How To Download Super Mario Bros Game In Android

what's up guys my name is Emon andwelcome to Emon's Planet.

Well in today's video i'm going to show you how you candownload and play super mario bros game in your android device so without anyfurther ado let's get started.

So guys to play super mario bros game in yourandroid device first of all you need an emulator.

For this go to the Play Storeand search for “Nostalgia.


After that you will get resultsomething like this from here at the very top you will get the emulatorsimply enter in it.

You will also get the link at the description of this video sogo to the description and then click on the link and it will take you directlyhere from here simply install this emulator.

It's only 3.

1 MB that's not a big deal.

So first of all install this emulator so guys we have installed this emulator nowwe need to download super mario bros game.

For this go to the description andthen there you will get a download link for super mario bros simply click on thelink and then it will take you to a web page so first of all let me open mybrowser and after that I will play i mean paste a link so this is the link youwill get this link at the description of this video so simply click on this linkand then it will take you to a web page which looks something like this so nowhere you will get the super mario bros game here you can see the file nameis super mario bros world although it's written world but it's the game we wantI will show it later so beneath it you will get the download rom option so simplyclick on this download rom and after that it will show you a ad simplyignore this and after that it will open another page here you can see it'swritten the download will be start in 1 second so simply wait for the timeand after that the download will be started automatically so now you can seehere is the download window it's just 30 point 83 KB very small file so firstdownload this game so now we have successfully downloaded the Super MarioBros game now we are good to go so first of all open the emulator andthen it will ask for some permission so just allow it and after allowing it willsearch for rom and after the search you can see it will find the game.

It willautomatically find the game after the search if you can't find the game or ifit doesn't search automatically then click on these three dots and here youwill get search device for roms simply click on this search device for romsand after that it will search for games again and after this search you willget the game in this simulator so first of all let me turn off the Wi-Fibecause this may cause some ads and I don't want any ads in my game so afterturning off Wi-Fi I will click on this and after that my game will be startedhere you can see Super Mario Bros game that old Super Mario Bros game so hereyou will get all the options that every keys start, select and everything even ifyou click on this three dots then you will get many options like reset safestate load state and many more things and there's one more amazing thing youcan play this game in both portrait mode and in landscape mode if you want toplay this game in landscape mode then simply rotate your phone if you have anyrotation option then please turn it on and after turning this on if you rotateyour phone to landscape then you can play this game in landscape mode now youcan see the game is in landscape mode again if you rotate yourphone then it will be converted into portrait mode and again you can play itin portrait mode so like this you can play this game in both portrait andlandscape and now if you click on this start then the game will be started andnow you can see it's also playing that old song so I am just muting it becauseit's disturbing so now you can play this old super mario bros game and everythinglike this so like this you can play the super mario bros game in your androiddevice very easily.

So this is the video and I hope you will like it if you like itthen don't forget to drop and like on this video and also don't forget toshare this video and if you didn't subscribe my channel yet then go to my channelsubscribe my channel and also press the bell icon so that if I upload any newvideos in my channel then you'll get a notification from my channel so see youin my next video till then take care stay home stay safe.

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