How to Make Thumbnails on Android!


if you're looking to create your thumbnail images for your YouTube videos using your Android device then in this video I'm going to show you step-by-step how to do it using the best Android thumbnail app right now hey it's Justin brownie from primal video where we help entrepreneurs and

business owners amplify their business and brand with video if you're new here then make sure you click that subscribe button and all the links to everything we mentioned in this video you can find linked in the description box below so let's jump into it now we all know

that smartphones are an awesome mobile video creation device and with the right apps you can easily create your YouTube thumbnails on your Android smartphone or Android tablet as well so this means that you can actually shoot edit and upload and release your YouTube videos without leaving your Android

device so right now we're gonna run through exactly how to create your YouTube thumbnail images on Android and to get it done quick and easy and once we're done I'll also hook you up with our free step-by-step guide that you can download to level up your smartphone video

game next time you're shooting on your Android alright so first off the apps now we tested an absolute ton of them there are so many out there things like canva things like pixel lab thumbnail maker Pixar Matic and really the list goes on now why you can definitely

create thumbnail images in these apps this really comes down to the feature set and how easy it is to control and move everything around and get creative with your thumbnail creation but also while keeping the simplicity there so that you can do it fast and easy now while

canva seems to be a really popular option for creating thumbnail images on your Android device our top pick right now actually goes to pixel lab and that really comes down to as I said the feature set and the ease of use it is an amazing app now one

really quick tip before we jump into the walkthrough showing you how to use pixel lab is if you're going to be creating thumbnail images where you're in them so you've got a photo of you then definitely add this into your filming process or plan this out what most

people do is they'll try to find a freeze frame or a frame grab from their completed video something in there where they're mid-sentence or got kind of a half-smile I would strongly recommend that while filming either before or after you just pose for a few different photos so

smile point it stuff put your hands up pull some silly faces give yourself some options so that when you're actually creating your thumbnail images is so much easier to get a clean image out and something that you're happy to use than to try and find one buried in

York pleaded video somewhere so that's a really handy tip and it's gonna save you a heap of time so now for the walkthrough okay so this is the first thing you'll see when you open up picture lab there's a heap of templates and things that you can use

down the side but this is the area that we're going to be working in II can see straight out that we are not in the right aspect ratio this is currently a square we want it at sixteen by nine or widescreen to match the correct size for YouTube

so we'll come up here in the top right corner let's choose image size so what you want to make sure here is that your aspect ratio is sixteen by nine and how you can do that is either come down to the custom preset here and choose YouTube thumbnail

and that will enter the correct width and height for you or if you want to create a higher resolution or a higher quality thumbnail then you can also manually set this to 1920 by 1080 so either one of those two will be fine I like to do it

the high resolution just so there's more data and information there if I'm gonna repurpose this thumbnail to be used elsewhere so we'll hit OK you can see now that our canvas is widescreen so because the thumbnail images we've got have me in them so I've got a photo

that I've already taken or a screen grab I've already taken I'll come up to the plus button here and let's choose import from gallery pick the photo there and here you just want to make sure that down on this side bit here that's sixteen by nine is the

ratio that you're going to be using so it's widescreen then come down and hit the tick and that image is now bought in now we can scale it up by pressing on this circle here and we can move it around and reposition it so we can make a

bit bigger than we want to move it off to one side or off to the other side somewhere around here maybe even a little bit bigger to make a bit bigger so they were able to move me off to the side okay so now we've got our background

image in place we can actually lock it so that it's not going to be moved around so if we come over here to the layers up here you can see that that is on its own layer there so if we hit the little padlock then we know that

if I tap on this and move around it's not actually going to move that around now you can always come back and unlock it if you want to make adjustments to it but at least for now while we're done with that for this first pass then it's not

going to move around so now we want to add in some text so we'll come over here to the plus and choose text this is our text here so we can tap on that move it around obviously doesn't look very good yet so let's start out by editing

the text so if we come over here to edit let's make this to it done okay now over this side here we've got all the rest of the options to make it bigger so we can go to size we can scale it up how to edit or something

like that we can keep coming down let's start with the font you can go through here and find whichever font you like let's just pick this one here now obviously you can import and save if you saw back in here you have your own fonts or you can

download and install your own fonts and save them on here and you can also keep your recent ones there so you don't have to keep coming back in each time so I've got a font there that looks good how to edit now what we'd like to do is

to make that text stand out we can add a background on which is here so we'll enable that and come down here we get to choose how much padding or how much border is on it so we can increase that on either side on the left and on

the right and if we come up to color just come over here and hit this plus button here and that will let you add in your color so you need to randomly pick out a color here did you like the look of or you'd come up in here

to edit and you can type in the red green and blue numbers that coordinate with the colors for your branding or the hex code up here as well so cancel back out of that let's just pick a blue that looks close to our primal video blue somewhere around

there and go okay so now when we pick up and move this title around we are able to move it with the background and everything intact we hit the tick up here then we are back to start making further adjustments so we can rotate the text we always

have a little bit of an angle on it but with something like that obviously you can see there's a heap more adjustments for shadows and all those sorts of things and adding 3d text you can make it 3d and really do some pretty cool creative stuff in here

even add reflections and those sorts of things to your text and even do things like a rotate in 3d as well there's a really powerful app so we'll undo that one because obviously you really want to create some sort of consistent branding so for us now titles look

similar to this we can then come up here to our layers again and we can duplicate this layer so if we tap on a little edit button here for that layer then we've got a copy button that we press on that no duplicated our layer and press on

this one here to hide our layers panel again you see we've got two copies of this so I'll pick it up move it around bring it down here double tap to edit out text video is faster and okay in order to make the titles look a little bit

different here our branding we would go down here and we would adjust the background and we'd probably use a dark grey color you can see it'll actually save your presets in here so your two most recent colors that you use will actually be saved they're ready for you

to keep using them so we hit apply on that one I'll hit the tick now we come back here I probably make this one here a bit bigger so we come over here to size so we're gonna do is increase the size of it we're also then going

to make the border of the box a bit smaller so we can come back here and we can look at the background and we can lower the padding on each side around it so just by adjusting these sliders we're able to make it look totally different and hit

the tick when you're done and we'll probably also adjust the rotation on this one rotate let's lower that I'll increase that back a little bit very touching probably something like that hit the tick come back here we can pick these up and move them around to see what

they look like how to edit faster so we're getting pretty close so to add even more dear thumbnail images you've also got the ability for come up here to hit the plus do you add in things like stickers and shapes so he picks sticker you see we got

a heap with little built in shapes and thumbnails or clipart really all you've also got all your emojis if you want to bring some of those in maybe this one can then move it around scale it up obviously rotate it and do those sorts of things as well

you've also got an undo button up here which is really handy if you don't like what you've just done so you can remove those backyard but you can also add in things like shapes so you see we just added a square there if we scale this up just

to fill in half of this screen here then maybe we'll make it even bigger move it over here well then hit the tick up here to apply that we can then come down here to rotate we can rotate this maybe this way a bit bring it down here

hit the apply button or the tick and we come back over here to our layers we can move our shape down to beneath the two text layers hide that layer panel and you can start getting some more creative control over your image as well so you can bring

in some of these shapes to help give your thumbnail images a bit more depth or a bit more creativity really in there you could even come down here and look at the opacity and maybe lower that a little bit just so you're starting to see some of the

background through there as well so another thing you can do is also bring in any other graphic elements or logos that apply to the topic of the video that you're creating so in this case how to edit videos faster we could bring in an Adobe Premiere logo just

to have that on there as well so we could go import over here there's Premiere logo that we've downloaded we'll scale this up so that it fits and hit the tick now we can move this around and scale it down and work out where we'd want to put

it you know thumbnail so it could be up here in the top corner a bit big or we could bring it down here probably up here there you go so that's how easy it is to create your thumbnail once you're happy with that obviously you can keep on

playing with it you can come up here to the three little circles and choose export image notice to save that to your phone or to your gallery or need to do is press save to gallery or you've got presets in here for Facebook for Twitter for Google+ and

a heap of other services as well if you want to use them but I'd suggest that because we've already got the right size and the right format and everything that you're after just hit save to gallery that's gonna save that to your phone because it's the free version

you will have to wait for an ad but you can just press the X in the top corner up here now your image is saved and it's ready for upload on your YouTube videos alright so now that you've got your awesome looking thumbnail let's make sure that you're

getting the best results out of that Android camera next time you're filming so linked on screen now is a video running through our top tips for filming on Android and there's also a link to download the free PDF guide to filming amazing videos just using your Android smartphone

so you can grab a copy and you can follow along next time you're shooting I'll see you next time

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