Hairstyles For Older Women That Are Going Out Of Style Fast

Not all those so-called “timeless” hairstyleslast forever.

After all, just as our bodies age, so, too, does our hair.

But don't worry, we have the power to adaptto our changing looks! We've tapped the experts to reveal the hairstylesfor older women that are going out of style fast, so you will be on trend for life! If you've always had very long hair, it canbe hard to picture yourself with a shorter style as an older woman.

“My mom likes ponytails, I found out.

” “Shut up!” Nevertheless, many women begin consideringa big chop when they're in their mid 40s.

According to anti-aging brand Nurture Replenish, a poll of 2, 000 women over the age of 40 found that age 46 was the quote “watershed yearfor many women.

” And it makes sense why more and more olderwomen are considering ditching their long locks.

John Blue, hairstylist and owner of Boss HairGroup in Chicago says of longer hairstyles: “[They] tend to drag you down and age youwell beyond your years.

” While some women might think long hair keepsthem looking young, Blue says that's just not true, adding, “In most cases, it's very unflattering.

Hair tends to weaken and get brittle and moresparse as we age, so it's best to keep it shorter, freshly-cut and sharp-looking.

” In addition to ditching extremely long cuts, these days, fewer women are opting for lengthy layers.

Natural hair expert and founder of Hayah Cosmetics, Darrius Peace, revealed that long hair with layers can have a similar effect on the face.

He says, “As we age, everything about bodies and facesstart to descend.

Longer, hanging hair exaggerates bags undereyes [and] magnifies lines and wrinkles.

” “The standard of beauty is you.

” Instead, shorter styles make your hair lookfuller.

If you have mid-length hair, there's no reasonto sacrifice overall length.

Simply adding in shorter layers can freshenup your hairstyle.

Need some celebrity inspiration? Blythe Danner rocks an extremely flatteringtextured lob.

And those layers perfectly complement theactress' features.

“You don't need all that.

Just right the way you are.

” In an attempt to cover those grays, dark-hairedwomen have relied on even deeper dyes for decades.

The result, however, is an unnatural-lookingcolor nicknamed “shoe polish” by experts.

Master colorist Louis Licari explained toAllure, “It can look opaque, which can showcase graysand regrowth.

It will also zap life and color from yourface.

” Thankfully, it looks like this hairstyle justmight be hanging by a thread.

In place of pitch black hair, Licari recommendsrequesting a single-process color with highlights, thereby going one shade lighter.

“The best thing about highlights is that youdo not have to color your hair frequently.

” If you prefer a boxed dye, Negin Zand, coloristat Salon Benjamin in West Hollywood, California, advises going even lighter.

She told Allure, “Buy a box that's one shade lighter than thecolor you desire.

” Although it used to basically be the one sociallyacceptable thing to do, completely covering your grays is falling out of fashion.

And if you're sick of touching up your roots, this is pretty much the best news ever.

Tonya Reid, hairstylist and owner of T.

Reidand Company in Charlotte, North Carolina, says she thinks more women will be rockingthose grays in 2020.

And Jamie DiGrazia, award-winning hairstylistand owner of Logan Parlor in Chicago noted that coloring over grays is already not aspopular as it once was.

She says, “It's becoming more and more acceptable forwomen to wear their natural gray hair.

There are a variety of hair care productsto keep the wiry texture at bay and keep the tone brilliant.

Color glosses and rinses can blend the silvertones [instead of] using a monochromatic dark tone…for full coverage.

” “I can see where I am going, and it's beautiful.

” Frustrated with thinning or damaged hair, many older women, like Dolly Parton, have turned to wigs.

“Why not just wear wigs? That way I never have a bad hair day.

” It's not a new trend, but wigs have certainlychanged over the years.

Wig guru, Shay Ashual, told Vogue that itwas Beyoncé who actually helped propel wigs into the mainstream, claiming, “She made it OK to wear wigs openly, and createda demand for lace-front wigs [which are] [more realistic, better quality] that were normallyonly available in the film and theatre industries.

Wig companies saw this as an opportunity toup their game and make it into the mainstream.

” With better options on the market, those poor-quality, synthetic wigs older women used to wear are going out of style, fast.

Darrius Peace says the reason synthetic bobwigs, in particular, are trending out, is: “[The] amount of luster that we see with [them]looks inauthentic and cheap.

The luster in the hair looks plastic and doesn'treally accurately mimic the luster of human hair.

” Peace instead recommends going for a custombobbed wig made of real human hair.

Sye South, hair stylist, self-professed “hugehair nerd, ” and artistic designer at Mane Attraction Salon in Phoenix, Arizona, saysthat women tend to get comfortable with their hair, maybe even getting the same cut theyhad way back in high school.

As hairstyles and trends change, though, Southsays it's imperative to stay up to date.

That means it's officially time to give upthose helmet-shaped 'dos.

“I hope this doesn't give me helmet hair.

” Instead, the hair guru recommends trying somethinga tad trendier, like what she calls “soft waves, narrower silhouettes, [or an] airytexture.

” No matter the haircut you're considering, South advises consulting your hairstylist for their opinion.

And don't worry about a new style being “ageappropriate.

” As long as it flatters your face and yourpersonality, you're golden.

Shorter hair is the way to go to combat theeffects of thinning and weakening hair.

Byrdie reports, “Shorter hair is stronger than longer strands, so even very fine hair can benefit from a super-short cropped cut.

” “Let's get my hair back, we need it out ofthe way.

” In addition to actually being stronger thana long hairstyle, pixies can give off the illusion that your hair is thicker than itreally is.

Even so, buzzed or extremely short stylesfor older women are on their way out, according to Deena Von Yokes, master stylist, colorist, and owner of Studio Savvy Salon in Rancho Santa Fe, California.

Of course, one trend doesn't go away withoutanother one taking its place.

Thankfully, a newer style, the soft pixie, is what Von Yokes describes as, “Less precise cuts [that] create a softer, more blended look with layers.

” Michael Sparks, hairstylist and co-founderof Tabb and Sparks Salon in Santa Monica, CA, says traditional shorter cuts are alsotrending out.

He says older women have started opting forquote “length with bits of shorter hair [to] [frame] the face.

” For inspiration, think Julianne Moore.

“Biggest vice.

” “Wine?” The Evening Standard reported of the actress, “In person, the first thing you notice about58-year-old [Julianne] Moore are those cheekbones, which…you could legitimately grate parmesanoff [of].

” Of course, that's not entirely due to herhaircut, but it helps.

Hansen Liu, a hairstylist at Marie RobinsonSalon in New York City, confirmed to Refinery29, “A haircut can definitely not only affecta person's face, but also enhance a person's bone structure.

” For older women, feathered bangs are, well, going out with a bang, according to Sye South.

But that doesn't mean some styles of bangscan't make the cut.

Master hairstylist Ruth Roche explained thatlonger, wispier bangs can look stunning on older women, adding, “Have them trimmed often rather than cuttingthem shorter so they last longer.

Fringes that are too short can look utilitarianand boring.

” You'll also wanna consider how bangs can completelychange up your look, for better, or for worse.

“I just changed my look in 15 seconds.

” Celeb stylist Mitch Stone noted, “[Bangs] can make you look really young andsexy or make your nose or forehead look twice the size.

It's important to make sure you trust yourhairstylist before going for it.

” Speaking of bangs, the blunt bang trend isnearing its end, if you're asking Deena Von Yokes.

While straight-across bangs may work on fashionmogul Anna Wintour, that's certainly not the case for every woman.

And it's not just age that becomes a factorwhen determining if this hairstyle is right for you.

“There is always a time when you know youhave to break the rules.

” Samantha Stonehouse, senior stylist at Toronto-basedCowlick Salon, told Chatelaine, “Square face shapes should avoid harder, blunt-lookingfringe.

[Go for] softer wispy fringe that's longeraround the temples or a side-swept look.

A longer curtain bang or side-swept fringecan last a long time, more like six to eight weeks to maintain the style.

” Although perms have started to make theirway back in as a trend for younger women, mature women have been ditching the style.

“Hold on girl, somebody just called me.

” “Quinta.

” “What's that? Who's there?” “It's me.

” “Perm box?” “Yeah that's right.

” Sye South says older women are moving awayfrom perms, especially that notorious “poodle perm.

” With natural gray hair becoming more popularamong mature women, it only makes sense that perms are dying out.

But if you don't want to give up your belovedperm, mix it up with a fresh, modernized version like the texture wave.

Michon Kessler, stylist at Studio M salonin Reno, Nevada, told Today, “Unlike the perms of the '80s, these texture-creatingwaves are done on much larger rods and use gentler chemicals.

” But, as always, you'll want to consult yourhairstylist to make sure your hair is strong enough to handle this type of process.

From classic, sleek bobs to lobs with subtlelayers, there are a number of cuts that look absolutely perfect on older women.

Sam Burnett, hairstylist and owner of Hare& Bone salon, told Byrdie, “Shoulder-skimming styles are super flattering, as they graze the décolletage and gently frame the face.

It's also worth flagging that thinning hair, especially in younger women, is on the rise, and lobs are one of the best ways to createthe illusion of thicker, fuller hair, which is incredibly youth-boosting.

” Burnett has a special fondness for “the modernbob, ” adding, “[It] has a defined outline that sits aroundthe jawline framing your face and directing the eyes towards your best features.

” However, some mature women are starting toforego one particular bob, according to master stylist Deena Von Yokes.

She says bobs that are quote “too severe”and draw a harsh “line on [the] face” is a style many older women are looking to avoid.

While carefully cut layers can be useful forcamouflaging thinning hair, hairstylist and advanced designer at Salon Eva Michelle, BryantAnthony, says he's seeing fewer and fewer older women opting for “short, choppy layers.

” Instead, clients are choosing longer styleswith longer bangs.

But that doesn't mean you have to pass onthe layers completely.

They can still serve a great purpose.

Gina Rivera stylist and founder of PhenixSalon Suites advises, “Layers can serve to soften features by addingvolume and movement.

” The key is to go for subtle layering as opposedto choppy locks, especially if you're going for a more blunt-style bob.

Celebrity hairstylist Matt Fugate explainedto Allure, “If it's too layered, it'll be [overwhelming].

[The cut] should be slightly shorter in theback than it is in the front because of how much density you naturally have in the backof your hair.

” Perhaps in an attempt to disguise signs ofaging, face-covering looks were once the go-to styles of choice for mature hair.

As of 2020 though, that trend has alreadybeen kicked to the curb.

Gareth Ward says more and more women are quote”keeping their hair off their face and showing off their face shape.

” If you like to wear your hair a bit longer, you can pull off this look with a braid or a ponytail.

However, stylist Gina Rivera doesn't advisepulling your hair back too tightly.

The expert recommends that the style be wornmore loosely as you get older, adding, “Pulling out soft strands of hair around theface can generate a gorgeous look, especially with the right hair accessory.

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