Goldberg Sledges Roman Reigns! AJ Styles Plans NXT Move! WWE Is Writing Off A Star On RAW! WWE News!

Here's your News for August 10th 2020Goldberg Sledges Roman Reigns! AJ Styles Plans NXT Move! WWE Is Writing Off A Star On RAW! WWE News! And your headlines for today include Huge Angle Planned For WWE Raw, Big Name Set To Be Written Off TV! Chris Jericho Officially Bans A Famous Wrestling Personality From Watching AEW Dynamite! Chris Jericho Isn’t Finished With Mike Tyson! James ‘Kamala’ Harris dies at age 70! Enzo Amore Teases Reunion With Big C! Goldberg Calls Roman Reigns ‘A Joke’! Is WWE Planning To Book A Match Between The TWO? Matt Hardy Strongly Reacts About Sammy Guevara Being So Reckless ! AJ Styles Wants To Wrestle In WWE NXT And More! We’re kicking off today with news from Monday Night RAW, as tonight’s show will reportedly see a huge angle play out.

It’s being reported that Ric Flair will be on tonight’s show, as he was part of last week’s tapings of RAW, but it’s also being reported that the Nature Boy will be written off TV, ending his recent partnership with Randy Orton.

According to WrestlingNews.

co, the plan has always been for Flair to be written off of TV, so that the sole focus will be on Orton’s upcoming WWE Championship match against Drew McIntyre, and this angle was supposedly already meant to happen.

Their report adds that Flair was meant to be written out of storylines during Orton’s recent match against the Big Show, until WWE pulled Flair from appearing prematurely, as a precautionary measure after his wife .

It’s unclear how WWE plans on writing the 16-time World Champion off of TV, as it wouldn’t be too surprising if the Legend Killer turned on his mentor, and fans will have to wait and see what happens to the Nature Boy.

Over to AEW now, and though TNT is available in millions of homes, one person who is no longer allowed to watch Dynamite or it’s Pay Per Views is Jim Cornette.

On Twitter, Chris Jericho tweeted out that he’s officially banned the controversial wrestling personality from the show, saying that Cornette can’t watch Dynamite or episodes of AEW Dark.

Cornette has been quite vocal about AEW, and has been especially criticial of the company’s booking of former Women’s Champion Nyla Rose, saying the company should use her being to garner heat from the crowd.

We doubt Cornette will take this suspension seriously, as this is the man who framed his restraining order from Vince Russo but don’t expect the former Smoky Mountain Wrestling promotor to be in any AEW content for at least a very, very long time.

Speaking of Jericho, the former AEW World Champion doesn’t want anything to do with Cornette, but once person he’s not finished with is Mike Tyson.

Though the boxing legend is preparing for his return fight with Roy Jones Jr, Jericho hasn’t forgot about their confrontation on Dyanmite in May this year, and spoke about his plans for the WWE Hall of Famer during his Saturday Night Special.

He said: “That’s the idea, We’re not done yet.

He had this fight with Roy Jones Jr.

on September 12, which cut down any chances of a match with me on the 5th.

Like I said, I get that it’s a lot of money at stake and that’s fine.

I’m not going anywhere.

We have another PPV in November and we’ll see what happens.

I’m ready to kick his at any point of time.

” Time will tell whether Jericho does indeed kick the boxing legend’s down the line, as whilst fans won’t be seeing Tyson face Y2J until after September 12th, it’ll still be a big-money match for AEW.

Even more Jericho news now, as Y2J’s band Fozzy is in some hot water for ignoring .

Despite being of great importance to help get things back to normal, pictures were shared of people being huddled together and not wearing masks, though Y2J defend himself on his Saturday Night Special, saying that they hand out masks before the shows, and that the venues were at reduced capacity.

We’ve got some sad news to report now as WWE legend Kamala has died aged 70.

Real name James Harris, Kamala was one of the most recognisable stars of the late 80s and early 90s, and also holds the distinction for having one of the rarest wrestling figures of all time, with his Moon Belly Hasbro figure selling for as much as $10, 000.

Entertaining millions of fans with his work in the ring, Kamala returned for WrestleMania 17’s Gimmick Battle Royal, and also had a small music career, which included writing over 100 songs.

Sadly, Harris dealt with various health issues over the latter years of his life, including having both legs amputated in 2011 and 2012, and had emergency surgery in 2017 to remove fluid from his lungs.

During his life, Kamala wasn’t inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, and though a posthumous induction is possible, it’s not quite the same without the man himself to receive his award.

Speaking to ESPN’S Jason King, Harris’ wife confirmed that he’d recently and was admitted to hospital last Wednesday, and though he seemed in good spirits the morning before he died, he went into and died in the afternoon.


com, the company released a statement about Kamala’s ping, which praised his work in both their and other companies, including Mid-South, World-Cl Championship Wrestling, and WCW.

This is a truly sad loss for the wrestling world, as Harris had spent so much of his life both in and out of wrestling giving to others, and we would like to send our condolences to his friend, family and fans at this time.

We’ve got some news from Enzo Amore next, as the Certified-G has once again teased a reunion with Big C.

Yesterday, Enzo tweeted a photo of himself and C, with the caption “You’ve got no chance in hell, ” a comment many fans are hoping is aimed at future opponents if they reunite.

It wasn’t too long ago that the former Cruiserweight Champion said he was working on something monumental, which was around the same time that pictures came out of C in phenomenal shape.

Time will tell whether Enzo and C reunite in the ring down the line, as though Amore has said in the past that he’s finished with wrestling and instead wishes to focus on his music career, it seems that’s easier said than done.

Over to AEW now, and when Trent’s mom Sue lent her minivan to her son, she didn’t get it back in one piece, as Proud ‘n Powerful used the vehicle n their feud with the Best Friends.

Not only did Santana and Ortiz wreck Trent’s Mom’s van, but now Santana has gone the extra step, sharing a graphic showing a mack box for an upcoming AEW action figure accessory, featuring the van.

According to Santana, the vehicle will include removable wheels and a break-away windshield, custom graffiti, and can fit up to five AEW figures, though Santana said that it fits six, if one figure is of Marko Stunt.

Though this is quite the elaborate joke by Proud ‘n Powerful, we’re confident that there’s plenty of AEW fans who’d pay good money for an accessory of Trent’s Mom’s van, so don’t be too surprised if you see this hanging from a peg in your nearest Wal Mart at some point down the line.

Back over to WWE now, and although fans haven’t seen Roman Reigns in quite some time, and one person who’s probably pleased about that is Bill Goldberg.

Earlier this year, Reigns said that the reason he has a small pad when he punches the stage with his fist is so he doesn’t get hurt, and joked that he’d never do something as stupid as headbutt a door like the Hall of Famer.

This week, Goldberg fired back at the Big Dog branding Reigns a joke, and said he headbutts the door during his entrance to make things as intense as possible.

Fans will remember that Reigns and Goldberg were meant to face off at WrestleMania 36 this year, until Roman pulled out due to the ongoing global situation, and though Goldberg would go on to lose the Universal title to Braun Strowman instead, it seems that a possible match between the two masters of the Spear could still happen down the line.

One person fans have seen plenty of during the current situation is Intercontinental Champion AJ Styles, and we may soon see the Phenomenal One on a different brand.

Speaking on his latest Twitch Stream, Styles spoke about how he’s never competed in NXT, but it’s something on his bucket list.

He said: The great thing about NXT is, you know, I wouldn’t mind going down there and wrestling NXT guys because there are so many different matchups that we could get.

I want to be able to do them before I retire, too.

So who knows what we’ll get next.

This isn’t the first time that there’s been talks of Styles in NXT, as in our recent video ‘10 Shocking Leaked WWE Plans For 2020’, we discussed a rumoured plan for AJ to join the gold brand later this year, possibly for the remainder of his WWE career.

In this same stream, Styles also tried to clear the air about his TLC 2016 match against Dean Ambrose, which many fans remember for AJ’s tights ripping, but Styles explained that this wasn’t wardrobe malfunction, but it was ripped due to a chair that was used in the match.

Styles also spoke about wanting to face Edge now that the Rated-R Superstar is unretired, though of course that match isn’t a possibility right now given that Edge is on the shelf.

With that in mind, Edge vs Styles could happen when the Hall of Famer is back, and whether that match takes place on Pay Per View, SmackDown or even NXT, pitting the Ultimate Opportunist against the Phenomenal One would be a dream match for plenty of fans.

Onto to AEW now, as the company recently dropped a new line of action figures that are flying off the shelves.

Created by Jazwares, the new AEW figures are proving to be a hard find for fans and figure collectors alike, with the first line including AEW TNT Champion Cody, Kenny Omega, the Young Bucks, Rhodes and Chris Jericho, selling out almost immediately.

Series two of the line has already been announced, which will include Hangman Page, AEW World Champion Jon Moxley, the Lucha Bros, MJF and Dustin Rhodes.

When one fan posted a photo of some empty pegs where AEW figures should be, next to pegs full of WWE figures, Cody described the situation as wild, adding that there’s only one fgure of him and Kenny Omega left at his local store.

If you’re hoping to buy the figures online, that’s gonna be difficult as well, as Series 1 is also sold out online, and Ringside Collecables won’t have any more back in stock until October or November.

Needless to say, JazWares have signed an incredible licensing deal with AEW that is already paying off, and despite the current global situation changing a lot in the world of wrestling, it seems fans will always be willing to spend their money to have their favourite wrestlers immortalised in plastic.

We are ending with NEWS from AEW now as Sammy Guevara busted Matt Hardy open on AEW Dynamite this week.

It was a bloody spot that Chris Jericho called a “happy accident, ” but Matt Hardy calls it dangerous.

Guevara got chewed out big time when he went backstage during Dynamite.

This didn’t stop as Matt Hardy used the press he received from that injury to further verbally ault the Spanish God.

“Sammy, that literally could have killed me, ” Hardy said.


You’re going to in pro wrestling history as the guy who threw the most dangerous, reckless, vicious chairshot in history.

But that’s not the only thing you’re going to hold when you go down in wrestling history.

” “You’re also gonna go down as the person who had the most potential— unlimited potential! But never lived to realize it because now it is my mission, my duty, Sammy, to end you.

Not just physically hurt, it’s my mission to rid you of this business because you don’t deserve to be in the same industry.

You don’t deserve it!” “You took a chance on ruining my life.

People, promotions, they’ve been trying to kill me — literally and figuratively — but they don’t succeed, and do you know why? Because I don’t die.

I don’t die.

I don’t die! I don’t do die! Can you say the same?” This situation got very real when Sammy Guevara hurled that plastic chair at Matt Hardy’s skull.

He really did risk a lot with a simple move.

Sammy Guevara has a lot to learn in the pro wrestling world, and he is maturing in front of fans’ eyes on a weekly basis.


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