Fortnite New Singularity and All Color Styles Locations

hi hi guys well secularity is available now and yeah I've unlocked pretty much every single extra style and this is the one that you're going to get after you complete every single one well this is the last one you're gonna get and it is the drift style so

it starts off with the default then goes to cuddle ghost Rex actually know goes to pizza then Rex then dur burger and then finally the drift style know show you where to find the helmets now the helmets are basically the styles like they're hidden all around the map

and and there is like all the pounding one two three four five there is five styles I mean six styles because you know including the default now now you can see that it is part of no you know it's a literally part of no yes you know I'm

set so there's not really anything that goes really really really good with it now now guy is the first one is going to be found at the pressure plant the northernmost sided in the pressure plan I think it's like sear or something I don't know but is it

you'll find it at the northern most of the pressure actually is in northern no I think it's northeast yeah the most northeast across your plant just there now this is not very lucky of a drop truss because we're gonna have to glide away so the singularity skin was

first discovered seven drops or something was reveal the singularity skin for tonight is literally revealing them way too early okay well the chest has been built I am I am going to do a theory video after this so don't worry it's like where's the theory videos the chest

has come out you know so so don't worry guys I love you seen in youtubers like wearing like another style of this and got singularity don't worry because if you don't know where they are now this is where you're gonna find the first one this is where you're

gonna want to grout at first because you know well this is where you're wanna grab her right here and and don't worry if you're if you're like taking up here you can go ahead wear it straight back down now the next one will be found out at a

location that I can go like to and that is a little late oh I think I might need some help with this yeah so we know about singularity already but if you're wondering what the heck is singularity most similarity is the most is the eye of a black

hole if you don't know what I mean by that it's basically the very center of the body so this skin is literally the vector the center of the black hole okay so I think it's gonna be found right here wait no no nothing like right here or something

yeah definitely right here right here you're gonna want to search the helmet so so maybe we can make it to neo tilted because that's where the new one is okay maybe we can make it so so you're gonna want to go to neo tilted you know like you

know that area what is it again hug oh yeah yeah yeah neo tilt a slipstream that goes around it you're gonna want to go to there after you go there you're will find the pizza one I think yeah I think it was the pizza one oh no that

was the last one I think you're gonna find the derp one or the Rex I lost count but but you will be finding this at Neal tilted slipstream entrance one like right after the singularity statue you're gonna want to go to that now I can glide over to

you the next one now soccer skins are back and there's a lot of fakes a lot I'm one of those but like defaults that just got this [Music] now the next one is going to be found [Music] now now you're gonna want to glide right over to it

slipstream entrance which is right in front of the singularity statue now go to the platform on the left and you should to get singularity another style for security also just as I did in the prisoner video you have to have this skin for the store this one right

here go to okay so for the next one I can actually glide to so this is just for now it is found in these two trees right here now don't worry if you don't see it just look around a little bit okay take it away now the next

one just in the meantime is going to be found at polder peak now these can only be found in squads duo's or solos oh I'm right here so it will be found right over here you're right here your that yeah that's where you're gonna find it now if

we hop back in the glider back in the glider thing let's grab some mats oh there might be some shockwave grenades over here so we can you know get there faster or maybe we can just take the ice take the sniper rifle okay let's go no this is

going to be found a polar base and this is actually the last one I think you're going to also I think there was actually a launch pad in that vending machine yep okay so I think you're going to find this you can look up a video if I

if this is not the last one okay we're here so so now this is actually a really sneaky one I think this is the director this is a really sneaky one because it is found under like a chair and the table so it's really sneaky it's gonna be

found right here that's that humming you're that this is we're gonna find the singularity speech drift now I hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you did click the like button if you are new here in Italy click the subscribe button and also notified every time I

post video hope you have a great day bye guy

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