How To Enable Dark Mode On Youtube Android

so YouTube just rolled out the dark mode for Android users Thank You YouTube now iPhone users and browser users on desktop and laptops PCs and IMAX and all that stuff you've had this for a while but now it's available for Android users and I'm going to show you

how to turn it on and activate it in this video and in case you're wondering should you use dark mode or not well that's up to you to decide but I personally have it on all of my devices and my browsers it's easier on your eyes especially if

you're in low light or you're laying in bed and you're trying to look at something and you don't want the bright light from your phone to blast you in the face dark mode is definitely easier on the eyes and it doesn't hit you with all of the bright

light that the monitors do to help keep you awake at night and it just looks cool I love looking at my browser's when they're dark I like dark phones I like dark colors I'm not a fan of light color so if that's you this is something you'll definitely

want to check out as well now if you are using an iPhone I'm going to show you how to do this a little bit later in the video but first we're gonna attack on Android so get your Android out open up your YouTube app and let me show

you how to do this when you open up your phone you want to go to the Google Play Store once you're in the Play Store you want to search for YouTube and you're gonna find the YouTube app then you're gonna scroll down to see the what's new area

and you're gonna tap on read more then you're gonna scroll all the way down to the bottom until you see the version number the version you're looking for is thirteen point three five point five one it's very important that you use this version if you have anything earlier

than this it's not going to work on your Android if you don't have this version you'll then want to download this version of YouTube once you have that updated YouTube installed on your phone you want to make sure that you are closed out of YouTube so I'm on

a samsung s9 then I go down to the bottom here on the Left I tap on that little icon to show all of the browsers and apps that are currently running and I'm going to close out YouTube once you've done this you want to open up the YouTube

app go to the top right and tap on your profile icon go down and tap on settings then tap on general and then on the second option down you should see dark a theme you want to enable that and that should activate the dark theme inside of your

android now if this does not work for you it means you haven't yet cleared out the cache for your old YouTube install so you want to go into your settings look for your apps or applications and either do a four stop or clear out your cache if you

have that option and if that still doesn't work simply reboot your phone and once you do get it working go down and leave a comment below say yes it worked or say no it didn't work and then maybe I can help walk you through it and figure out

why it's not working for you so go down and leave a comment let me know or if you have a question leave a question I read every question a comment and I reply to as many as I can't win this videos over I'm gonna go down there and

carry on this conversation now if you're using an iPhone and you want to know how to do this the process is exactly the same except you don't have to download YouTube if you've downloaded it recently because this has been working for iOS for quite a while so you

just follow the exact same steps that I just showed you for Android and everything should work just fine thank you so much for watching I do appreciate it if this is your first time here and you want to learn how to master your mobile make better content on

your phone and be a mobile youtuber be sure to hit that subscribe button follow either notification bow so you don't miss out on future content and I'll see you in the next video

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