect defense from a combination of awesome monkey towers, upgrades, Heroes, and activated abilities, then pop every last Bloon that comes your way! It weighs around168mb in size and is developed by the ninjakiwi studios.

Next up we have A cryptic, gorgeous, and righteouslyfrustrating way to spend time, Kingdom: New Lands.

Its an excellent strategy game whereyou take on the role of a monarch struggling to build your kingdom up from nothing.

Explorethe lands for resources, recruit loyal subjects, and shore up your defenses — but make haste, for when nightfall comes, a dark and greedy presence awaits… Its a 180 mb paid gameby Raw Fury studios and has no in-app purchases at all.

Next up we have an Early Acces Tower defensegame by Unimob Studios, The Castle Defender! Its a fun TD game where you Summon and Upgradeyour inner royal knight.

here, you become a leader and defend your castle from uglymonsters and mindless zombies.

It has tap shoot elements, 4 heroes and 30+ amazing levels.

Though this game is still under development, its quite stable and with these gameplay mechanicsand cool graphics, it surely has a great potential! Next up we have a fast and beautiful Fast4X strategy war game, The Battle of polytopia: An Epic civilization war.

Its a A new takeon the classic strategy 4X game with beautiful low poly art.

Here, you lead your civilizationinto war in this low poly turn-based strategy game.

Adventure into this world of blocks:explore, gather resources, farm, mine ore.



Build an empire of epic proportions, trainyour warriors and send them to fight with armies of other civilizations.

Next up we have a Free to play Turn-basedstrategy action set in WW2, The 1942 Pacific Front.

Here, You and your troops are on dutynear the Pacific – and there can only be one winner… The battle continues after “1941Frozen Front” – and this time, it’s all about naval warfare! so you'll have tojoin the navy and fight to win the battle of your life! Choose the right tactics anduse your various units to tactfully defeat the enemy! Next up we have a survival-strategy game witha fantastic RPG storyline, The 'Delivery From The Pain'.

A game where You try to survivorin a horrible, zombie-ridden world.

Here, You'll Fight against a variety of zombiesand meet different survivors with unique personalities and stories.

You'll also have many choicesamong different scenes, where each choice you make will decide the story ahead and leadthe game to a different ending.

Moving on we have a cool factory developmentstrategy game by StankoMashStroy.

Here, You will tasked to manage a large industrial enterpriseand make your way to the riches.

You'll have a chance to manage a large industrial enterprise, to go from a ruined factory to the industry leader! you can Buy machines, hire employeesand start production along with researching new technologies and upgrading your machinery.

The number of workshops is not limited and it all depends only on your ambitions, knowledge, and experience! Now lets wrap thing up with a tower defenseGame with collectible card elements, The Throne Offline! Here, you'll face the unknown evilforces that walk on your roads and want win your villages and cities in an effort to finallyconquer the THRONE.

But you wouldn't let them do that, would you? If you are a fan of towerdefense and real-time strategy game genre you will should check this one! To watch 25 best games of all time, clickthe video on the left and to watch more genre specific games, click the one on the right!Hope you enjoyed this video.



see you in the next one! Till then this is your friend BigSmoke.



Signing off!.

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