How To Use Zoom App On Android

[Music] let's see how to install zoom on Android do not forget please to like share and subscribe app on Google Play on the search above right zoom after you have found the app just tap on install and wait [Music] after the install is complete just step on open

you have now installed zoom on your Android device the next step is to join a meeting or just sign up for a new account or sign in into your old account after you have installed zoom you can easily join a meeting if you wish to enter into a

meeting you will need to have the ID of the meeting and also if needed a password find this info from the host now tap on join a meeting tap the ID of the meeting on the top right the ID after that you can also select what join option

you wish from the list now tap on join meeting if the meeting has a password it will appear this pop-up write the password and tap ok after this if the meeting has not started yet you will get a screen like this please wait until the host starts the

meeting you cannot do anything for now if the meeting is starting and you are the first time or zone it will ask you to agree to the Terms of Service app I agree now zoom will ask you some permissions tap got it now tap allow to all permissions

now you join on a meeting you can start out with your own video by pressing the buttons from the bottom upon Joanna we do to join with audio on the meeting also tap on start video to see yourself in the meeting you have now fully joined the meeting

to create an account you need to do the following tap on sign up link from the button here write the email on the first input then write the first name and the last name check that you agree to the Terms of Service from zone now tap on next

you will receive an email to verify your account just check your email to continue with the next step I will go to the Gmail app on the phone here we have the email that will receive from zone tap on it now tap on activate account on this page

just create the password for the new account just write the password and after that confirm the password I will skip this part for you not to see my password now tap on continue here let's keep this step I do not wish for now to invite anyone your new

account is ready let's get back to the app so we can login [Music] tap on sign in here write your email and password and hit sign in you can enable fingerprint ID if your phone has this I will tap okay your new account is ready to be used

on zone if you wish to create a new meeting or zone just follow these steps tap on the new meeting button from the top here you can set up the meeting to be with video or not for the ID you can use your personal ID or just generate

a new one if you leave this option unchecked then every time you will get a different ID for your meeting now tap on the start a meeting now you have started the meeting you can invite other by pressing on participants and the button invite also you can tap

on the free dots from the bottom and select meeting settings to make any adjustments to the meeting now tap on the back arrow this is your new meeting that you can invite others to join to schedule a meeting just tap schedule button from the top here you can

give a name for your meeting now select a date you can also select a start time for the meeting and an end time you can make so this meeting will repeat depending on your needs also you can set up an end date for the repeats if you will

enable use personal ID for the meeting ID will be the same as your account also you can setup a password if you wish here you can disable also the password for the meeting if you want after that you can setup that the video for the host to be

on and also the video for the participants after you have selected all of the options you wish to just tap Done from the top you can allow here zoom to access the calendar and add this meeting to your calendar after this you can add also invites to the

person's by email so let's just send an invite [Music] the schedule meeting is ready now when the time for the meeting is ready just tap on meetings from the bottom here just tap on start on your scheduled meeting and the meeting will start if this was useful please

like share and subscribe also if you have any questions please ask them on the comments area below

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