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Hello everyone, I am Ravi, Welcome to anothervideo guide on Ethical Hacking from techposts guides and today in this video, I will showyou how you can turn an android pone into a hacking device Without Root.

Yes, We will weaponize our Android smartphonewith tools that will convert this tiny machine into a powerful hacking device which can runtools like Nmap, Nikto, and Netcat and all this without rooting on our Android smartphone.

Sounds Awesome, right.

SO lets get started and unlock the true potentialof this powerful computer without rooting.

So first go to Google PlaySTore and installConnect Bot app.

The link is given in the description and theninstall UserLand app from the PlaySTore.

UserLand app enables us to run Linux OS distributionslike Kali, Debian, Ubuntu, Alpine, and Arch linux on top of the Android OS.

Installation is seemless just like installingand uninstalling an An Android app.

And By using this, You can use the full powerof Linux on your Android.

I want to emphasis here that running OS likeKali without rooting or wiping Android OS is no easy task.

But this app makes the job so easy and convenient.

So if you like the app, be sure to leave apositive feedback to the developer on PlaySTore.

SO once the UesrLand app is installed, openit and let it load the available apps.

Then tap on a desired linux distribution youwish to run on your Android.

I will go with Kali because that will savemy time in installing the hacking tools like Nmap, Netcat, etc.

So just tap on OS and then enter the usernameand password that will enable us to access the SSH server after installation.

Also enter a VNC password and tap continueto begin installation.

Make sure SSH is selected and tap Continueonce again The UserLand app will install the necessarycomponents, and scripts from the Github repository to create the filesystemIt will take a while so sit back relax, have a cup of coffee, pause this video and watchthis video on Home Automation under $10.

This Home automation device enables you controlupto 13 devices and monitor room temperature and humidity levels.

Based on the Temperature, you can furtheractivate or turn on/off a device like Air condition unit.

So go ahead click here to watch that tillthis installation finishes.

The link to the video is also given in thedescription.

Ok so now installation is finished.

You will be asked to open with, select connectBot.

Alternatively, you can go to Sessions Taband tap the newly created option, Kali SSH to choose ConnectBot appTap always.

Now you will be asked to if you want to continueconnecting, tap Ýes’and the enter the password.

We will get the access to our Kali Linux SSHserver.

At this point, you can continue with yourAndroid Virtual Keyboad or use a USB or Bluetooth Keyboard to the phone.

The keyboard makes the job of setting up OSmuch more easier but is completely optional.

You can also install Hacker’s Keyboard appfrom Playstore to use it with the Linux distribution you have installed.

That will ive you better controls, So first, we going to update the OS.

So type apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgradeAnd tap Done.

This starts OS update process.

This will alsotake a while.

And you know what you have to do, pause thisvideo and Watch this video on GPS location tracking of a person without letting themknow, Like a Pro.

T’s completely free, no strings attached.

After downloading the files, it will ask youif you wish to continue, type y and tap done.

This will again take a while, so pause hereand watch this video on Whatsapp Chat recovery.

A comprehensive video guide on All possibleways to restore Delted chats on Android and iOS device.

So now, our Kali Linux OS is updated.

We can now access and use hacking tools likeScreen, NetTools, Netcat, Neofetch, and more to Hack wiFi passwords, websites, blogs, Windows10 PCs and do a lot more.

But more on that in our next videos.

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Let them know and unleash the true potentialof their smartphones and help us grow our community.

Thanks for watching, I appreciate your time.

Have a great day.


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