How to Configure Hikvision DVR on Android Mobile Step By Step Tutorial | 2018


Hello Aassalamwalaikum, In this video we willshow you step-by-step tutorial for how to configure Hikvision DVR on Android Mobile, So Stay till the end and watch the full video Surveillance Camera now days are part of our security, So if anyone has buyed CCTV camera from the brand Hikvision.

World well known Favorite Brand Hikvision.

You Should be able to watch the video surveillance on your mobile So, How to Do That.

Some of may not be able to configure it properly so we have got a tutorial for you from start to end so, let go to our first step so if you have brought a hikvision dvr with cameras installed sucessfully then you should connect your router to the dvr port to avail the internet to the dvr ok so for viewing in you device, you have to go to play store and search the app hik-connect one thing let me clear clear it to you is that, there is two apps in market one is ivms if you search by hikvision you can see that it's Ivms 4500this is also good but i suggest you use the app hik-connect, which is the upgraded version for hikvision so let's go and install it.

allright this software compared to ivms 4500 is goodI've used it for many times, i use both this software for my own surveillance purpose so i found this app to be great and you can use it too and if you want you can try out the ivms4500 also but my suggestion, you go through hikconnect and view the live ok, the app is installing you should be able to log log in by your email address ok first of all we have to register through our email address and the log in through email address and then add the device okay so the apps is installed and i am going to open it here selects the country of region select your country so that the cloud based can be your country based so camera comes faster if it your own country the cloud servers comes from your own country I am selecting Bangladesh as my country because i live here right now ok so here comes the login page, you should be able to register by email address or by phone numbers both ways.

i will show you both the ways that is convenient to you You can log in using one of them so at first lets register by email adddress so if you click on login there is a username password though we have not register yet so we cannot login in you can also view it temporarily, you can go to visitor mode but i suggest not to go to visitor mode better to have your device added to a under id and password ok ok Exit Visitor Mode ok so here we have a register button after thepassword click on that and it is a terms and conditions of the hikvision.

and Just tap the Agree okay here comes the part you can register by phone number or by email address I will show you fast by email addressby going to my email address it's a bit long email address sorry for the delay so you enter the email address and get averification code tap on it it will sent you at verification code of four digit to your email address ok it says here enter the verification code sent to my mail address so let's check our mail address and already have that opened that email address on my browser so let's refresh it yes i got the code so tap on it and it says five nine nine six ok so we go to our app and put the code five nine nine six you can enter a default password of your own for my opinion i will select my password of my own ok, so it is logged into my and registered and logged in to my account i already register to my account you see through account management , my username is this one, and the email address, you can always change the password from change password.

so right now i am not doing it input the old password and two times confirm the new password so that's it so after that i go to my appshere is the interesting part there is no add device we need to add the device so four ways ok, so four ways you can add the device sorry not four ways it's three ways, scan qr code manual adding and online device so I will show you first two the very primary method and firstprocesses is that you can go to scan QR code I'll show you how to get that scan qr code from your dvr and second one is manual adding if you don't have access to your dvr nearby or your dvr is not nearby you, you can get the serial no from the dvr and put it here and I'll show you no problem i will show you, at first let me add my device, you can tap on add device by default go to you bar code and it will open the camera and scan for the search for the dvr bar code qr code okay then, then we will go to our dvr now You click on add device okey it will scan for qr code so here we have our scanned qr code so i am just going to tap on add so it's going in process of adding my dvr it says adding complete now click on finish allright that's it.

if it comes in this manner so go and click on three lines on top and this is our dvr and the serial number and the model so you go tap on the dvr and here is our office as you can see our office, you can view the camera in single view four nine twelve and sixteen i suggest you not to go beyond nine because you know, if your internet connection is well good then you can view sixteen cameras at a time, if you have sixteen camera installed and having good internet connection then i suggest you view it all but you have a slow internet connection i suggest you don't watch all sixteen camera at once right behind you over you if you let thedevice I'll show you or you can get theverification codes I'll turn on the camera for you soon again in theirprayer you can see that Network in general after that platform axisbecause the verification code here ABCD efg so ABCDefg the verification code here so it should face any problem duringthis configuration of this ABS leave a messageand surely contact you as soon as possible thank you for watching thisvideo do like, subscribe and if you have any comments share below Thank You.

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