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Hey there Kurt the Cyberguy just answering a couple of questions we had on the air this story about Netflix and how theyhad a bogus Netflix app that hackers had put together and they were sending itout on third-party websites and through links inside of email and if you're oneof those victims here are the tips you're going to want to know.

First ofall if you've got an iPhone I'm going to show you you're okay with this one butI'm going to show you how to remove it in just a second and then if you've gotan Android the goal is always download Android apps from the Google Play Storethe people who have fallen victim this time and by the way you you downloadthis bogus Netflix app and it's pretty evil.

It'll get in there and it and itgets in your contact database it'll reveal all your text to them contactsvirtually everything on your phone gives them control of your camera and themicrophone an utter nightmare so you want to get rid of it right so how doyou know if you have this or not.

Well a you have to remember did I get it from alink in an email that maybe a friend sent or did I find it on some other siteother than Google Play? Well guess what for most people they don't know theydon't remember that so one way to find out if you've gotmalware on an Android device is simply to use some of the top rated softwarethat's free.

My favorite free ones right here this would be lookout it's calledlookout security and antivirus already I mean it's got like millions of downloadson this one and then my other favorite one is called 360 security antivirus.

Again it's free that's what their logo looks like and where to get it no notfrom a link for me or anybody else but go to Google Play did it only from therethat's the key to success in downloading Now people who got an iPhone and youthink you might have malware and it happens a lot because something goes on and you say well wait a second it's not working quite right it's acting a littlefunny right well chances are it's not necessarily malware but something acting like it including a pop-up so go to your main screen I'll show you how to do thishit settings and on settings you'll scroll all the way down till you seeSafari right there click Safari and what you want to do is make sure onthis list block pop-ups you want to turn thatso that's on make sure block pop-ups is on your next step is to go here and goto clear history and website data and it'll allow you with this little redlink to clear everything out I don't do that right now because I've alreadycleaned mine out but the next thing you want to do at the very bottom it saysadvanced click advanced go to that at the top website data and what it's goingto do it it's trying to start populating all the websites that I visited thatit's recorded data from and I'm going to look through the list that shows up andI'm going to say what here doesn't belong Delta TripAdvisor VerizonWireless those all like an oculist and normal I remember going to that cookingsite paperless post got an invitation show all sites I'm going to go throughthis and go through this Manta I'm not sure what that is so what I'm going todo is I'm going to just get rid of it how do you do ityou swipe to the left it reveals the Delete key hit delete and boom it's goneeverything else on this list you want to go through by the way that's revealing Ihave a pretty boring life apparently I look at where I go online but this is away to get rid of a lot of the popups and sort of sketchy kind of behavingapps that typically are more driven from a visit to a website on your phonerather than an app itself generally speaking when you get an app inside ofthe Apple App Store or inside of Google Play you're pretty safe you're good togo keep your software updated if you think this is valuable share it witheverybody else you know and I look forward to hearing more questions fromyou thanks for liking this to.


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