HOW TO STYLE OUTFITS 101: Summer Edition

oh hello everyone welcome back to my channel today is another how to style video but summer edition featuring seven different summer outfits starting with what i'm wearing which i like to call high fashion rocker chic and then we have athletic then we have boho blazer chic and i know i do like to use the word chic but just run with it then we have office then we have evening out then we have simple summer which just wait and see i'll show you why it's so simple and then finally we have a ball gown and what that has to do with summer nothing but i found a 20 sequin ball gown and oh my gosh i just wanted to wear it so let's get started this video is in collaboration with thredup which i'm just so excited about for a couple reasons the first being i just love thredup i've ordered from their site for years at this point but then also i've gotten a lot of feedback from you guys wanting sustainable fashion options as well and thread up if you're not familiar with them they are the world's largest online thrift store so you can find your favorite brands like my favorite brands are zara h m uh free people express um and you can you can save up to 90 off estimated retail i mean i'm telling you guys you can find amazing pieces at crazy deals and so throughout this video i will be incorporating the pieces that i received um in my latest order and you're gonna be you're seriously gonna be blown away so if you do end up wanting to order anything from thredup i will have a code i'll have everything linked down below but you can use the code shea and get an additional 30 off your first order so i'm quickly just going to walk you through the process of ordering something through them and like what i did to get the clothes that i'm gonna be featuring in today's video um i think the last time i showed you guys this i did it on my mobile phone but this time i'm actually just gonna do it on the desktop because i i think i prefer ordering things on the computer but you can obviously do whatever is easiest for you but they seriously have the best website and i have a couple tricks that really can get you guys to find the best pieces for you so they are constantly getting new arrivals like all the time so you can always find brand new things so usually when i'm on the site i do go to the new arrivals section but you can do whatever you want then i love to sort it by my size i really recommend that so you can enter in what size you are what what jean size you are too you can also enter your shoe size and then it sorts everything so that all the pieces will fit you and then i like to go in and narrow it down further by my favorite brands so i love entering zara because i have no zara near me and that's like a way that i could get that brand at a fraction of the cost and then i love h m i love express i love free people those are usually the top brands that i enter but obviously they have hundreds and hundreds that you can select from and then it sorts it all and you can just scroll through amazing pieces you can narrow it down by jeans you can narrow it down by shoes that's there's so many choices but their website really makes it easy so once everything arrives you'll definitely know it's from thredup because they have really great green polka dot packaging i'll even insert some footage here of the green polka dot tissue paper that they use to wrap everything up so nicely so it really is like you're getting brand new pieces even though they technically are thrifted so let's get started with the first outfit which i know i mentioned i like to call high fashion rocker chic so from head to toe it is thredup this top is from zara the brand zara from thredup but oh my gosh the estimated retail price which is not even estimated it actually is still brand new with tags but the retail price was 25.

90 and i got it for 13.

99 on thredup's website and then the pants are also zara they're faux leather pants and the estimated retail price is 40.

and i got it for 14.

99 and i realize the full leather pants are technically i mean they're definitely not like summer pants the reason i like to call this a summer outfit is mainly because of the top it's very see-through it's very lacy it's very airflow airflow will be happening so it's like the perfect top to be wearing in the summer i just have it over top a lace bralette so you know it being see-through is totally fine [Music] so this next outfit is much more athletic than the last one but i still have incorporated the black faux leather pants and trust me i'm going to get to completely different types of outfits soon but i've been saying this on my channel forever if you find a good pair of black faux leather pants pounce on them because there are so many different ways you can style them and this is a prime example so this is much more athletic this adidas tee that i got from thredup the estimated original price is 48 and thredup's price was 12.

99 oh my gosh i love it so much it's like that vintage adidas style that i feel like is super in right now and i feel like i'll be able to wear it in many ways i could maybe style it differently with like biker shorts or leggings or maybe just regular denim shorts but yeah i love it this way with the black faux leather pants and white sneakers [Music] now this next outfit i you know as i mentioned i like to call it boho blazer chic i love it i realize it is not for everyone some people might not feel comfortable wearing you know a blazer with a tube top definitely not office appropriate that's for the the next outfit coming up but this definitely is in style right now tube tops are really in and i love blazers i just love this whole combination together with the high waisted pants now what i got from thredup is this tube top and it's from topshop originally and the estimated retail price was 30 and i got it for 11.

99 and so i just love kind of ordering pieces that are really kind of trendy in style for that particular season and year and then i can incorporate it into the clothes that i already own and you guys know i have a lot of blazers it's a running joke at this point now if a tube top isn't your thing i totally understand uh you could easily incorporate maybe a white camisole under here but this just really gives off summer vibes because of the light colors this very light beige blazer the very light high-waisted jeans and then this light white bag so this next outfit is much more work or office appropriate and the items that i got from thredup are actually all from express so i wanted to first point out this purple top it's originally from express and the estimated original price is forty dollars but thredup's price was 22.

99 and then i just have it tucked into a pair of high-waisted linen dress pants that i already have and i feel like linen pants are you know really lightweight and especially great in the summer months this is such a nice summer office outfit and i also wanted to mention this express trench coat which is great for the summer months because sometimes in the morning it can be chilly it's very professional looking but you can obviously wear it season after season it never goes out of style it's brand new with tags as you can see from express and the original price was 78 and i got it for 18.

99 and so i'm definitely gonna be using this year-round okay so i do have more outfits to get through and style but i think i might stop placing the price differences on the screen i feel like you get the idea that even if you have a lower budget you can still get some really great in style pieces um and also be sustainable at the same time and eco-friendly so um if you do end up placing an order i'll have a link down below you can use my code shae i'm not going to make any money from the code but you will save at 30 on your first order so anyway let's move on to the next outfit [Music] [Music] okay so next we have an evening out outfit and i don't know what it is about gold sequins foreshadowing i love gold sequins but this i i don't know if i normally would order it but i you know i got the top and the bottom from thredup but the price was just right and i just love it i feel like it really makes you stand out but it's not too revealing obviously you know it's it's high high neckline and so i did end up styling my hair slicked back again but i d did leave my pony out a little bit it's just a really nice summer hairstyle it's really easy um and that has shoulder pads i love shoulder pads and then i just have it paired with a pair of white denim a lot of people you know only wear white denim in the summer i personally love it year-round but it's definitely a summer staple and looks so good all together it's very light it's very bright and again very noticeable i feel like a highlighter but that's okay i wanted to incorporate some color into these summer outfits and this is my super simple summer outfit i feel like everyone talks about summer dresses as being really easy which is true but oftentimes the romper is forgotten so this is a romper you literally just slip it on it's an instant outfit no thinking required i just threw on some white sneakers very casual very comfortable if i wanted to throw in some white sunglasses that would work too i'm just loving the fresh bright colors now i know on my channel i am usually wearing very neutral colored outfits which is what i personally love but i know so many of you out there do love color and so that's why i wanted to incorporate this into the outfits now kind of like sequins bright colors do become the focal points of the outfit and i kind of recommend that when you're wearing very bright colors like this you go kind of minimal in the other areas don't go overboard with accessories just let the color do the talking now speaking of sequins [Music] yes i bought a sequin dress it was 21.

so i was perusing the thredup website this popped up i didn't need it i ordered it i'm going to insert a clip of me also prancing around in my old senior prom dress it is blue it is sequins with like blue i bought that prom dress because i was all about a sequin dress for my senior prom but i ideally wanted it to be like champagne gold literally this exact dress um i oh my gosh i love this dress so i ordered it because like hey i don't know maybe someday i will have to go to a ball and i will be prepared with my dream dress so yes i ordered a 20 sequin dress and i i'm not ashamed about it [Music] so i wasn't expecting to be doing the outro in my sequin dress but hey i'm not mad about it so i really hope you enjoyed this video huge thank you to thredup for collaborating with me on it like i mentioned i will have a link to their website below use the code shae to save 30 on your first order again i hope you enjoyed it i had a good time and i'll see you very soon in my next one bye.

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