I Tried to Style My Grandma's Clothes Into Trendy Outfits

– When I texted my grandma and asked if she wanted to do this video with me and then she actually said yes, I was so freaking excitedand now we actually get to film it and I'mextra excited, let's do it.

Hey guys, it's Sierra, welcome back to my channel and today I am going toraid my grandmother's closet and style her clothes intooutfits that are trendy and that I like and thatI would actually wear.

This is gonna be so fun.

I love my grandma, sheis a hoot and a half.

She literally got on the mechanical bull at my graduation party.

She's not a regular grandma, she's a cool grandma.

And I wanna say a big thank you to the sponsor of today'svideo and that is Hollister.

Hollister sent me a bunchof really, really cute jeans to help me style someof my grandma's clothes into outfits that are moretrendy and young and fun.

They have a huge varietyof different jean styles and sizes and cuts includinga specific curvy jean which is so cool, and awhole bunch of really cute tops and other items in their new arrivals that pair perfectly with agood pair of Hollister denim.

They've got Mom Jeans, SuperSkinny Jeans and Jean Leggings.

My personal favorite rightnow are the, Advanced Stretch Ultra High-Rise Jean Leggings, that I'm wearing here.

They are so comfortable, so flattering.

And these Ultra High-Rise Mom Jeans with the little Paper-Bag waist.

They are so freaking cute, so comfy, so flattering.

Hollister's back-to-school jean assortment comes in a size 00 to a 17 in all styles and you can shop now withthat link in the description.

I'm super stoked that theywanted to partner with me.

How freaking cool, thank you, Hollister.

And always very gladto see that their jeans work great for a variety ofbody sizes and structures.

All right, so let'shead to Grandma's house and find some cool clothes.

All right, this is my grandma, hi grandma.

– Ooh.

– Grandma's gonna let us raid her closet.

(upbeat music) Ooh, I like this shirt underneath.

– Now this shirt was my way.

– Ooh! – Yeah, that's really cute, this is a possibility.

– Ooh!Grandma, your style is so cute.

– [Grandma] Oh I love that.

– That's really cute.

– [Grandma] I wore that all over Europe.

– All right Skyler, come in with me.

Help me find some stuff, you have a good eye.

– I'm so excited.

I really like this.

– [Sierra] Oh, that might bemy favorite one so far.

(gasps) Oh, that's a cute skirt.

– [Grandma] That was one of my favorites.

– [Sierra] Grandma you're so stylish.

I thought this was gonnabe hard and like, funny but your clothes are just cute.

– Now that's forever old, I wore that in Oklahoma 17 years ago! – [Skyler] This hat is so fun! – [Sierra] (gasps) Oh that is fun.

– I'm saving what's in here, they're either too small or they're too big.

This skirt also has a blouse that matches.

– Ooh.

– That's really– Queen of matching sets.

– Oh Sierra would love that.

– Oh that's very me.

– [Skyler] Ooh, I feellike you would like these, are they like swim shorts? – Yeah.

– Ooh that is– – I feel like that's small.

– [Sierra] That's so me.

Is there anything else in this closet we should look through? – [Grandma] Oh, you might find something.

My favorite outfit's inhere and it is real old.

I wore it to the rehearsal dinner for your mother's wedding.

– Ooh, wait, what's your favorite outfit? Ooh, that is very '80s.

(tinkling bells) – [Skyler] Look at howmany fun colors you have! – [Sierra] I know.

– That's exactly your age.

– Yup! – Because I bought thatwhen I went back there when you were born.

– Oh really, so this is from 1996? – This is from that Manassas Mall.

– (gasp) Grandma, I remember this shirt! Do you remember the day you got this? – [Grandma] Yes, because that's the grand opening of Lego Land.

– Yeah! – It was the grand opening.

– I have this exact one andwe would twin all the time when we went to Lego Land.

– [Skyler] Ooh, that's super cute.

– That could definitely work.

Look at the embroidery.

– I feel like– – [Skyler] I feel like everyone in the comments is gonna be like, “Sierra's just picking out all the floral “short-sleeve button-downs.

“- Yup! Grandma, who do youthink has the best style? Me, you, or my mom? – Oh you, obviously.

You are more stylish.

– (gasps) Thank you grandma! My grandma just pulled out this T-shirt, it says, “I became a 'Love Boat Legend'”.

She got it on a cruise ship because she volunteered to be part ofthe singing group on stage.

– Coffee, chocolate, men, some things are justbetter when they're rich.

– [Sierra] (laughs) Yeah, Ithink that's a great shirt.

– It's really fun becauseI'd go pumping gas at the gas station in Benny, and suddenly men would start reading it, and the look on their faces when they read it.

That was the most fun aboutthat shirt! (laughing) – My grandma is the queen of crop tops.

She cut the bottom off and then sewed it to make it like a cute littleboxy tee, when it was long.

That's exactly what I would've done.

Grandma when did you sayyou bought this skirt? – January of 1996.

– 1996.

– Yeah.

– So this one is about my age.

'Cause I was born in January, 1996.

– Yeah! – Okay cool, well, I like this one.

Did you know that wrap skirtsare really in right now? All right so, I have my items here.

We ended up picking sevenfrom my grandma's closet, but were gonna style them into six outfits because the hat and theswim shorts go together.

All right well, thank you, grandma! – Oh, you're welcome! – I appreciate it, I'mexcited to style these.

I'll send you pictures.

– Okay, I'll be excitedto look at it.

(laughing) – So here is my first trendy outfit.

So this item is my grandma's, this little tan sweater.

And I paired it with thislittle plaid zip front skirt, and knee high boots.

And then I wanted some sort of like hair accessory, to tie it together.

And I had this littleyellow plaid scrunchie, so I thought it was reallycute 'cause it ties in the yellow of the shirt butthen the plaid of the skirt, makes it a nice little outfit combo.

This outfit feels very like, “Gossip Girl” to me almost, like I kinda feel like Blair Waldorf just like walking around, sipping my latte on the steps of the MET.

I don't think anyonewould look at this outfit and think that thissweater was my grandma's, but again, my grandma's closet was honestly pretty great.

Ooh, I guess I should rate the outfits.

This one's hard, I really like the way this outfit looks.

It's very my style, and Ialso think it's on trend.

Sometimes my style doesn'talways match up with what's like trendy at the moment, and with this video Ikinda wanna hit both, like, things that I like, andalso things that are on trend.

This outfit wasn't too hard though, 'cause the startingpiece is a pretty cute, you know, little sweater anyways.

So I guess I shouldrate the starting piece and then the final outfit.

So the starting piece I'm honestly gonna give a seven out of 10, I feel like it's pretty cute.

It's a really cute little sweater, like there's nothing wrong with it.

It is just a little bit tighter on me than I think it's meant to fit.

But, I actually thinkthe tightness of this really works with the outfit.

Like if it was a looser sweater, it wouldn't have looked as cute.

It might have bunched up alittle bit when I tucked it in, and I feel like this just works perfectly.

So the outfit as a whole, I'm gonna give an eightand a half out of 10.

Or maybe even a nine out of 10.

What do you think, Skyler? – [Skyler] I think a solid nine.

– It's a nine! And the dogs are barking, I guess that means they like it too.

I'm like weirdly into this.

Like I feel like an edgy teenager, I feel like we took thisvery comical grandma shirt and made it into a cute edgy, kind of like, grunge look.

Do you know what I mean? I don't know what thesehand things were but, do you know what I mean? Because I look at myself in the camera, I'm like, kinda into it, in like in a weird way.

So I think a big part ofwhy I'm so into this outfit, is the Hollister UltraHigh-Rise Mom Jeans.

These are that kind of acid-washed, very laid-back look that I feel it kind ofties the outfit together.

Also, I just love the factthat my grandma cropped this, like it was a long men's T-shirt and she literallycropped it and hemmed it.

Like that is a woman after my own heart.

And then these are my own glasses.

I usually only wear thesewhen I'm at the computer, but I feel like withoutthe glasses it's like “I'm just wearing a T-shirtand some cute jeans.

” And then with the glassesit's like, “Oh, who is she? “She's edgy, she's chic.

” Maybe I'm dumb, I don't know, I just like the way this looks, I don't know, it's so funny.

And then I'm wearingcombat boots, which I feel really help with that kindof like edginess to it.

Am I weird, Skyler? Am I weird that I kind of like this? – [Skyler] I think it's really cute! But I also think you lookcute in like, everything.

– Ah, I love you.

(laughing) So the original shirt, it's hard to rate this shirt, because I love it, but Ilove it because I hate it.

So, do I give it an ironically high score, or a true low score? I guess I'll go true low, I'm gonna give it a three.

If I saw this at a store, I would laugh really hard and never in a million years buy it.

And then the outfit as a whole, this is another toughie.

Okay, Skyler, let's both rateit on the count of three.

The full outfit, okay, ready? One, two, three, six!- Six and a half.

(laughing) – If you couldn't hear, Skyler said six and a half, so I think that's pretty right on.

I'll give it like asix and a quarter then, so we split the difference.

So the third outfit, I feel very cute, very beach ready, very summer ready, and I'm actually wearingtwo of my grandma's items.

So the black swim shorts are hers, and these are probably theonly thing in the video that she said she gotin the last 20 years.

She said she got thesefive years ago, I think, at the mall, a few years ago.

So these are actuallya little more modern, and then the hat, I'veno idea when she got it, but I've been seeing her wear this hat since I was literally like two years old.

So it's probably older than me.

But I really like it, the swim shorts honestly, to me, like if I triedthese on in a store, I would buy them 1, 000%.

These are so me, I loveany sort of swimwear item, that's a little bit more unique.

Instead of just like a bikini bottom, I love like a swim skirt, or a swim dress, or swim shorts.

And they're not like board shorts.

Like, I've worn board shorts, don't like board shorts, these are cute little flowy, high-waisted swimshorts, it's so cute.

And then the yellow bikini top is mine, and I chose this one becauseit kind of matches the coloring of her hat.

And then I also grabbedmy little straw beach bag, and I actually tied a hair scarf, a yellow hair scarf, to the handle to kind of tiein with the top and the hat.

But I think this is such a cute outfit.

I think like the ruffling along the hat, the scallop, is maybenot as much my style.

I don't think I wouldchoose this out of a store.

But the shorts, definitely, 1, 000%.

And even still with thehat, like I still like it.

I look in the camera, and I'mlike, “That's a cute hat!” And it works with everything, it's very coordinated, I really, really like this look.

So I think the hat asan individual rating, I would give it a five out of 10.

I really like the coloring, I just don't really like the flat top.

I don't know I usually like ones that are a little bit more rounded, and then the scalloping along here, I feel like I would like it better if it was just a regular flat-brimmed hat.

And then the shorts, I'm gonna give a, can I give them a nineand a half out of 10? The only reason I wouldn't give it a 10, is I wish they wereeven more high-waisted.

They kind of hit below my belly button.

I would love if they hit like here.

That would be great! I feel like that's alittle bit more my style, but I mean nine and a half is pretty much as good as it gets.

Now an overall rating for the ensemble, I'm gonna give this, I'm gonnagive it a nine out of 10.

I would totally wear this to the beach, I would totally rock it, I would totally take an Instagram photo.

Maybe I'll have to, maybe I'll have to wear itto the beach this weekend.

That could be fun.

So this little elephantwrap skirt is my grandma's, she said she got it ona cruise to East Asia.

I think she said in the '90smaybe '80s, '70s, I don't know, a long time ago, older than me.

And, it is in such good condition, like it is so well made and the colors are still very vibrant it's super, super flattering.

I don't know if it's meantto be high-waisted but, you guys know me, I makeeverything high-waisted.

And I'm used to thingsbeing pretty long on me, I'm five four, but mygrandma's literally five foot, so of course it's likethe perfect length on me.

It's probably floor length on her, but on me it's this nicelittle calf length midi-skirt.

I love this so, so much.

And then I paired itwith this black body suit and gold dangly earrings.

And also for shoes, justimagine that I'm wearing these nice little black, chunky heels.

You can't really see themanyways so I was like, “Whatever, I'm just gonna hold them.

” But pretend this is what Iwould wear with this outfit.

This is just like so cute, so flattering, a little bit dressy, but still very modern.

And I feel like wrap skirtshave been in for a while now.

I'm gonna throw these heelsover there, I don't need them.

I love it, I'm gonna givethis outfit a 10 out of 10.

I really, really like it.

Grandma, if you're watchingthis, can I keep your skirt? It's really cute and I really like it.

So cute, so flattering, and I love that it hasa story with it too.

Like, she got this on acruise, that's so cool.

The skirt on its own, I'm also just gonna give, I guess I'll give it a nine out of 10 because I do wish itwas a little bit longer, so I had more fabric to play with.

But that's literally the only issue.

The outfit as a whole, 10 out of 10.

So here is my fifth outfit, this little blue crochetedtie-top is my grandma's.

I'm trying to think abouthow she would wear it, I think she'd wear itover like a white T-shirt.

Like a high-neck, long, white T-shirt.

I'm pretty sure I've seenher wear this before, but the way I styled it, I do feel it kind ofmakes it pretty trendy.

It's like trendy but it's maybe like, mid to late '20s trendy, it's not teen trendy.

I don't think I'm as crazyabout this whole outfit as I have been aboutsome of the other ones.

Like, I would wear this, but I wouldn't feel like it's an amazing outfit or anything.

So I paired it with theselittle brown, soft shorts, a white, fitted crop top, and then, the part that Ireally like about this outfit is, my headband.

It's just a blue andyellow floral headband which I feel like it's perfect, 'cause it ties in thewarm tones of the shorts and then the blue of the top.

I think my grandma stylesthis more as like a cardigan, kind of open with an outfitthat's already put together.

But, I just like it as a top.

Obviously with like thecoverage underneath, but it's just so freaking cute.

I feel like there's a lotof ways I could style this, this way is pretty cute, but it's not like anamazing outfit or anything.

So I'd give the top itself, Iactually like the top itself, I think, better than the outfit I made.

So the top itself, I'm gonnagive an eight out of 10.

And then the outfit, I'm gonna give a six and a half out of 10.

– [Skyler] I feel like forsome reason, you look like you're in “The Notebook”.

– Ooh, I kind of do.

I think it's like thetied-top with the headband.

– Like if you're a bird— Bird, I'm a bird– Let me just fly away.

Wait, fly away.

(laughs) So here is outfit number six.

This is just such a Sierra outfit.

This literally doesn't even look like I'm wearing someone else's clothes, much less my grandma's clothes.

Like if I tried this shirt on at a store, I would totally buy it.

I love that Hawaiianshirt, buttoned front, open kind of like “dad shirt”, tied look.

And this shirt had like theperfect amount of fabric to tie into a little knot inthe front, make it a crop top.

And it hits at the perfect spot where I get to show my hips, and these jeans are justlike so, so, so, flattering.

These are the Hollister Curvy Jeans.

They're the Ultra High-Rise Jean Leggings.

So they fit my body like aglove, they're super flattering.

I love how high-waisted they are.

And, they're perfect with alittle crop top like this.

Literally the only thing about this outfit that isn't super me, isthat the shirt is hot pink.

But even with that, Ikinda love this outfit.

I'm feeling it, I feelconfident, I feel cute, I feel like I wanna gohave a little photo shoot.

Grandma, I'm sorry, but you might not getthis one back either.

I really like this! I feel like this kind oftied-dad shirt look, is kind of trendy rightnow, but more than that, it's just very much mystyle, like I love it.

And that's why I feel so good in it.

And then pairing it withjeans that I feel like, really flatter my figureand highlight my curves just kind of pulls thewhole outfit together.

So even though this lookis pretty standard for me, it might be my favorite.

I know, I know, everyone is probably gonna love the other outfits so much more.

But this one makes me feelgood and it fits my style and I really like the wayit flatters my figure.

So, I'm gonna give the individual item, I'm gonna give it a nine out of 10.

And I know that's completely subjective, it's just my opinion.

And the outfit as a whole, what do you think, Sky? – [Skyler] I think that youfeel very confident in it.

So, it should get a high rating.

I would say, maybe like aseven and a half or eight.

– All right I'm gonna give it a, I'm gonna give it a nine.

I know Skyler thinks it'sseven and a half out of 10, but on my personal ratingscale, it's a nine.

I really like this one.

Okay so which outfitdid you like the best.

Let me know down in the comments, this was so much fun.

Thank you grandma forletting me raid your closet.

And a big shout-out to Hollisterfor sponsoring this video, their jeans are so cute, and comfy, and flattering.

It made styling my grandma'sclothes a lot easier.

Make sure you check out Hollister's back-to-schooljean assortment, there is a link, in the descriptionwhere you can shop from.

It's in sizes 00 to 17, Ipersonally usually wear a size 15 and they fit perfectly.

So thank you, Hollister andthank you, for watching, especially if you arestill watching right now.

Make sure you'resubscribed to this channel for new videos every Tuesday and Friday, and check out my podcast channel that is linked in the description.

Skyler and I post videopodcasts there every Monday, or you can listen to the audio version wherever you find your podcasts.

Be confident, love your body, and I'll see you next timewith another new video, bye! (upbeat music).

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