How to Get iMessage on Android in 3 Minutes


hey let's go guys keep me here and I'm just gonna get right into it you're here because you want to know how to put iMessage on your Android device and it's actually really simple all links will be in the description below you need to download two apps anyone

can do this and make sure you guys check out that aahana hack snapchat three-minute video I'll leave that right up there in the iCard but let's just jump in before I show you guys how this actually goes down I want to give a big thanks to I update

os for actually finally this trick I'll leave a link to this video in the description let's get it we only got three minutes the first thing you need to do is hop on your Android device I got my Galaxy S A+ here and download an app called we

message so once you that downloaded you're gonna hop back to your Mac and that's the keyword here this only works with Mac's IMAX Mac books if your buddy's name is Mac it probably works them too it's kind of ironic that I'm using an Android device with a Mac

I know that's probably what you're thinking too but nonetheless let's just get into it so go do we message app comm again links below and make sure you download the Mac client so it's all the way down here download for Mac OS so you're solid then you're gonna

pop back here and you're gonna see we server so that's what you are gonna be using for this you're gonna see a terminal command that's called run command super-easy before we go ahead and click that you need to hop back over to Java so you're gonna hop back

over to this site and make sure you download the java SE development kit 9 find your computer just kidding it really only works on Mac unless you want to do a VMware on your PC that'll work too so now from here once the Java kid has downloaded you're

gonna make sure to install it if you have to switch up some security settings it's alright you got to make sure you verify it now you're gonna head over into the juice what you're actually here for head back into the weave server file super easy now you're just

gonna hit run command so just like here it's popping up as an unidentified developer we're gonna hit open anyways and the next thing you need to allow in the security app is the terminal command here alright now you're done go back into the whe server folder cool run

command so now you need an email and this email must be the iMessage email you have with your iPhone your iMac whatever it is so I'm gonna put mine in cool I hit enter that says please enter a password you can enter whatever password you want it doesn't

need to be your Apple ID and I do not recommend putting in your Apple ID password don't do it so now that you can see the command is running we're set you're gonna hop over to your Android device type in your IP address I'd choose what's what is

my IP address com2 find it enter the email you put in the terminal command a password that you set not the Apple ID and you're just gonna hit sign it and bam just like that as you guys can see on screen right now it says Galaxy S II

Plus is now connected currently if no messages click the new message button to start a conversation so let's do it now the moment you've been waiting for we're almost done let's send an iMessage from an Android device so it got my Galaxy s8 here at my iPhone 10

as you can see it's an iPhone touch you can check for yourself as I want to say yo send it BAM just like that it shows up on my iPhone 10 so the only thing is you need to keep your terminal command open at all time to be

on the same Wi-Fi network but that's gonna do it for this video if you guys enjoyed it make sure you get subscribed and you drop a like let me know in the comments if you're just joining the notification squad ring that bell and follow us on the end

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