How to Transfer Photos from Android Phone or Tablet to a PC

In this video we show you how simple itis to transfer over your photos and videos with a USB cable and answer thequestion is USB still a worthwhile option.

what's going on YouTube it'sabout time that I made an updated video of this and that's transferring yourphotos and your videos from Android over to PC so let's jump right in like it ornot transferring over a USB cable is still a viable option why you ask thatis because if you have a computer or a phone that doesn't have like a Wi-Ficonnection or you don't have a Bluetooth connection or anything like that you canstill just plug in the cable and transfer the photos or videos straightover before we get started you're gonna want to obviously have three differentthings phone computer and the USB cable now make sure that it does not onlysupport the charge ability which is basically every other cable but it alsohas the ability to transfer the data so how do you know if the cable that youhave actually supports data transfer if you plug it into the computer and youplug it into the phone you're gonna get a message on the phone indicating thatit wants to set up like a mass storage you need to enable that and that ofcourse you'll get a connection and/or driver installation on the computer thebest thing to do is just use the cable that came with the phone if you stillhave it if it's an older phone chances are you're not going to but just lookaround and try different cables now since I have already plugged in thisphone I'm not gonna receive the message that wants me to enable the MTP which isthe mass transfer protocol or the mass storage device I'm gonna go ahead andplay it plug it in but you're gonna notice the sound pay attention to thesound that's gonna indicate a connection and then in the bottom right hand cornerof this computer you're gonna see that I have connected to the phone if you don'tget that then you may want to try a different cable or check the phonesettings that everything is enabled correctly and then watch I'm gonna plugit into the phone here boom bingo Bongo we can see the connection in the bottomright hand corner which is hiding behind me you can see that it says select tochoose what happens with the device and it has connected to the phone now thatwe're connected to the phone what we're gonna want to do is bring up a WindowsExplorer I'm just gonna click on the file and it's gonna automatically takeme to quick access but I don't want to be in quick access I actually want to bein this PC go along the left-hand side click on this PC and you notice that Iam nected right here because it says thegalaxy si plus which is under devices and drives if you don't have that youmay need to just maximize that in order to get that option what we're going todo now is we're gonna go into the device that you've plugged in and we're gonnasearch for the videos or pictures that you have now I have two options in hereI have an SD card installed but I also have phone storage so I have pictures inboth places you may have the same if we go in there you can see the twodifferent options I have card and then I have phone now if I go into phone you'regonna want to search for the DCIM if you do not have an SD card this is whereyour pictures and your videos are going to be stored which is going to be theDCIM folder which stands for digital camera image if you go into there you'vegot camera restored screenshots you can go into those and you can see thedifferent types of files that are in there if we backtrack a few if you dohave an SD card installed the phone is going to default save your pictures andvideos to that so we're going to go back a couple steps and we're gonna go intocard here's where things can get a little bit tricky if you've had photosor videos on your phone storage and you move them over to the SD card dances arethat you may have moved into a different album which is exactly what's happenedin my case here I move them from the internal storage to the SD card and Iput them under album one so I have pictures in there however in this caseI'm gonna go into DCIM and then I am going to go into camera and you can seethat I've got the main pictures here for today's demonstration saved in thisparticular folder so I'm going to either click and drag control a or if I justwant to select individual ones I can hold down control and select individualones or I can click on one click on shift and hold the other one and it willselect everything in between I now have all of the pictures that I want selectedI'm just gonna drag them and drop them into the pictures folder because I willworry about organizing and filing in them later so I'm just gonna click onthem hold and then I'm going to drag and drop them into my pictures over here onthe left hand side so if we go into the pictures folder you can now see thatthose pictures that I have transferred over are in this folder and like I saidI will transfer them or organize them later now the reverse of this is ofcourse if I want to transfer photos from my computer over to my android phone I'mgonna locate where those pictures are I'm going to typically just right-clickor select any of them that I have and I'm just gonna click on copy find thephone and then I'm going to navigate where I want these pictures say butsince I've gone through I've copied the ones that I do want totransfer over I'm just gonna right-click in the space on the phone where I wantthose pictures and click on paste and it's going to transfer them over and ittransferred nearly instant thank you for watching the video and spending sometime with us today if you found the video useful or liked it give it a likeand a share and of course that brings us to our question of the day do you stillfeel like the USB is a viable option leave your answers in the commentssection below the video and of course while you're down there don't forget tosmash tap or click that subscribe as well as enable notification for futurevideos we will see you on the next one.


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