Harry Styles Goes BALD During Quarantine?!?

April Fools Day 2020, well let’s just callit April Fools Year because it’s been crazy and unpredictable! 2020 has clearly gotten to our heads as fansare convinced that Harry Styles has gone bald after a video of a Harry look-alike is makingits way around the internet.

What’s up guys, it’s Sussan Mourad herewith Clevver News bringing you all the news updates from my at-home Clevver studio, andnever have I been happier that April Fool’s Day has come and gone.

We’ve officially made it out to the otherside of April 1st, but we’re not in the clear just yet as fans seem to think thatHarry Styles has parted ways with his luscious head of chocolate brown locks.

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So as if this year hasn’t already broughtus enough stress to our lives right now, fans are wigging out (no pun intended) over thefact that Harry Styles might’ve completely shaved his head.

After a video of a hairless Harry Styles look-alikewent viral this week, many fans went into full freakout mode and were convinced thatHarry shaved his head.

So hear me out: It all started when this videoof a guy rapping with a completely shaved head made its way around the internet.

The caption of the video said QUOTE, “RUMOURS:This video of the 26 year old male singer Harry Styles has been leaked.

The ex One Direction member is said to haveshaved his hair.

More information soon.

” Upon first glance and after watching the videoon repeat for the next hour, the resemblance was still uncanny: The dimples, adorably cheesygrin, it’s all there… except Harry’s signature curly locks… and some differencesin his teeth, but we’ll get to that.

The lack of hair caught the attention of literallyeveryone who logged onto Twitter, and you can only imagine the reactions that came rollingin… Fans were begging and pleading for this tojust be a sick April Fool’s prank, but if not, prior plans would quickly be arranged.

One user wrote, “all i’m saying is ifharry shaves his head i’m digging a hole for myself at the back of my house.

” Another fan tweeted, “i nearly fainted bci saw an april fools tweet that said that harry styles shaved his hair off.

i mean he's a grown man and can make his owndecisions and whatever but like his hair is literally majestic so just thought y'all wouldlike to know that k bye.

” I mean… she’s definitely not wrong… But I’m curious to hear your thoughts… Were you guys convinced that this could beHarry when you saw the clip? Or are there not enough pieces of evidenceto support this rumor? Get ur true-crime hats on and let’s talk! Others added more speculation to the factthat this could be Harry, posting what seems to be fake quotes about the video in an attemptto fool Harry’s fanbase.

Another user wrote, “I’ve never felt sofree after doing it.

It was like my hair defined me and now itno longer holds me back.

Being bald is the best thing that has everhappened to me.

’ — Harry when asked why he shaved his head.

” Ok so this is all kinda getting out of hand, BUT I do have to mention that not all the reactions were bad… After carefully inspecting the video, somefans thought Harry actually looked good with a shaved head, like this user who wrote, “@Harry_Stylesyou’re hot, but when you’re shaved you’re very hot!” And let's be honest, Harry is always goingto look hot no matter what his hair – or lack of it – looks like! Sooooo it turns out this is just one of Harry’smany doppelgangers… I mean clearly the slight gap in this randomdude’s teeth is one of many dead giveaways.

The person who posted the original “rumor”tweet also backed it up by commenting in the thread “just to mention this is a joke doNOT take it seriously” Hmmm a little late for that.

BUT this also isn’t the first Harry Stylesdoppelganger we’ve come across.

Back in January, a Starbucks employee by thename of Sean went viral online after many thought him to be Harry’s identical twin.

A user on the app stumbled across the boywho looked like Harry, working at a Starbucks drive-through in the US.

Well I hate to break it to you guys but thereis only ONE Harry Styles who has a full head of hair and does not work at Starbucks, soI will leave you with one final word from a fan: “To everyone on my tl freaking out: HARRYAINT BALD, someone did it as a stupid April fools joke, remember to keep CALM and streamfine line and pray for long hair harry to rise.

” Alright guys, that's the news I've got fornow, but chime in down below with all your thoughts, then you can click right over herefor even more Harry Styles news .

I'm your host Sussan Mourad, and I'll see you nexttime!.

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