Free IPTV 5000+ Channels For Amazon Firestick, Android, Apple And PC | No Catch

so sitting around watching a little TV and I came across commercials similar to this just $68 as a special bonus you'll receive a one-year membership for an eligible family member yeah so they're charging for health insurance when people are losing their jobs that doesn't make sense so it

also occurred to me that a lot of people want to be able to enjoy some entertainment on their TV and maybe they can't afford a month or whatever subscription type TV or they can't afford their cable or whatever the case might be so I want to be able

to help and I got a couple of lists that I have that are completely free free and reuse that you could use on any device that supports them through you and this list right here that I'm going to show you has approximately five thousand streams so it's totally

free and I'm gonna show you how to set it up now the app I'm using currently is TV mate you're gonna enter this URL right here give you a second to write it down good now it's gonna load up and there you have it five thousand eighty nine

streams totally free enjoy it and it does not come with EPG so that's one of the downsides when you get free ITV it doesn't have all the bells and whistles but you know you got something there right and the price ain't too bad so this is the stream

shout-out to Fluxus and they're doing good work by providing this and you could go through the channel list see if it has what you're looking for it may have a couple things here not all the streams will probably be HD they may work some may not but again

it's completely free go through the list and see if you like it I tested a few of them for the most part it was decent quality and beautiful thing is you can use on any device your Amazon fire stick Android box your cell phone pc any app that

supports m3u like VLC TV mate what else is there I've TV smarter I'll show you how to be smarter in a second and there's so many other apps I can't go through them all there's some PC apps that are really good and I'm gonna feature those in my

later videos and yeah so you got stuff from all around the world Caribbean Europe Africa is represented and I'm gonna show you how to do it with IPTV smarter so you're gonna go load your playlist or file URL that's what you're gonna select and select m3u URL give

it a name call whatever call it IP you free list call it a you know Fred's lucky charms whatever and copy and paste the that URL pause the screen if you don't have it there it is again and make sure you know it is case-sensitive so make sure

the uppercase and lowercase are correct go to live TV and it's going to load up explore all again it looks like that because it's not using extreme codes this is strictly a pill a list similar like how you have a music playlist well this is a playlist for

videos so again no EPG it is categorized according to country and did I mention it was free yeah it's clearly free so don't say I don't give you guys anything if you're interested in these kind of videos please hit that subscribe button leave some comments say hey Freddy

you know I'm a subscriber I really like this content please give us some more and if I get a lot of views and a lot of comments and feedback and I'll continue to produce these videos cuz I got a ton of lists I don't know what to do

with them all I don't really use them but maybe I don't know I'll figure something out just give me some feedback tell me what you want to see more of what you want to see less of what's works what doesn't work and fine with criticism and feedback as

long as it's constructive so yeah I hope you and your family stay safe these trying times you know and again hit that subscribe button I'm gonna be producing more videos frequently guys have a good one


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