hey guys welcome back and today we're doing the first in a series of style breakdowns where i show you what they are how to get them and we're starting with french girl contemporary so this is a super hot trend right now and it's kind of one that's close

to my heart it's french contemporary otherwise known as sort of french girl apartment it's ultra chic and it's super cool but it sits firmly in kind of the transitional style super category now we're going to explore how that happened so to do so we need to do a

little bit of a designer history lesson so now the french have been major style setters both in fashion and in interior design literally since louis xiv well he was a major trendsetter in interiors not just fashion so louis created versailles the ultimate expression of high french baroque period

it is done to the nines and as you can see there's major elements in play here tons of applied molding patterned wood floors which are exquisite or stone those are also exquisite as you can see by the hall of mirrors lots of mirror so it was a very

strong statement a very bold statement and fancy so versailles of course is extremely intricate the baroque style is intricate but there are certain elements that we want to pay attention to for instance the patterned wood flooring chevrons marquetry squares those kinds of things that was very important and

very intentionally done fireplaces of course were in every room because that was their main form of heating but these fireplaces are done with stone or plaster and then gilded and very broken kind of ceremonial in their rendering applied molding is literally everywhere it's on every surface walls and

ceilings doors it's literally everywhere and of course they had a strong use of color it was a movement against the spanish period which was all black so color to him was a statement of wealth and importance and power so there's a lot of use of strong color in

these areas there's some neoclassic busts there's a lot of formal lighting that happens lots of crystal those kinds of ideas and fringe everywhere lots and lots of detail piled upon detail which makes the baroque period so definitive so how did this baroque very formal style translate 300 years

later into french contemporary or french modern well i'm glad you asked let me show you there's a little bit of an explanation most of the residential dwellings that are still in paris in those areas still have these high ceilings these gorgeous wood floors this unbelievable molding these beautiful

classical fireplaces often with these huge mirrors above them and so what the french contemporary designers have done is they have said we're going to honor all of this beautiful tradition but we're going to calm it down so mainly you'll find these spaces to be all one color either

a white of some sort or sometimes they go towards a dark or a charcoal but they definitely calm it all the way down but they leave the detailing in place so they've got these they've still got the beautiful curves and the arches and the filigree but it's rendered

much like a stone sculpture is in white marbles so it's very simplified and contemporized and it makes it feel more hit if i were to say one word about french contemporary it is the epitome of mixing old with new in a sophisticated and understated way then they take

things like contemporary furnishings and mix those up with this incredibly gorgeous traditional shell that's been made transitional then they add some contemporary accent pieces either in decor or in lighting and it really becomes this incredibly uber chic space to be in so how do we go about getting

this look well we want to start with our architectural shell you're going to definitely want applied molding crown molding applied molding on the walls applied molding on the ceiling you definitely want to add molding and intricate details in that area the second most important thing that you really

want to consider is hard flooring surfaces all of these spaces are either detailed like gorgeous chevron wood floors or they are stone floors and we can get these we just have to consider how we do them we can do them with engineered wood we can do them with

porcelain tiles that look like limestone so there's a lot of ways to get this look and then we'll be adding in a little bit of kind of a casual area rug or something along those lines for your window treatments you're going to want to consider restraint on that

you definitely want to pop them up as high as you possibly can you want them simple straight quiet elegant linen think white the color of the walls think a dramatic velvet of some sort and that is it no drama the fireplace like i mentioned before was really an

important feature and they definitely are created with these beautiful baroque surrounds plaster or carved wood they're really sort of important and there's always this classic louis xiv guilt mirror above them they wanted more air they wanted more space they wanted to feel grander so they created this stack

of a fireplace opening and then this mirror above it which is an absolute must for any kind of interpretation of this in a new way so tv's above the fireplace no mirrors about the fireplaces yes so now that we have our architectural envelope handled we need to think

about furnishings how do we get this look with furnishings well the main thing you have to keep in your mind is that you're consistently going to be mixing up old and new styles in a very intentional way for instance take a barometer like this done in a gorgeous

velvet fabric and then place a very contemporary little coffee table or an occasional table next to it that's a beautiful combination of old and new and creates sort of a casual effortlessness that is what personifies this sort of french contemporary style and here's another absolutely groovy space that

does the same exact thing here's that fireplace stack that i was talking about with the mirror notice that it has a pendant light which is very simple but really elegant but don't miss those leather chairs that are so sexy they're the open saddle leather you know they'll get

flawed and patina they'll be delicious and then there's the barcelona bench all on that beautiful wood floor and then they've added another element that is quintessentially french which is the serene tulip table in this case an occasional table but you can also get it in dining size which

is really fabulous for this kind of look so when you're thinking about your furnishings think about materials that are consistent so it would be organic natural materials think the waxed saddle leathers linen wools velvets solid wood elements which are gorgeous antique hardware patina is big so think silver

that's been a little tarnished or maybe a piece that you find that has some wear on the top of the marble or something that's all very in sync with this look oh i've got one more that i adore is the wrapped raffia chairs and i'll tell you where

to get them down below oh those are perfect as well as a zinc table louie didn't have zinc tables but they feel like that period so you bring them in whenever you can oh here's another thing which is remember when you're mixing old and new to make sure

things stay important so select maybe one piece maybe it's a velvet sofa or for instance in this picture it's that magnificent i don't even know danish modern perhaps purple velvet chair which is absolutely stunning and then give those pieces a little space another really focal point to this

style is their restraint their idea of making one or two pieces really important and then the rest of things get kind of quiet so for instance if i was doing a really wamped up chair say a true louis xiv bergere of some sort then next to it i

would place a very clean line simple maybe something even out of the 40s velvet sofa or something very simple so that you have that tension that gets created between intricately detailed and super clean and contemporary and quiet and that's part of what makes this work okay so now

when we're adding decor which is that third layer after furnishings and the architectural shell right we want to keep it spare a little lean focusing on just a few kind of important things maybe books a beautiful mirror a single piece of artwork always fresh flowers pictures frames unique

reflections of perhaps you maybe you have some family pieces that kind of thing we're gonna mix all of that in to create this super groovy sexy space so now there's some great pieces that are must have for you to just automatically put on your list all right so

don't worry we're going to link to all of this in the description below so number one is a gilded rococo or baroque style mirror as big as you can handle it the second thing is you want your sofas to be in something natural and quality so either a

velvet of some sort that would be fantastic a linen that would look great the iconic tulip table that i was mentioning and or other pieces that are from that sort of classic international period like the mies van der rohe chairs or the bruno flat bar chairs or the

tulip table but stick with classics nothing that went way too far mid-century modern or got too jet-setty because that's going to start to feel a little too off-center from where we're trying to go the fourth thing is they love italian contemporary lighting so whether it's ceiling floor table

lamps doesn't matter zoomier the better the italian modern lighting is just an incredible tension builder next to these architectural details from the 1700s and then lastly you want an important large artwork statement now this can be a black and white thing this could be something super colorful valuable

not valuable it doesn't even matter it just needs to look and feel important in the room so where do you go to get all of this well there's some very specific vendors that produce some things that literally scream new front chic so start at anthropology they have a

go-to primrose gilt golden mirror that is absolutely perfect and it comes in several sizes so you'll want that design within reach is another great online resource for all of those classic pieces that i was talking about earlier like the bertoya chairs the bruno flat bar chair the barcelona

seating pieces the tulip tables all of those designed within which you can get you can also get some of their null pieces there as well and haven't even mentioned the hermann miller eames chair another classic especially when it's done in either a black or a saddle colored leather

oh that is so fabulous and groovy now i've got one that'll surprise you how the heck do you get a baroque fireplace i know his place it's a place called california mantels we're gonna link to it down below and they actually have a plaster cast form that you

can buy custom sized to fit your fireplace opening so i've got you covered so along with the mantle you definitely need to get some applied moldings but there's metri goodwear hk does some rosin twirled and fancy bits so those are definitely things that you can get and apply

to your space so look at revival rugs for things that look like turkish carpets that have been distressed also check out drapery companies which you know restoration hardware there's a number of those that will link down below and then for instance if you're looking for a piece that's

very specific you could go to something like this versailles chair at restoration hardware but if you want to find some pieces that are actually antiques and or vintage pieces you'll definitely have to go to places like cherish first dibs all of the online vintage stores pottery barn rejuvenation

definitely they have great hardware designers guild perigold korean company jocelyn main serena and lily definitely don't lose track of your local consignment stores your art galleries and oh and i don't want to forget about estate sales oh my gosh those can be absolutely golden if you hit one

right so if you're liking this design series be sure and let me know down below and i'll see you guys next week

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