Hohem iSteady X Review with Apple and Android

this is interesting and the price is even more interesting oh hey this is a stinker I have brand-new gimbal here from William called I study X this is three axis stabilizer I actually wanted to review this in blood was very interested in it because as we know who I am is one of the best sellers on Amazon so I wanted to know what they came up with this time [Music] for a new faces my name is Dean Carrera if you want to learn how to take better photos and videos with the latest gear and possibly participate in creative camera challenges consider subscribing and just to clarify this is not a sponsored video however whole ham has provided the product for every view the box has really nice design right very colorful it's like the t's I like that we can immediately see the gimbal through the cover it makes you want to rip it up harder to get to it and try it out so what is inside the first and obvious is the gimbal itself mini tripod power cable wrist strap storage pouch and manual let's start with the gimbal itself it comes in two colors either in black or white and obviously this is the white version as the description says it is a world's lightest palm-sized foldable gimbal the weight is 260 grams and I think that especially female users will appreciate the size and the weight because it does fit in a handbag [Music] when it is folded it's not swinging around there's this little lock here which is good the material is hard plastic so that's why the gimbal is so light it is quite pleasant when you hold it in a hand I don't feel it should be slipping out the mini tripod is very basic and it's very lightweight because of its design I just would be a bit gentle with it I would not apply too much force the legs could possibly break it stands quite well it's not gonna tip over so how do you open it very easily you just pull it up here tighten this lock attach the phone and then when you are filming make sure that you actually unlock this bottom part if you want to lock it back you just click it back and I really do like that lock there because normally when you are attaching smartphone to all those gimble's the gimbals tend to swing around in all kinds of directions but with this one you took just attached the gimbal like this balance it make sure it's balanced actually already balanced because I don't remember about I put it last time and um it's all you have to do there is actually a reason why it has all those locks this is so far the only gimbal on the market which can be used as a selfie stick the gimbal doesn't have to be on you will just lock all three locks and use your phone right away so when you need to take a quick selfie with your friends but your arms is short just quickly pop it on how is the fit I have two phones here two operating systems because I want to make sure I tested it with both one is Apple iPhone 11 Pro and the other one is Android Samsung Galaxy S 10 plus which is quite large phone let's start with the smaller one phones holder with range is between 55 millimetres and 90 millimetres it is the biggest range of all latest gimbals it can also handle quite heavy phones as the maximum payload is 280 grams iphone as and balancing is super easy you just have to make sure either side is not going down I have a mowing case on my phone and it fits quite well the grip is very tight and quite big so it certainly won't fall out let's look at the bigger phone and fit Android Galaxy S and Buzz goes in I also have moment case on this phone as well and I can fit it in no problem I also have this screen protector on kind of like a sticker and I noticed the grip is so strong and deep that when I was balancing the phone moving it from side to side it lifts the the plastic a bit when you take the phone off you can actually see it it shouldn't happen though if you have a harder screen protector it's just maybe because I have that very thin one the sticker the battery lasts eight hours so it's not the longest time but it's certainly still many hours of filming to connect it to your phone II to download whole hand pro app and I can tell you right now that both systems Apple and Android had no problem pairing the gimbal also the features in that app are the same on both there was nothing missing and there was nothing extra let's turn the gimbal and see what the app is offering it is very easy and very simple its beginner friendly I would say it for someone who just want to turn it on film it and share it with their friends and on social media there are automatic features and some manual ones as well on the right you can select if you want to shoot photos videos time lapses or moment which I'll show you later on the left you have home button then you can turn on flash for photos or video light for filming next follows option to switch between a front and rear camera if you have multiple lenses on your smartphone unfortunately you cannot use them in this app if you want to use them you have to film a native camera app can you see gimbal motor when you film with wide-angle lens no not at all you can film with wide-angle lens with this gimbal and yes you can use native camera app it is still connected with this gimbal via bluetooth back to home pro up is face tracking in photo mode it's very helpful when you want to take selfie I'll tap the face tracking tap on the screen and I have three seconds to get ready for a photo it takes photo on its own and the same goes with the rear camera let's see how well it follows you list your little test so I'm gonna tap on face tracking I have it on a tripod and I'm just gonna move around I'd say it follows you pretty good let's go to settings and start with the video resolution you can film 30 frames per second or 60 frames per second in 4k 1080p or 720p hmm so there is no 24 frames per second okay well if you have Apple then if you want to film in 24 frames per second you're gonna use native camera app and then if you have Android if you want to film in 24 frames per second then you have to use filmic Pro app and for those wondering filmic pro is not compatible with this gimbal you would simply have to tap on the screen below we have those basic manual controls I was talking about you can select ISO and you can also select shutter speed you can also turn on the grips if you like let's look at the gimbal settings here is where you can change your filming modes unfortunately you cannot change them with the press of a button you have to change them here as a default gimbal is in pan/tilt follow mode which you will be using the most then we have panful mode or lock and POV mode [Music] [Music] shooting style is the next option you can choose from normal gentle sportive and speedy what it is it's a preset how fast your gimbal is going to react normal is the slowest gentle still slow but little faster sportive is faster and then speed it is the fastest and then further below you can customize the movement of your gimbal motors and joystick you can also perform auto calibration here last one is just information about your gimbal in the left bottom corner we have zoom and focus controls which I like lots in this app I'm finding the zoom quite smooth I just have to see how smooth this gimbal is so first I'm gonna do just a regular hard walk and then I'm gonna do that ninja filming walk and smooth the run and last one I'm just gonna do a run [Music] [Music] it is quite smooth for the fact that it's such a light gimbal usually the heavier gimbal it is just smoother it gets who one says that it is equipped with enhanced DC motors and the eye steady 3.

0 and Shaykh algorithm system so it is strong enough to handle those phones up to 280 grams you can also flip it down to film in low angle when it comes to tilt I gotta say that the range is quite limited I'm finding that it doesn't go a lot up and it doesn't go a lot down when it comes to panning it does rotate all around so it's quite good [Music] what we didn't talk about yet are those buttons the first is power button to turn it on and off if I tap one time it will switch between portrait mode and landscape mode if I tap two times it will recenter the gimbal next is shutter press one time to take photo press two times to record a video joystick is here and zoom is on the side last two features in the app I want to mention our effects where you can change the look of your photos and video and finally the fun moment feature choose your preferred style follow instructions and it will end up with a little edited video with the music effects and all good stuff to share it right away [Music] you can also do Jolie zoom here where you can suck all your preferred settings smart motion time-lapse or you can also set up everything in a grey detail panorama video [Music] fantastic rotation and inception mode [Music] from what I noticed the app gets updated very often and right now when I tap on the screen while I'm filming I can sort of select a brightness but I didn't figure out a way to lock it I don't think it can lock it right now so when you are filming and you go from dark to bright and bright to dark it's gonna be jumpy on you but who knows maybe down the road they're gonna add that feature for those interested to see the current pricing international link has been added below the video in a video description hit the thumbs up if you found this video informative and subscribe to future videos like this if you have any questions come and simply want to say hi you know you can always leave it in a comment section below and I'll see you my friends in the next video ciao away.

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